What is a Tonsil?

My SIL told us that her daughter, needs to undergo a minor surgery to remove her tonsil. I heard many children went thru that too. Until today, I still didn’t know how does tonsil look like but thanks to the WWW, information is at the tip of our fingers.


I did my Google search and selected the image search and I found the above. So I think the doctor will just make a small cut to remove the tonsil.

From Wikipedia:

The tonsils are areas of lymphoid tissue on either side of the throat. An infection of the tonsils is called tonsillitis. Most commonly, the term “tonsils” refers to the palatine tonsils that can be seen in the back of the throat. As with other organs of the lymphatic system, the tonsils act as part of the immune system to help protect against infection.

Nescafe Decaf

I love coffee if not because of the caffeine. I love the rich coffee aroma. Every time my colleague drinks coffee, I will inhale and inhale the coffee aroma. One day, I really cannot stand the temptation and make myself a cup of coffee. Within minutes, I start to feel giddy, perspire, and nauseous. That’s effect of caffeine to me. No more coffee for me since then until just now.

nescafe decaf

I saw a bottle of Nescafe Decaf while shopping at Tesco. 99.7% Decaffeinated. I bought a small bottle to try.

Well the taste is not as good as the normal coffee but the aroma is still there. I don’t perspire, I don’t feel nauseous but I felt a lil bit light headed. 0.3% caffeine did that to me. I wonder whether is there any 100% decaffeinated coffee.

Birthday Gift for Dylan

My only nephew birthday is in 10 days time and I have not figure out what to buy as his birthday gift. I wanted something unique. Clothing is out of the picture because his mother pampered him with branded clothing which I can’t afford to buy!

The Baby Nest Shop gave me an idea on what to buy for him. A personalized, hand-made plate like this one. Nice eh? :)


If you plan to buy baby gifts, I would recommend you to visit Baby Nest Shop. They really have cute and interesting baby gifts.


Take a look at this one. You know, baby boys just love to pee at you when we are changing them. So someone smart invented the above called the WeeBlock. I am sure this would be a perfect gift to moms who have a baby boy, especially. :D

Eat, Sleep and Shop

I slept at 2am, planning to wake up latest by 10am but by 7am my 2nd girl woke me up, then my boy woke up followed by my eldest. There goes my holiday sleep. So I decided to drive all the way to town with my 2nd girl to pack breakfast for my mom, sis, MIL and us. I had duck noodle for breakfast; can’t get this in my kampong.

Then went home to bathe my children and wash clothes. By 12 noon, I drove all the way back to town to buy the famous Char Siew Rice or some call it Curry Rice from Bunga Raya for lunch.

After lunch went home (I was at my mom’s) and let my children play with their cousin that just came back from KL. I managed to nap with my 2nd girl from 4pm-6pm.

Then rushed them into my car and drove to my mom’s to bathe and to Tesco to shop and for my children and their cousin to play at the playground we went. Only returned home by 10pm.

This is something that I have not done for many years. Eat my favorite hawker stall food for breakfast and lunch. :P

Our Dinner Out

This time around, we did not go dating. We brought all 3 out for a dinner at Simply Fish. I like the ambiance there. Very soothing to the eyes and closed and small area too. A place where I can let my children roam freely while we eat in peace. ;)


This is mine. Grilled Salmon topped with Salsa sauce. If not because of the Salsa sauce, I would not swallow it. This is my first time eating Salmon. It has a funny smell and the flesh is very oily too. I think that’s the fish fat. Anyway, I won’t order it again.


This is hubby’s Chicken Chop. He wanted something filling, thinking that just fish only won’t make him full. However, I noticed that the fish serving is quite big compared to chicken.


This is supposed to be for my children but Clarissa wanted my butter rice only and not fish. Belle and Barnabas ate some. I don’t like the white sauce on top of the fish, it is very salty. No, it is not tartar sauce.


