Sep 29
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Hari Raya is coming; the Indonesian foreign workers are more desperate to get more money to send home. What would some of them do? Rob people’s house.

My colleague’s FIL just got rob this Monday by 4 Indonesian guys! It seems that on the same night, they went to broke in 4 houses and my colleague’s FIL house is the second house they broke in and the only house that they took their mask out. Wrong move. The old man remembers all their faces. It seems that one of them got caught and the policeman is waiting for the old man to be discharged from the hospital to verify that he is one of the burglars.

Don’t under estimate a 71 year old man who is trained with martial art. With one push, he caused the burglar (big size) that was about to tie his hand to fall down but his friend came to help and poke the old man forehead with a screw driver. Thank God it did not poke his eyes; it was right on top of his eyebrow. The old man screams as loud and he could that caused all 4 of them to run away as fast as they could and break in other people’s house in the same village!

The rest of the family members woke up after they heard the scream and when the burglar has left.

Now every night before bed I make sure my house is well lighted because hubby always come home after midnight.

Sep 29

Once I resign the first thing that I would do is get an Apple Macbook so that I can blog everywhere that I go, provided the place has Wifi. I can blog on my bed, I can blog under the durian tree, I can blog while waiting for my girls at their dance class and I can even blog when I go for vacation. But before that I must make sure hubby help me to download some mac games for my girls to play just in case I need to snatch the desktop from my girls. :P

Sep 29

I am kind of bored with the routine that I go through everyday now. Since finance is no longer a big issue, thanks to paid blogging, I am thinking to resign from my present job and get more life.

I want to be there for my children when they come home from school. Just like my mother.

I want to learn to cook better Nyonya food coz someone commented that I am not an original Nyonya. Furthermore, I can continue to depend on my mom and MIL to cook my children’s favorite Nyonya food, Pong Teh.

I want to teach, preferably English and Mathematics. But before that I want sign up for the TESL course coz I know that my English is not that powderpool! :P This will also equipped me when we finally go for mission trips. I don’t have preaching skill but at least I can teach English.

I want to dance and enroll my girls for dance class, violin class and piano too.

I want to get involve again in church activities.

I want to start more niche blog.

I am still waiting for the Green light from hubby.

Sep 29
Sports Photo
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Back in the years when I was very active in sports, digital camera is so expensive. Due to it I don’t have many photos of me in action especially when I play Softball. When I fell down flat on the mud, when I strike out the opponent and when I hit the home run. I can still remember, how silly I look when I was dressed in a goalkeeper suit when playing hockey.

Amidrin asked me which age I would want to go back too. I think I would choose the age when I was in university. Must go back there with a digital camera. Must capture all the precious moments in campus which is now only kept in my memory which I can’t share with my children. :(

To those who are looking Tennessee football photos, you are blessed to have a website that has a lot of picture from that university. You might even find a picture of yourself there.

Sep 29
Camping in Palm Oil Estate
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Hari Raya is coming and we are going to have slightly longer than usual holiday. 4 days off from work from Saturday till Tuesday. I work full day on Saturday, like today so I am so looking forward to Raya.

The family (hubby’s siblings) is planning for gathering, most properably camping at the eldest brother in law bungalow in Tebong Estate (Palm Oil Estate). We won’t have the luxury like staying in Excalibur Las Vegas but sleeping under the moon and the stars is an awesome experience too.

Anyone wanna join me? You only need to bring your camping tent and mosquito repellant. :P

Sep 29
Coffee Maker
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I do not and cannot drink coffee but I have a coffee maker at home. Braun coffee maker. Someone gave us as our engagement present. Ya! I can’t even remember who gave it us. We got engage on hubby’s birthday in year 2000. That’s almost 7 years ago. I think the warrantee period is already over. I wonder whether it still works. The box is not even opened!

When we received it, we did thought of giving it away but we felt it is not right to give our gift to someone else. So we kept it, hoping that one day we might drink coffee again. After 7 years, we become more health conscious and I can’t even drink decaf coffee! We wanted to give it away but none of our family members want it.

