Blessed New Year 2016

This year is gonna be an exciting year for me. 2 of my younger children is in kindergarten. I have one teenager this year who is also starting to prepare for IGCSE. I am going all out to promote my Nyonya Chang and praise God that I have a part-time helper now whom I am teaching how to wrap the Chang too. Homeschooling for my other children resumes too. My schedule is pack every day. From God I draw my strength and giving glory back unto Him for His blessings.

Started Music Lesson Again

Praise God that my eldest daughter started music lesson again. One of our church young adults offered to teach the youth any musical instrument that they want to learn. I thought my daughter will pick the jazz electric guitar or the drum but she chose the keyboard. After quitting piano class, I thought she want to stay away from getting piano lesson due to her past unpleasant experience. She told me that she wanted to learn how to play the keyboard because she wants to serve in church.

Nyonya Dumpling Nyonya Chang

The Dumpling Festival this year falls on June 20th. If you plan to get Nyonya Dumpling a.k.a Nyonya Chang to celebrate the festival, you can order from me. :D These are made by a Nyonya from Melaka, living in Melaka.


Many friends who have tried my mom’s Nyonya Chang gave it a thumbs up. We received comments like,

“I have been looking for this for years. It is as good as my late grandma’s Nyonya Chang.”

“The rice was nice, soft and chewy. The pork filling was just as flavourful as the outlet where we use to buy.”

“Your mom’s chang is the only Nyonya Chang my mom angguk bagus.”


My mom is a perfectionist. She makes sure her Nyonya Chang is almost perfect triangle and neatly tuck in and tied. I tried helping her, she rejected mine saying that it is not pretty. First impression is very important, she said. Since she single-handedly make every single piece of the Nyonya Chang, she only make max 50 pieces per day. So, you can assure the quality of her Nyonya Chang. No mass production.

Nyonya Chang1

I am arranging another group buy for my customers in KL. The collection will be at Ara Damansara or maybe Jln Gasing. You can place your order with me and once I get the collection date and time finalised, I’ll inform you. It will be some time in 2nd week June. Email me at or Whatsapp at 012-2544606.


These were taken last month. Part of the 400pcs that my mom’s made for my KL customers.

Nature is their toys

nature's toys

When I was growing up, my parents did not buy me any toys. I only have 2 toys which was a gift from a rich uncle; a cooking set and a soldier set (remember the green soldier stuck onto a plate). I do not remember complaining that I have nothing to play. I was always occupied by my surroundings. I have cats and dogs to play with. I have chicken, ducks, gooses and turkey to chase and be chased. I have the trees to climb. I have the tweaks as my sword and many more that God has provided for me for free.

And the best part is playing like what my children were playing in the photo above. Coconut husk boats race!

Yamaha Guitar

During the recent Cheng Beng family gathering, one of my nieces brought back her yamaha hs80. It seems that my eldest daughter has been arranging for her to do so, so that they can jam while the parents are busy catching up. My girl on the piano and her cousin sister on the guitar. Praise God for blessing them with music talent. The house is always filled with music.

Acar Cili & Acar Timun

Acar Cili & Acar Timun

Normally we only get to eat Acar Cili and Acar Timun during the Chinese New Year season. Now you can get it all year round from ME! :D These pickles are made by my Nyonya aunt. The filling for the Acar Cili is the grated papaya which has been dried up. My favourite is the Acar Timun which I love to munch while watching my favorite movie.

Email me at to order.

Painkiller for Dogs

To pet lovers, I am sure you never want to see your pet crying in pain or limping when walking. Recently, I came across vetprofen which is a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for dogs that inhibits cyclooxygenase, a hormone responsible for pain and inflammation. Vetprofen is indicated to treat joint pain and inflammation and pain from medical and dental procedures. You can check out the link to learn more about this product. It is sold online. However, prescription is required to purchase this product

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts in KL

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts

Praise God this year I have quite a number of orders for my Nyonya Pineapple Tart from my KL friends so I am taking the extra mile by sending them with no additional charges; free shipping!

I make these Nyonya Pineapple Tarts from scratch…

hubby skinning d pineapples

hubby cooking d pineapples

me making the tarts

I improvised my mom’s traditional recipe. This year I am making these tarts using Anchor Pure Butter not Planta margarine. Butter is better and margarine, obviously. And of course, no preservative added. So, don’t keep too long till it turns moldy. The longest we tried to keep was 1 month from the day of baking.

pineapple tarts from melaka

more nyonya pineapple tarts

They come in the rectangle container of 15pcs at RM15/container. They will be delivered to my friend’s condo at Sri Hartamas or Kota Damansara. Collect from there if you place your order here.

To order, you can Whatsapp or SMS me at 012-2544606. :D TQ!

Drum Set

When I see someone posted drum sets for sale, I am so tempted to purchase it for my kids. Later, when I found out the fee for drum lesson, I changed my mind. At least for now. It is so expensive, like RM50 for 30mins lesson. I should have pick up drum from one of my church members for free when I was still in school. I could earn big buck now. To those who are interested to purchase a drum set, click here.

Christmas Family Presentation

This Christmas we surprised the church members with a family dance presentation. Some of them have seen me and my 2 older daughters danced on stage but not the whole family especially my husband.

more than a good man

We dance to the song More Than A Good Man which my 4 older children learned from their recent VBS. We spent less than 5 days practicing but praise God we managed to dance as a family without much mistakes and we had fun. If my youngest 2.5yo was not taking his nap at that time, he will be on stage dancing with all of us.

The response was overwhelming with the pastor encouraging other families to follow suit in the coming Christmas celebration. :)

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