Niece Learning Guitar

I just found out that one of my nieces is the learning how to play the guitar from her cousin brother. She is the same age as my eldest. I guess soon, she will be able to play the taylor gs mini e. I tried teaching my children how to play the guitar but they gave up after 10mins of trying to hold down the chords! “My fingers are painful, Mommy. I don’t want to learn anymore.” Oh well, have to wait till they are older then.

Why lar

Why lar I still meet people who rejoice when others are mourning and mourn when others are rejoicing?

Why lar some people cannot rejoice with the one who is rejoicing?

Why lar everything done must have a hidden agenda? No hidden agenda kenot meh?

Why lar I am still up at this hour (2.25am!) lamenting away?

Why lar must the cinema show the preview of a horror movie before a PG13 movie starts?

Now, my hubby has to sleep with my 5yo coz he woke up crying saying he is scared of ghost. WHY LAR?!

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Tips of on giving instruction to men

When giving instruction to men, we must be very specific. I guess, their mind does not work on a basis of common sense. To me, they are like a robot that has been programme to do certain task. You cannot tell them to “mop the floor”. U will probably ended up with a mopped floor at the spot that he is sitting/standing. You must be specific like “Mop the living room floor or Mop the whole house floor.” This is just one example that I have personally experienced. Like if you want them to buy a pdp, you have to be specific which pdp you are talking about.

Unfortunately, I am quite forgetful. Last Saturday night, I told my hubby to iron the clothes for church because I have a backache and can’t stand too long to do the ironing. I woke up the next day with a pile of our children’s church clothing still on the table un-ironed. Only one shirt is ironed and that is hubby’s. Do I get upset with him? Almost but I remembered that I did not specifically tell him to iron ALL the clothes on the table. My bad.

So, ladies, remember, be specific, be very specific to avoid any heartache. :D

Nyonya Chang

Nyonya Chang

Doesn’t it look yummy. This Nyonya Chang is made by my mom. I sold quite a number of them to my friends in KL. They just can’t get enough of it. The photo above is from one of my Nyonya Chang customer.

Unfortunately, I do not know how to make Nyonya Chang. All because I do not fancy eating it. I love Nyonya Pineapple Tarts, so I picked up the skill from my mom and now, I am as good as her in making Nyonya Pineapple Tarts sans the pineapple jam. Unfortunately again, my kids love eating Nyonya Chang. So, for the love of my children, I must learn how to make it. Just, I do not know when I’ll start. ;)

Fine Dining at Home

Someone I recently get to know from my Facebook group, bless us with a good sum of cash. She specifically told me to spend the money for myself and my children. “Buy something nice for yourself and children.” she said. The first thing that came to my mind was bringing them to Kensington to enjoy some steak which they have been asking for but we can’t afford to bring my family of 8 there.

Later, I got a better idea which cost lesser. I bought some beef from the market and made beef steak dinner for them. No hassle of making sure they behave well and did not spill or drop anything while dining in a fine dining restaurant.

beef steak dinner

They can eat as much as they like without dirtying Kensington’s table skirt hangers. I am sure they can always order more skirt hangers – but the best is still dining in the comfort of our home.

Simple and Easy Scones Recipe

raisin scones

I love eating scones but to buy them is so expensive. I usually get mine from Pattifrance at RM1.50 for a small piece. Thanks to a friend who shared this Simple and Easy Scones Recipe, I am able to bake the above. As good as Pattifrance’s. :D

Here is the Simple and Easy Scones recipe.

500g Self Raising Flour
50g sugar (I use brown sugar at 80g)
1/4 tsp salt
110g butter (cold butter cut in cubes)

Mix them up with your hands till they have crumbs like texture.

Make a well and pour in 300ml of milk in the middle and slowly work around the well to mix the flour in.

I like to eat my scones without the jam and with raisins/blackcurrant. So I added around 150g of raisins/blackcurrant to the mixture. Once well mixed, tip over to the counter, lightly press and work to a thick round disc and cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut.

Egg wash for nicer colour. I did not use in the above picture and it looks kinda pale, right? :)

Bake at 200 degrees in oven around 10-12 minutes.

And here is the instructional Youtube video on how to make the Simple and Easy Scones

I Love School

There’s a thread in one of my FB groups that is talking about school. As many of us who loves school, there are many who hates it. I am one of them that love school. In my primary school, I was always the top student so I get lots of attention from the teachers and friends. During my primary school, I learned what is manipulation and favoritism. I know who are my real friend. Friend who get close to me just because I am smart and left me when I dropped to less than No.1 in class. Teacher who gave chance to her favorite student even though I raise up my hand first.

In secondary school, I was very active in extra-curricula activities and sports too. I was famous for being a tomboy and I have many secret admirers even though I am in an all girl school! There must have been many lesbian around! hahaha. I made lots of friends, seniors and juniors. We even made class ring.

I enjoyed my time the most when I was in university. Freedom and independent. I made full use of the facilities offered in the university. Made lots of friend and got very close to God too. Dated the tutor too! Went for midnight show and much more. If I am given the chance to go back in time, I want to go back to my varsity life.

Kerepek Ubi Pedas Batu Pahat

Kerepek Ubi Batu Pahat

I am a fan of Kerepek Ubi Kayu Pedas. When I was young, one packet is being sold at 10 cents each. The kerepek is crunchy, sweet but not super sweet and hot, spicy, pedas! When I eat it, I’ll will dig for the piece that has the most chili stuck to it. Syiok! Those days, it was made by the locals here in Melaka. Now, the same type of Kerepek Ubi Pedas is branded as Kerepek Ubi Pedas Batu Pahat. I have no idea why is that so. I bought the above packet from my old time kampung friend who married a Batu Pahat girl and since then started selling all sorts of kerepek “imported” from Batu Pahat. He even named his shop Kerepek Batu Pahat. The next buy, I must ask him, why is Kerepek Batu Pahat so famous.

Oh ya! All my kids, even the youngest loves eating Kerepek Pedas Batu Pahat. The above packet is sold at RM8 each. My children can finish it within hours!

Guitar Centre

My girls have stopped going for piano lesson for about 2 months. I know that music is good for the brain but until today, we still have not found a good piano teacher for them. My eldest would like to try learning the drum but the lesson is too costly for us. The cheapest we could afford is guitar lesson. I think, I’ll find some time next week to guitar centre to check out their lesson plan and fee.

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