No Courtesy

The owner of the haunted house rear goats and cows. He is a retired teacher. Recently he did something that got on my dad’s nerve. He ordered his Indonesia worker to build a small bridge across a small river at the back of our house so that his cows can go across to eat the grass there. He thought that he is doing us a favor by building the bridge. He did that without even asking us for permission. Hello, you are trespassing you know.

My dad confronted the Indonesian worker. He told my dad that he will inform his employer but until today the employer did not even show his face at our house!

My dad went into his orchard to catch bird before but he scolded my dad (not directly, but he instructed his Indonesian worker to tell my dad) and accused him of destroying his trees. All my dad did was squat down under a tree and watch his bird woe another bird. No plant was injured. Nama saja cikgu, kurang ajar!

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