Drug Addicts Going thru My Rubbish

In my kampung, there are a few drug addicts. They are quite harmless though but we can’t take things for granted. I wish I can report about them and get them rehab in one of those drug rehabs in the state. One of them come quite often to my place going thru our rubbish that we threw to look for metals and bottles to sell so that they can have some cash to buy drugs. I am quite worried about my children’s safety though. What if one day, they are really desperate for cash?

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  1. Madhatder Says:

    Hi, a thought to help take some of the anxiety out of the “digging” through your rubbish. You may want to help first by taking all your cans and other types of rubbish that you know they are looking for and put it aside in a seperate bin/bag or container and mark it as so. First you would want to talk to them and let them know that you would rather leave it aside for them than they go through all your rubbish. You could let them know that you are afraid that they may get cut or hurt one of the times as a means for why you are doing it. This way it shows concern for their safety. This will help to show you have compassion for them and they in turn, will be less likely to harbor feelings of resentment toward you and less likely to do harm where this is what you are concerned with.

    Once you have gotten some of their trust it may be possible for you to talk to them a bit and ask if you can give them a pahphlet to get help. You may want to start it off by how are you doing? They may reply. You tell them they look a little down today. They may reply. You may want to ask if you could put them in contact with anyone who may be of help to them. They may reply. You could ask if they had any interest in getting help from a resource that treats people for problems. You could ask them if they have a Clergy, Pastor, Minister that they could talk to for help. They may reply. And go from there based on how they respond to you.

    Showing fear usually gets you what you fear. Being kind and helpful usually will endear you and show you as helpful to the person. Even people on drugs do have some ability to discern who is what and what for.

    You should read up on-line or better to call one of the “Rehab Centers” and see what they have to say regarding the above info I have written as a way of reaching the person(s) so as to know how or what is the correct way to deal with them and pick up pamphlets. You may find you do not want to deal with them at all.

    However, buying a seperate bin that you put the things they collect into will mean they spend less time in front of your home and will help to ease your fears by allowing them to move on faster if they do not have to pick through your rubbish. You may want to mark the bin as such and once they know there is none of what they usually look for in the normal rubbish they will not look there for it but in the seperate bin.

    Who knows, you just might be the one who saves a life by showing concern and compassion for another human being that has lost control of his or her life. Not all of them want to continue this lifestyle and just need someone to guide them or lead them to the right direction of help.

    Best of luck! God bless!!!