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I was “hating” someone (you know I love you. ;) ) coz she is always very lucky when it comes to grabbing opps. Always manage to grab the big ones.

Well, today, luck is on my side (although I don’t believe in luck). Not getting big opp but chosen to be the Blog of The Day in Cari Makan. This is good enuf for me. Got a lil bit publicity for this humble and simple blog of mine. :D

Face Lifting Cream

Since I got extra income now, must not be stingy to spend money on my beauty. I ain’t getting any younger, you know. Must start to apply some kind of cream on my face again. So that when my son is older, he can brag to his friend that he got a pretty mommy. ;)

So what brand to buy. The first place I go, not shopping centre, not Google search but my youngest sister’s cupboard. I found the above. Bio-Essence Face Lifting Cream.

A lifting and firming cream for mature skin old lady skin lar tu, that works effectively to restore the elasticity of skin
especially around the cheek and mouth areas. eat and talk to much, loose already.

Since it works well on both my sister’s skin, maybe it will work on mine too since we are from the same parent. :P

Supper Date

Every Thursday is hubby’s off day and a day for us to date. However, last Thursday we planned to bring the girls along but their cousins dropped by and they prefer to play with them. Plan postponed. On that day also, all 3 of them did not nap. Once all the cousins went home, that around 8.30pm, I got them ready for bed. By 9.15pm, all of them were sound asleep. So, we took this opportunity to go out for supper. Something that we have not done since we got our first child.

We just hang around at one of the stalls near the seaside. Eat, drink and chit chat. Then we went to look for DVDs. I found my Mukhsin and Music & Lyrics!

Hubby was quite worried that the children will wake up but this time, I’m cool coz I know that they are too exhausted from playing to wake up. ;)

We were arrived, the bedroom door was slightly opened. MIL told us that our boy cried and after giving him some water, he fell asleep again. Thank God MIL is around. :)

Drug Addicts Going thru My Rubbish

In my kampung, there are a few drug addicts. They are quite harmless though but we can’t take things for granted. I wish I can report about them and get them rehab in one of those drug rehabs in the state. One of them come quite often to my place going thru our rubbish that we threw to look for metals and bottles to sell so that they can have some cash to buy drugs. I am quite worried about my children’s safety though. What if one day, they are really desperate for cash?

Daydream vacation.

When talking about vacation, or at least when others ask me about my dream vacation, my reply would be the beautiful and scenic New Zealand. One day… I tell u… one day… God willing… I will go to New Zealand for a holiday. Why New Zealand?

Well, one thing for sure is that I like beautiful sceneries. Did you watch the movie “Lord of The Ring”? Wah… so beautiful the sceneries…. taken in New Zealand. Places like that can bring tranquility of mind and heart. Now that my job gives me lots of stress, going to these places would definitely be of help. No… the stress is not so bad until I go depressed or anything, just that it has increased recently. But who knows, when the stress level is really high, I will really go for a holiday in New Zealand.

There is one problem though. I asked my husband and he said his dream vacation would be Canada. What! Canada! What about Canada that is interesting? Well, he said that he would like to see the Northern Lights. I really do not know what is this Northern Lights is all about. At first, I thought it is just a beautiful park with many lights. But when I googled search it, WOW…. it is beautiful. Makes me want to go to Canada too and watch this Northern Lights. Well, if ever hubby and I were to go to Canada, maybe we will stay at Vancouver Hotels. Of course, besides the Northern Lights, there are many more interesting places to visit in Canada. After holidaying in Canada, then we will go to New Zealand.

No Courtesy

The owner of the haunted house rear goats and cows. He is a retired teacher. Recently he did something that got on my dad’s nerve. He ordered his Indonesia worker to build a small bridge across a small river at the back of our house so that his cows can go across to eat the grass there. He thought that he is doing us a favor by building the bridge. He did that without even asking us for permission. Hello, you are trespassing you know.

