Nostalgic Songs

I am finally settled down and here’s the tag I owed GiddyTigers.

1. Go to PopCulture site.
2. Pick the year you turn 18 years old. You’ll see the years on the left sidebar.
3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs from that year.
4. Write something about how those songs affected you.
5. Pass it on to five more friends.

The year I turn 18 huh? That will be 1992…so you can guess how “old” I am. :P I listen to songs but getting nostalgic over them??? Just not me. :D

Here’s are a few songs that I can still remember…

I Will Always Love You
– Whitney Houston from the movie BodyGuard.
Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton
Beauty and The Beast – Peabo Bryson & Celine Dion, my favourite cartoon movie. I like Belle.

I think that’s all, the rest are just another songs and another music to me…

That year I just accepted Christ. I listen to Christian song mostly. :D

My tag…only one, can’t think of anybody else that have not done this…

A cook is not a cleaner

I noticed that people who loves cooking doesn’t like cleaning up after cooking. My sister and SIL are one of them. The kitchen will be in a mess after they finish cooking. What will they normally do after cooking? Eat then sleep! So, what did I do after eating? Clean up their mess.

My SIL will wash up all the wok, pot and pans but the extra onion, garlic, spices, salt, blended chili, the potato etc will be all over the place. The washing sponge is not at its place. The cloths are not hanging at its place. And the kitchen floor is sticky. Something spill, it is not wipe immediately. Someone step on it and dirty the whole house.

Oh ya, everyone in my house wears slipper in the house except the children. The adults don’t feel the sticky or dusty floor but the children feet get very dirty especially my crawling son.

You want a cook; you get a cook but not a cleaner. :P

Louder with each child

To those who have more than one children or more. Do you notice than you get louder with every child? When I have my 1st only, I almost never raise my voice at her. When I have my 2nd girl, occasionally, I scream and shout. Now with the 3rd one, I scream and shout almost everyday and my 1st girl are picking that up from me and raise her voice at me. :( I need to learn to have more patience and more self-control.

My lady boss was chatting with me just now. The same scenario at her home too! She told me before she got married, she is very soft spoken but now, she’s the screaming lady and her children too always scream back at them. Can’t blame the children. We, the parents are the guilty one.

Now, I must constantly remind myself to have self-control and speak softly and gently with my children.

Deceiving Giant

I met Mrs Patrick when attended the wake service of a friend’s mother that just passed away due to diabetes and low blood pressure. That’s not what I wanna share here. Mrs Patrick shared with us about her shopping experience in Giant.

She wanted to buy cake mix and there was a sign on the shelf showing a discounted price for it. When she pays, the cashier told her that the discount period for that item is already over. Mrs Patrick was upset with their system. Nag them. The supervisor told her that he will get someone to take it down. When she went there the next week, the sign is still there and the week after also.

I got experienced the same when I first shop at Giant. I wanted to buy yogurt. If I buy 4, I will cheaper price but when paying, no discount for it. At that time, I only noticed once I arrived home. One my next trip, I bought something (can’t remember what was it) that has discount too but when paying, no discount giving. When asked, they told me that the discount period is over. If it is over, take down the sign lar!

On my next trip there, learnt my lesson well. I make sure I read the sign properly. Some of them are with promotion date. During check out, I ask the cashier whether there is any discount for those items. She told me no. So I told her, how much is the price and the date of the sign for the promotion. She called her supervisor. The supervisor asked me whether I am sure! I told her that she can go there herself and I will wait. But she did not. Insert her key to the cash register machine, type something and wa..lah…she said yes, there’s discount for it.

I wonder how many Giant’s customer that has been cheated? Do they purposely leave the promotion sign on the shelf, so that people will buy more? And only giving discount if the customer asks for it? I think no point complaint to the manager. They are part of this conspiracy too. The best is, use the handphone camera, take photo of the discount signs, keep your bills and bring them to the consumer department.

Blog of The Day

Read the entry in my In His Time blog. :D

The monster in me

The Mukhsin vcd that hubby bought was taken from the cinema. Normally cinema version, you can see the whole screen but not this one. I can only view the middle part. Imagine, the left and right screen is being cut off. We can hear voices but not the actors face. So, hubby asked me to return it and exchange with other movie.