That’s my girls digging into our Ice Cream + Blueberry Pancake. The pancake has bitter taste, my girls spit it out. However, hubby finished it all. :)

I don’t think I’ll go back there again. The taste of the food has really deteriorate since the first time I step foot in the restaurant, like 2 years ago.

All in one Security Software

My office computer is giving me problems lately. A few of my files cannot be read. It was okay the day before. I asked my husband about it. He told me that the computer is infected by virus. It is indeed troublesome when the computer is infected by viruses. Some programs are badly affected until I cannot open them. I feel like I want to strangle those who sent out the viruses.

We do have anti-virus software installed in all the computers but there are always new viruses being created each day. Hubby recommended the NOD32 security software which includes these antivirus, anti-spyware and firewall programs together in one suite.

Crocs for Us


We finally got ourselves a pair of Crocs, not the original ones but from Asadi for only RM15.90 a pair. We did not plan to buy it actually, we were at Giant Supermarket in Parkson Grand looking for sugar and eggs and saw the shoe. Hubby tried it first and it fits him well so he decided to buy. As for me, it so happened that there is a size for me, so grabbed one too. :D

FlashBack: Wan & Peter

Wan & Peter became my close friend. They are not stupid but they are just slow learner. They are more humble and not proud like Stephen. So I help them in their studies, we ate together and play together. They visited me every Chinese New Year. Once we left for Secondary school, Wan’s dad was transferred to another state. I never meet him again until now. I still hope that we would meet one day.

As for Peter, I too did not meet him once we go to Secondary school. I was in all girls school, MGSS and he was in all boys school, SFI. However, I met him again when I got married to hubby, he is my BIL’s good friend too. He will come here every time he comes back to Malacca. He is working in another state. After not meeting for so many yeara, I am very shy when seeing him again, he too I guess. We don’t talk like we used to when we were small. I miss that kind of relationship where they treated me like one of the boys too. hehe.

Flashback: Stephen

He was my friend and foe.

Since Primary One I was always paired with him because when I got Number 1, he got Number 2. We even sat together in class. Not because we choose to but the class teacher arranged it. We became good friend only until Primary 3.

In the final exam, I got Number 6! Unbelievable. I got cane by my dad for that too. Stephen got First. He was so proud of himself that he distanced himself from me.

In Primary 4, we sat separately. Mid year exam, I got only Number 4. My dad gave up on me. I felt sad that he did not cane me. I was thinking maybe he don’t care about me anymore. Stephen got 1st again. I remembered that he smiled cynically at me.

I was very determine to get my place back. To prove to my dad that I am still his clever girl and to prove to Stephen that I am smarter that him! I got 1st in the final exam. I love receiving presents. You will only get present from the school if you are the 1st, 2nd & 3rd in class. I can’t remember what number Stephen got. That is not important to me. I got 1st again! That is more important.

Then 1st again in Primary 5 and straight As (5As) in the Penilaian Exam. My now BIL who was also my classmate got 4As 1B, the top boy for that exam. Stephen got 3As and 2Bs if I am not mistaken.

Starting Primary 5, I mingled around with the boys who are slower in their studies, helping them. Btw, I prefer mixing around with the boys rather than the girls. I was a tomboy, remember? :P

Flashback: 2nd Last

I was very playful in kindergarten. I remembered climbing on tables when the teacher is not around, fighting for the swing until I got pushed by a bigger bully and got a deep scar on my right leg till now. Maybe later I snap a picture of it and put it here.

I got a good whacking (rattan cane) from my dad when I brought back my report card because I get 2nd last. 2nd last only what, not last. My neighbour, also my best friend at that time got last. Her parent did not cane her also. Not reasonable right? I was only in kindergarten.

But when I look back, I thank God my dad did that. Once I enter Primary One, I was the first girl all the way till Primary 5. Primary 6, I got 2nd girl (playful already coz the major exam, that was in Primary 5 is over).

Btw, I NEVER study at home. I just pay attention in class and do my exercises that’s it. :D

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