Tips to use Hotel facilities

…even though you are not a guest there (sort of).

Below is my experience…

Since we stayed quite far from the church and the hotel where the wedding ceremony and dinner was held, we brought a long our change. Evening gown and high heel. Before the wedding ceremony we did a lil shopping. More shopping bags to carry. After the wedding ceremony, we hopped in someone’s car to bring us to the hotel in Batu Ferringhi. We were 2 hours earlier for the dinner.

So we planned to take a walk around that area. What about our bags right? She got hold of a bellboy and told him that we are the wedding guest, which is true and got our bags kept by the bellboy. Our hands are free to roam around that area.

After much walking, we got sticky. Instead of just using the washroom to change, she managed to get a key to the sauna room for us to take our shower. Everything is there in the sauna room; towels, soap, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, shower cap & hairdryer!

After taking our shower, she managed to get our stuff kept at the receptionist area. Again telling them we are the wedding guests. This time we were asked for the room number! We just told him that we forgotten and he kept our things under the reception table!

So, next time when you need to take a shower and get your shopping bags kept, find a hotel that has a wedding function on that day. :P

I wonder whether we can get the same treatment in other hotels.

Disappointed with Penang Food

I am a lil bit disappointed with the food that I ate during my recent trip to Penang. I managed to eat the Ikan Bakar (Grilled Fish) at Teluk Tempoyak. The price has doubled up since the last time I went there, which was 8 years ago. Well, that is expected. They are very generous with the chili and the fish is still very fresh but the dipping sauce which is what I craved for is diluted! For the first timer, my friends, that was their best meal in Penang. ;)

Then I wanted to eat the Belacan Fried Rice and Char Hor Fun from Telok Bayan Hawker Stall but both stalls closed on Sunday, the day that I went. So I settled for Teluk Kumbar Prawn Mee. I called it Penang Spaghetti.
No taste of the typical Penang Prawn Mee. The portion is way too little for RM4.00. So I ordered a Claypot Chicken Rice! When I eat 2 servings, it really shows that it is too little. For the guys, I think you will need 4 servings! :P

I also get to eat the Tomyam Noodle from Sunshine Square Food Court. The price is still the same put the portion has been reduced to half! Thank God I got my daughter’s chicken rice to finish. My friend ordered Bee Hoon and myself, Maggi Noodle but was sent both Bee Hoon. I did not want it and was told it if I wanna change it will take a very long time. I am okay with it. My friend was smart not to pay hers. So that they have to send mine soonest possible in order to get their money. In less than 5 mins, I got my Tomyam Noodle. My friend paid for it but did not get her change until she went to the stall personally to collect it.

Oh ya, I also get to eat the dim sum some where near Gurney Drive. The taste is nothing to shout about. It is just dim sum. Very expensive too. Never eat at Gurney Drive unless someone treats you there. :P

So, that’s what I had in Penang beside the 8 course wedding dinner.

Wedding Photos

I just came home attending a beautiful wedding ceremony in Penang. Due to the advanced in technology, we do not have to “fight” over their wedding photo album. They placed a few digital picture frame at the reception area. So while waiting, each of us get the chance to view their wedding album.

To use it is so simple since most of our pictures are in digital form, we just need to transfer the pictures from our memory card to the Digital Photo Frame and use the remote control to select your favorite slide show.

It comes with a standard Five-in-one Card Reader supports CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards. All frames are compatible with JPEG, MP4, DivX, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, WAV formats. This means, you can also view movie clips and even play music in the background. No speaker additional speaker needed as they come with built-in stereo speakers and 1/8” headphone out for more private use.

If you are interested to get one or more, check them out at The photo frames come in 7″, 8″, 9″ & 10″. I might want to get one for a wedding gift for my youngest sister. :)

Love Keeps No Record of Wrong

I got double tagged by GiddyTigers and SweetyPea on 10 Ways How My Hubby Annoys Me.

I tried to collect them coz I can’t remember of hand what are the things that he does that annoys me. The next day, I forgotten about it until it repeats and the next day I forget again! I am very forgetful when it comes to keeping wrongs of other people. Small small things I easily forget. I will only remember major wrongs. That also after a few months or years, I can’t remember what went wrong or what happened!

I see this as a blessing. Don’t you think so? :D

Staying in Orlando

You got your discount tickets to all the attraction in Orlando, Florida. Where are you gonna stay? How are you going to move about? Which restaurant serves the best food in town? I found a website that will answer the above question. offers the most comprehensive travel and vacation arrangements in Orlando, with a travel guide offering tips on entertainment, dining, nightlife and more! Just click Hotels Orlando in this post and you will be directed to their website. If you have questions about making and changing reservations; requirements of lodging suppliers, car rental companies and airlines, cruise liners, and more, don’t ask me. :P Check out their FAQ. Have a great holiday ya. :D

Camera Casing

I finally found his clothing! He has been naked since the day I got him. :lol:

It only cost me MYR13.00. The price stated on the price tag was MYR19.90. I asked for discount, telling the salesgirl whether MYR15.00 is okay with her. She gave me MYR13.00 instead! Maybe ah, the price was marked-up way too high and that is why she can give me at much lower price. :P

Maybe also it is a free gift that the boss got from buying a VAIO laptop! Whatever it is, I save so much than buying an actual camera casing that would easily cost me MYR40-60. :D

Bunga Telang

Blue Clitoris Flower is Bunga Telang in Malay. You judge whether it look like the peanut or not. :P

And to answer to Mark’s question,

I’m afraid to ask what it tastes like.

Honestly, I do not know. Never eat the flower before. :P

The flower is used to get the blue coloring for food. It will be sun dried and kept. When it is needed, it will be soak in water and squeezed to get the blue color out. Normally is it used in the Nyonya dumpling (Chang), Kuih Kochi, Pulut Tekan, and Taibak (a Nyonya dessert made from rice flour) plus whatever delicacy that require the blue coloring. It is natural and no preservative or chemical added.

Flip Flop

In my office, we are not allowed to use our shoe indoor. We have to change to flip flop. Reason being, the boss do not want his beautiful tiles to be stained with oil. You see, my company produces lubricating oil for vehicle and machinery.

I think it is a good idea to have flip flop as Corporate Logo Gift. Then visitors that come to our company will remember that no shoes are allowed in XYZ company coz not many company practice what we are doing. Something to make them remember my company. Then if got business opportunity, they will immediately remember us.

Be careful of what you wish for

I read in Mumgather’s blog to Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it! This is so very true.

Sometime ago, I wished that hubby will come home early from work. He left home around 9.30pm and by 9.45pm, he’s back home with injured leg. He met with an accident on the way to the shop.

I didn’t learn my lesson and wished that he won’t come back home so late everyday. On Monday, he came home at 11pm! That is very early. Internet down which is not a good thing if you run an internet cafe!

Now, I am VERY careful of what I wish for. It might just come true. And be sure if you need to wish for something, be precise and very detail. :D


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