To cut the long story short, the shop owner refused to change coz she did not receive any complaint from other customer that bought the same vcd and also she said that hubby agreed to buy even after she told him that it is a cinema version. To us, when you told us cinema version, we imagine dark picture, the voice not so sharp and the cinema’s goers head. Not screen being cut to half. I explained to her but she refused to accept my explanation.

She said if I still want to change, I have to buy another vcd then she’ll change for me. I got really angry. You can change but you want my money some more! No, I am not going to give you that. I told her that we are not one time customer; hubby has been buying from her shop very often. I walk out of the shop coz my children was in the car at that time, can’t leave them too long in the car.

I was too angry that I threaten her that I can actually make a report about her shop. You know, it is illegal to sell pirated vcd. Then she quickly walks out and told me that since my hubby always buys from her shop, she will change for me. Why can’t she tell me that before I threaten her? You don’t play play with me! I maybe look nice and quite type of person but when I am angry, I turn into a monster, I think everybody does. :P


Have you watched the movie? I heard it won a few awards but not from Malaysia. I watch a few minutes of it coz it was pirated and I can’t see the actor face. Returned it back to the vcd shop and exchanged with Night at the Museum. (I will blog about the exchanging drama in my next post.)

Sometimes I felt that Yasmin Ahmad, the director purposely created certain scenes to provoke the Malays. In Mukhsin, Orked mom speaks English with her British slang. Orked goes to Chinese school and able to speak Chinese. Orked mom’s dance in the rain and when her white blouse got wet, it got transparent. Another scene of the maid hanging laundry; of all the clothes that they have, she chose to shoot the maid hanging panties. Orked doesn’t like playing with the typical Malay girls coz they like to gossip.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the movie. Maybe in 2 weeks time when they have the dvd version of it. Then I will write a full review about the movie. Stay tune.

you can watch the trailer here:

Fat people can cook.

I am not belittling or condemning fat people. I appreciate having them around. Some of them, not only love eating but love cooking too. My SIL is one of them. For 3 weeks in a row, MIL came back to the house on weekends and SIL too. To cook for her. She is a very good cook. We got restaurant dishes when she cooks. A few of her relative is a cook/chef. All her family members have the XXL size and they love food. I noticed that she didn’t eat much but I think, the hour that she put food in her mouth caused her to be fat. My BIL that is married to her used to be the skinniest among his brother but now, he is the fattest. He still eats the same among of food though.

They eat their breakfast around 10am. Lunch around 2-3pm after that they nap. Normally I see them take their dinner around 10pm, then to bed after that. Sure fat one. If you do not want to be fat, no more eating after 9pm, the best is by 7pm. Let your stomach digest the food at least 2 hours before you sleep. Why? Google for it lar. :P

Drinking after Meal.

For a healthy tummy, drink water, half an hour to one hour after meal. The reason is, in layman term, if you drink right after meal, you will dilute the acid that the tummy produces to process your food. If you drink, it will make your tummy work harder to produce more acid. If this occurs very frequent, the body will automatically produce extra acid every time you eat even when you don’t drink water. Then you will get gastric attack. Or your food is not properly digested and your body won’t get to absorb much nutrition from the food you ate. When your food is not properly broken down, chances are, your colon will be affected too. I wonder whether this is the cause of constipation too.

Disclaimer: Please don’t take what I wrote word by word. I just write according to what I read and what others told me. I shall not be hold responsible if anything happen to you if you practice what I wrote. Please Google about it and get from the professionals.

BTW, I have been practicing the above for a few years already. One thing for sure, my tummy doesn’t bloat after each meal. I got flatter tummy. :P

2nd Wife

My mom told me that a Malay neighbour of ours got a 2nd wife. That was a surprise to me. If I am not mistaken, he has at least 8 children and 2 grandchildren. The eldest is a year younger than me. He is just a supervisor with TNB.

His wife is a great lady. Full of patience, gentle, soft-spoken, always smiling, never once I see her sad face and pretty too.

His 2nd wife is a rich widower. His wife didn’t know about his 2nd marriage. Usually you have to ask consent first right? He just registered their marriage then bring the new wife home to meet the 1st wife.

I don’t hear any quarrels. Expected that due to the 1st wife nature. She has no choice but to accept it. She is a SAHM, depending on the husband for everything.

I saw her few days back. No smile on her face this time. First time ever, I see sadness in her face. I felt so sad and shed tears for her. No matter how nice a lady can be, we will never want to share our husband.

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