My dad confronted the Indonesian worker. He told my dad that he will inform his employer but until today the employer did not even show his face at our house!

My dad went into his orchard to catch bird before but he scolded my dad (not directly, but he instructed his Indonesian worker to tell my dad) and accused him of destroying his trees. All my dad did was squat down under a tree and watch his bird woe another bird. No plant was injured. Nama saja cikgu, kurang ajar!

In Loving Memory

Each one of us is created uniquely by God. And it is definitely not an accident that we are alive today. We definitely will leave an impact on someone else’s life, be it small or big. The question is what kind of impact do we want to leave behind.

My father-in-law has passed away more than 10 years ago. I got to know my husband-to-be when his father is still alive. What I know about my late father-in-law is that he is very strict and hardworking. Strict with his 11 children, always disciplining the children when they are naughty. And I know that he is hardworking because he had to work at two different plots of paddy fields to make ends meet. Now, all his children are well educated and have families on their own.

If ever I would say something to my father-in-law, I would say, “thank you”. Thank you for bringing up the family in such a way that they are who they are today. And “thank you” especially for bringing up my husband to be who he is today. Like father, like son, so the saying goes and that is definitely true to my husband and his father. My husband is very strict with his children and very concerned with their characters.

Now I can write my words of thanks to my deceased father-in-law at Registry of Life. It is an online service to those who wants to create a living memorial to their friends or loved ones who are deceased. So, if you know of someone who had left a powerful impact in your life and would like to pen something beautiful for that person, you can do on at Registry of Life.

Udang Lemak Nenas

This is a typical Nyonya food. Prawn plus pineapple cooked in coconut milk. This is my favorite; I will usually eat them with fried salted fish. Sometimes when there are no prawns, my mom will replace it with salted fish. (must get the ikan sepat masin).

1 Pineapple sliced it 1.5″ by 1.5″ around 0.5cm thickness.
Coconut Milk from 1 Coconut. One bowl from the 1st squeeze (thick) and another 2nd squeeze (diluted).

10 Dried Chilli
10 Shallots
0.5″ Fresh Turmeric
1 inch Belacan
Some Anchovies

Blend the above (B).

Bring to boil the thick coconut milk then add in ingredient (B). Let it boil for 10 minutes. Then add in the ingredient (A) plus sugar and salt to taste.

You are done. Simple right.

FYI, I only tried this once! :lol:

I am trendy and hip Mom

After having 3 children, I am totally stuck at home most of the time. It’s either office or home. My social life is ZERO. Don’t imagine me as a sloppy housewife. I am still the hip and trendy women I was 10 years ago. Well, where do I get the latest updates on latest fashion styles, you may ask. Online of course, since I am on the net most of the time when my children are asleep or playing.

I found this fabulous website, It is the latest social lifestyle community for young urban hip and trendy women who are interested in the latest fashion styles, the newest restaurant, bar, spa, salon, retail store openings. Be a member today. It is free and start contributing content to the site, voice your opinions and vote on content you like or dislike and be the first to discover the latest finds or hotspot.

Wow! I just watch how a Japanese lady fold a t-shirt within second from HerFabLife. Amazing! I must really learn how to fold like her. I believe there is more that just folding a t-shirt tips in the website.

My Precious…My Recipe Notebook

I seldom cook so I can’t remember the ingredients to all my recipe, especially those that I got from my mom. I jot them down in a small notebook. Since it is small, it went missing a few times but God is good, I managed to find it every time it went missing. Yesterday, I panic again. I wanted to blog about those recipes but I couldn’t find the recipe book. Oh No! Not again! Search high and low for it. Finally I found it in a pencil holder. Someone must have found it and put it there. I am going to post ALL the recipe in this blog. Backing it up here. :)

If my mom is no longer in this world, I won’t ever get to taste her dishes without the recipe book. Eh…my youngest sis can cook as good as her. Maybe I’ll bug her to cook for me. ;)

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