Blog of The Day…Me! Me! Me!


I was “hating” someone (you know I love you. ;) ) coz she is always very lucky when it comes to grabbing opps. Always manage to grab the big ones.

Well, today, luck is on my side (although I don’t believe in luck). Not getting big opp but chosen to be the Blog of The Day in Cari Makan. This is good enuf for me. Got a lil bit publicity for this humble and simple blog of mine. :D

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8 Responses

  1. Sweetpea Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! ahak ahak! now i can leave a comment!

  2. Karen Says:

    Shewyyy! Took me all morning to find my wordpress password so I could leave a comment!

    Have a great day being blog of the day at PayPerPost!

  3. miche Says:

    Hi Sweetpea, Hi Karen…My itchy hands went to change something in the comment area. It’s ok now. Thanks. :)

  4. Mama BoK Says:

    Who always get big opp..?? tell me leh..!! anyhow. .congrats.. ya..!

  5. msaufong Says:

    Please make your beautiful photo clearly lah…Now I can only recognize BLUR Miche pula..hehe

  6. ijustgotblogged Says:

    Congratulations on the blog of the day.

  7. Immomsdaughter Says:

    Congrates! I know it’s not me you hate because I never get big opps *sob sob*

  8. miche Says:

    mamabok, hey thanks. that person warned me not to tell! :)

    msau, only if you change your panda bear face. :P

    ijutgotblogged, thanks.

    immomsdaughter, thanks. if i hate u means you “fart tat” already. :P