Daydream vacation.

When talking about vacation, or at least when others ask me about my dream vacation, my reply would be the beautiful and scenic New Zealand. One day… I tell u… one day… God willing… I will go to New Zealand for a holiday. Why New Zealand?

Well, one thing for sure is that I like beautiful sceneries. Did you watch the movie “Lord of The Ring”? Wah… so beautiful the sceneries…. taken in New Zealand. Places like that can bring tranquility of mind and heart. Now that my job gives me lots of stress, going to these places would definitely be of help. No… the stress is not so bad until I go depressed or anything, just that it has increased recently. But who knows, when the stress level is really high, I will really go for a holiday in New Zealand.

There is one problem though. I asked my husband and he said his dream vacation would be Canada. What! Canada! What about Canada that is interesting? Well, he said that he would like to see the Northern Lights. I really do not know what is this Northern Lights is all about. At first, I thought it is just a beautiful park with many lights. But when I googled search it, WOW…. it is beautiful. Makes me want to go to Canada too and watch this Northern Lights. Well, if ever hubby and I were to go to Canada, maybe we will stay at Vancouver Hotels. Of course, besides the Northern Lights, there are many more interesting places to visit in Canada. After holidaying in Canada, then we will go to New Zealand.

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