Supper Date

Every Thursday is hubby’s off day and a day for us to date. However, last Thursday we planned to bring the girls along but their cousins dropped by and they prefer to play with them. Plan postponed. On that day also, all 3 of them did not nap. Once all the cousins went home, that around 8.30pm, I got them ready for bed. By 9.15pm, all of them were sound asleep. So, we took this opportunity to go out for supper. Something that we have not done since we got our first child.

We just hang around at one of the stalls near the seaside. Eat, drink and chit chat. Then we went to look for DVDs. I found my Mukhsin and Music & Lyrics!

Hubby was quite worried that the children will wake up but this time, I’m cool coz I know that they are too exhausted from playing to wake up. ;)

We were arrived, the bedroom door was slightly opened. MIL told us that our boy cried and after giving him some water, he fell asleep again. Thank God MIL is around. :)

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