In Loving Memory

Each one of us is created uniquely by God. And it is definitely not an accident that we are alive today. We definitely will leave an impact on someone else’s life, be it small or big. The question is what kind of impact do we want to leave behind.

My father-in-law has passed away more than 10 years ago. I got to know my husband-to-be when his father is still alive. What I know about my late father-in-law is that he is very strict and hardworking. Strict with his 11 children, always disciplining the children when they are naughty. And I know that he is hardworking because he had to work at two different plots of paddy fields to make ends meet. Now, all his children are well educated and have families on their own.

If ever I would say something to my father-in-law, I would say, “thank you”. Thank you for bringing up the family in such a way that they are who they are today. And “thank you” especially for bringing up my husband to be who he is today. Like father, like son, so the saying goes and that is definitely true to my husband and his father. My husband is very strict with his children and very concerned with their characters.

Now I can write my words of thanks to my deceased father-in-law at Registry of Life. It is an online service to those who wants to create a living memorial to their friends or loved ones who are deceased. So, if you know of someone who had left a powerful impact in your life and would like to pen something beautiful for that person, you can do on at Registry of Life.

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