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Actually ah..I don’t really understand about this Technorati ranking. All I know that the figure must be as low as possible. How to reduce it? I still have not find the time to dwell upon it.

I would like to thank Giddy Tigers for tagging me. I am just following the instruction given “blur blur” hoping that it will help to reduce my Technorati ranking. So here goes. Fave my site, please. :D

Here are the Rules:

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5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave the Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves:

MerapuManFave the site
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Vedis’ Health BlogFave the site
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PinkPoisonStoreFave the site

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PR 3

O.H. M.Y. G.O.D.!!!!

I can believe my eyes…I got PR 3 for this blog.

Betul ke ni???

This blog is hardly 3 months old. I would like to thank everyone who linked me…muakz muakz muakz

And….I went to check my blogspot and hubby’s…they are now PR 3 too from PR 2.

Who wants Chendol? Who wants Chendol? My treat…drink as many bowls as you can. :lol:

Discovery Kitchen

Every Wednesday is our night out without the children and we go for food hunt. Yesterday, we just drove around Taman Merdeka and found this pleasant looking restaurant called The Discovery Kitchen.

We order Tomyam Fried Rice, Curry Pork Rib with Rice, French Fries, Longan Dessert & ABC.

We discovered that the food is not something that we will go back for. Nothing special. Very normal.

I am too sleepy to give good description on the food…will update after I get a good later. :D

Living in San Diego

When I was studying in Penang, I love the food so much that I don’t mind leaving my hometown and my parent back in Malacca to live and work in Penang. Just because of the food! But being a responsible daughter *wink wink*, I came home with a heavy leaving all the good food in Penang. I surely miss them but I am going back there next month!!! Exactly one more month from today, I’ll be there. My food heaven. *grins*

So, if you are already in love with the food in San Diego plan to live there. For long run, it is better to invest in a home there rather than renting an apartment. Check out the San Diego Real Estate website. They offer a series of informative blog posts that cover the most important issues for those buying a home. Tips upon tips before signing the Sales and Purchase agreement. So you better bookmark their page. :)

Dining in San Diego

If you ever visit San Diego whether for play or work. Eat is a must right? :D When comes to food, a good cuisine is also a must right? :D So, where to find these restaurants? Since most people blog nowadays, it is so easy to get review from blogs. Check out San Diego Restaurant Blog. They have a sub directory on the Top 10 San Diego Restaurants.

A good day starts with a good breakfast. In the blog, you can find the Top 10 Breakfast Eateries. For example, a restaurant called Broken Yolk is famous for its twelve-egg omelette and mimosa specials, but Broken Yolk also offers an array of breakfast choices, from chocolate chip pancakes to Mexican machaca. There is a commenter saying that the review is overrated but for me, different people have different taste bud. I personally experienced something similar. I find a restaurant in my hometown serve good Nyonya food but to another blogger who has tasted the same, said that it is not that delicious. So when it comes to food, it can be very subjective. :D

Twin Tower

I am so excited! Am going to Twin Tower tomorrow. Well, it’s work, not play. Well, as long as I can get out from my office, I am happy already. Will be attending an e-Procurement Portal Training by Petronas. We (my company) are one of their vendor.

But I got to be at the office by 6.45am! Need to arrive there at 9am sharp! I just hope that the training will be interesting. If not, we (my Opertation Manager and I) will cabut after lunch! :lol:

Baby Butt Face without Needle…Almost

If you don’t like needles, there is another option to get a baby butt face from a Beverly Hills plastic surgery clinic called the Spalding Drive that is run by Dr. Paul Nassif, plastic surgeon and Dr. David Amrom, a dermatologist. They are recognized worldwide and they have patient fly in from all over the world!

There are a few options for those who have acne scar. One is by doing a Skin Resurfacing (I am imagining how roads with pot holes are being resurfaced! hehehe). It is done by removing the outer layer of the skin using abrasion, chemicals or a laser, resulting in smoother and less wrinkled skin.

However you can’t run from the needle if you want to be pretty. This procedure that involve needle is called Collagen Implant, an injection of natural protein which puffs up and raises skin tissue to smooth out and make less visible wrinkles and scars.

Baby Butt Face with Needle!

If you ask me, “What is the one thing that I want to change on my body?” I would reply, “My facial.” I am happy with my small sepet eyes, thick lips, thick and unruly eyebrows and quite a high bridge nose. The only thing that I am not happy with is, I do not have a smooth baby butt face due to acne! With advance modern technology, it seems that acne scar can be improved. I believe many of us have the same problem as me. If you want to do this kind of Cosmetic surgery in Manhattan, do look for Dr Philip Miller at 60 East 56th, Third Floor, Manhattan, New York.

For acne scar, they have The Roll-Cit technique which involves using a sterile roller pin like object with small and very sharp needles strategically positioned along the rolling pin. The device is “rolled” over the surface of the patient creating hundreds and thousands of small puncture wounds. Once this layer has been breached, the active ingredients in the skin care products can reach into the depths of the skin about 10,000 times more effectively than by simply applying the products topically. The higher the levels of vitamin A and vitamin C that can penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis, the more collagen can be made. Therefore allowing natural collagenesis to occur.

For more detail information, do click on the link given in this post. :D


I am sure you have not heard of Replay brand unless you have living or studying abroad. Replay has stand-alone, single brand outlets over the globe, including Asia, South America, the Middle East, and United States of America. I am not so sure whether they have it here. If yes, maybe in Kuala Lumpur.

It all began in 1978, when Italian business man Claudio Buziol registered the Replay brand under his company, Fashion Box. In less than 10 years, Fashion Box went international and began making 70% of its 4 million Euro sales from Replay clothing. Their most popular is The Double-O Replay Jeans, in which they sold a million pairs in two years, propelling annual sales to 18 million euros by 1990!

Hmm…maybe I should get a pair of Replay jeans instead of Levi’s. Maybe not jeans, I have my eyes on the Replay crop khakis. I am sure it will look sexy on me. :D

Dating, Food & DVD

We set aside Wednesdays as our dating day. Just us without the children. So far, we have been doing these 3 things. Dinner, shopping and hunt for DVDs. And I’m loving it!

We found a restaurant that is worth going back. Hot & Spicy Family Restaurant. I can’t remember the address but if you are from Malacca, it is the new residential area in between Cowboy and Mobil petrol station. They serve Nyonya and Portugese food. Really hot and spicy. I ate until my nose blocked! The price is very affordable. Claypot Curry Pork Ribs with rice, RM6.00. Fried Rice, RM4.00. Sambal Prawn with Petai, RM6.00. ABC, RM2.50. Longan Drink, RM2.20. Total, RM20.70. My favorite is the Fried Rice. Got lotsa fine sliced cabbage and keropok babi!

Then we went Tesco shopping. Saw my ex (ya, i did told hubby that i’m not gonna blog about it, but hey, the past made who i am now) with a lady (dunno gf or wife), we detoured. During check out, I saw them again eating at the food court. If I’m not mistaken the lady with him is his secretary, a married lady with 2 kids! OMG!!!

After that we dropped by at the internet cafe, then to a DVD shop looking for Mukhsin. The seller told me that it’s cinema version. Hubby asked, whether it can be viewed. He took the DVD from hubby, saying, no need to view and kept it back in the drawer! Hubby thought he was looking for others. How rude! In the future, if we want to buy DVD we won’t go to that shop again> Will go to the one at Melaka Sentral. The seller is very honest. I was asking him about Mukhsin. He told me not to buy and the picture is not clear at all. Ok lar…we wait a lil longer for it.

Then off to my mom’s, picked the children up and head home.

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