Maybe I should start a contest and whoever wins will get my coffee maker. :)

Sep 29
Link Me Please
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When I first started this blog, I emailed all my blogger friends to link me in their blogs. Most of them cooperate. Then I submit this blog to a few blog communities to get more traffic to this blog. Praise God, this blog got PR3 in less than 3 months.

I am not doing any e-commerce business yet, so search engine marketing is not that crucial unless I decided to go full time blogging than I might want this blog to be at the top of Google’s search results then advertisers who needs SEO will be begging for me to write for them! hehe.

Sep 29

When you see the word Steak House, what comes in your mind? For me, a restaurant with many choices of steak. T-Bone Steak, Rib Eye Steak, Sirloin Steak etc.


So I saw a new restaurant in town, My Homely Steak House. I decided to try it out. Steak house right, must have a lot of varieties of steak.

I browse thru the menu to find a page titled Western Food.

1. Sizzling Beef
2. Sizzling Chicken
3. Sizzling Fish
4. Sizzling Chicken with Mee. (use lar the word Noodle, typically Chinese)

Flipped through a few more pages. I can’t find my Steak. The rest are all Chinese dishes.

Only Sizzling Beef. Yes just ONE. Can’t find the word Steak also.

Since we are there, okay lar, try lar. I ordered my “Steak”. Gravy only 2 choices, Mushroom or Black Pepper. I chose black pepper. Hubby ordered the Sizzling Fish (dunno what fish) with Noodle…opps! Mee.


As for the drink, I ordered the Honeydew Milk Tea and hubby decided to try something new, Champagne Milk Tea. The waitress said it is very nice, blue colour. Both drinks are much diluted and the Champagne Milk Tea tasted like detergent!

We were served with a small portion of garden salad, one slice of capsicum, 4 leaves of lettuce and shredded carrot top with salad dressing and a small bowl of chicken soup with corn in it or is it corn soup? These are not stated in the menu.

I told hubby that judging from the drink and side dishes, I would not return to this shop. I hope the Sizzling Beef can change my mind. I was asked whether I want a 5 minutes or 7 minutes beef. Huh? I chose 7 mins, I like my beef to be well done.


Look at my Sizzling Beef. It comes with an egg too. 4 small pieces of beef top with black pepper. Like that ah, I can do the same at home.


And here’s hubby’s Sizzling Fish with Mee. Does not look appetizing at all.

The taste, nothing to shout about.

The ambience, very noisy with the waitress, the owner, his children and friends talking and laughing out laugh. Not a place to go for a quite dinner.

Verdict: I will not return. Just for that simple Sizzling Beef, it cost me RM22.00. Not worth it.

I think they should change the name of the restaurant to My Homely YamCha House. To name the restaurant Steak House is very deceiving.

Thank God I get to enjoy my Kornetto for dessert.

Sep 29
Insuring Your Life
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I think life is much simpler in my parents younger days. Well, they may not have much luxury in life but they can still enjoy their life. It is just working in the field during day time and rest when it is dark. They live according to their means. But now things have changed. It is different in my generation.

I think my generation are more of the materialistic generation. We always want to have many material things for ourselves. And we tend to worry more. It is not a surprise if those who are able to read this blog would have more than one type of insurance for themselves. I am sure almost everyone would have bought a life insurance. It is either their parents bought it for them or when they start working, they bought one for themselves. As for me, I had to buy life insurance by myself as my parents are not so concern about buying insurance.

If you are driving your own car, then you will know about car insurance. Besides that you will have to buy a home insurance or a fire insurance when you buy a house. Well, there are so many types of insurance that you might want to buy. Oh ya… do not forget about the medical card which is also one type of insurance. I already bought insurance policy for all my three children. It is more of an endowment plan for them so that they would have some money when they need it.

Sep 27
I am Banana too
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Yesterday when we were at the air-cond service centre, the owner spoke to hubby in Malay but he speaks to me in Mandarin! Hello! I may look more Chinese than my husband but I am Banana too. I don’t speak any Chinese dialect. Ok, ok, maybe a lil bit Mandarin. Thank God I understood what he said but I answered him in English. :P

So, my dearie, when you see me or chat with me on MSN or Gmail chat, or leave comments in my blog, no Chinese word, please. I scratch my head trying to figure out what it means.

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