Can You Do It?

The ladies have been telling me about the positions in Lust Caution. What movie is that? Rupa-rupanya, Cantonese movie staring Tony Leung and dunno what is the heroine name. They have been bugging me to search for the picture. Oi, you think I am good at this meh? Some more it is in Chinese. You got the wrong person. :P

Finally the lady that bug me found the picture and told me to try it out? Why me? Ask Amy lar, she dances ballet and does yoga. I am sure she is very flexible. kekeke.

I am not allowed to give the link here. :P Email me if you want the URL. :lol:

Candy for Supper Next Time

I am sure some of you don’t see me online at 5am anymore because I have company to blog till 3am everyday now! Hubby has another assistant to take over his night shift so I have someone to chat and go out for supper whenever hunger strikes while blogging.

But then, living in a kampung, food stall hardly open after 1am. It took us almost half an hour yesterday hunting for Roti Canai. We ended up eating Fried Kuay Teow at Klebang Beach. I think I can easily write two post with the time spent looking for food.

I wanna stock up candy at home now. Maybe I will buy it from bulk candy store which of course the price will be cheaper and we don’t need to leave the house to look for food unless I really crave for Roti Canai and Teh Tarik.

Yes, now we can buy bulk candy from from the comfort of our home and enjoy premium sweets at discount prices if you are living in US.

Still Can Get Loan with Bad Credit

Nowadays ah, even you have bad credit you still can apply for loan. It is called bad credit loans. I am sure the interest rate would be high. But what to do, if you need the money desperately. Nevertheless, you can actually repair your bad credit if you pay on tie every month with this new loan in hand. Suffer for a few months for better credit in the future.

Can I Have My Toilet Bowl Back Please?


I spotted the frog on Friday night and he is still there on Saturday morning. Thank God I have another bathroom and 2 more toilets in the house if not, tak mandi and tak berak lar gua!

On Saturday evening and Sunday the frog was not insight anymore so we use the bathroom again.

This morning, I happily sit at the toilet bowl to pee and I got a shock of my life when I notice the same frog staring at me from a small blue stool on the bathroom floor right in front of me.

I did not move a muscle scared he would jump at me and told him, “Please let me use the toilet a lil while, ok?” Once I am done, I quickly run for my life!!!

Eeww, I don’t like frog…so slimy and cold.

Move Planner

Before the blogger meet, Leah emailed to inform us that she might be late for the meet up. It seems that she is moving house and having problem with the mover; came 2 hours later than scheduled and after moving one truck load, they took a break for dinner and will only resume work the next day! So unprofessional.

I did ask her to she check out the website about Moving Home where it offers Move Planner to ensure that her moving goes on smoothly for instance hiring a reliable and professional mover or best of all hiring leading Removals company to minimize the headache of moving and planner all by yourself.

If you too plan to move, do check out There are good moving tips there too.

Blogging From Kauai

During the recent bloggers meet, we exchanged MSN email address so that we can ping each other when there are offer popping out. We, mommies must support other mah. We should not be selfish to keep the opportunity to make money blogging all to ourselves.

So this afternoon I login to one of the networks and found out there is a grab bag there and ping one of them coz the rest are not online. She told me that she is going to Genting Highland tomorrow to visit Lim Goh Tong’s grave and have no time to blog.

Wah! Life is wonderful for her eh? Weekend in Malacca and tomorrow up at Genting Highland for another holiday. I wish one day I can say the same too. “Sorry, I can take anymore offer, I have already made booking with Kauai vacation rentals and I will be leaving for Hawaii tomorrow.”

When I am there, I can tell them, “Hey, look up for my post in Kauai Travel Blog! Read my review there. Please take the next flight and come join me. You don’t have to worry about What to Do in Kauai. I have got that all covered.” :D

1st Malacca Bloggers Meet 4Me

blogger mommies

Look, me among the Women of Today! :D

Since this lady did not give intro in her blog, let me have the pleasure to do so.

From left to right…Chinnee with her QiQi, next to her is Leah, she is a lecturer! don’t play play ah, beside her is yours truly and the cute lil mommy with her cute lil girl is Jess who’s blog recently blessed by Google with PR4!

We had 3 hours of sharing tips about blogging and boy, do I learn a lot from them even though I started blogging way in 2004.

Btw, the world is so small! Hubby met Leah before! and Leah recognized my hubby too. Hmm…what were they doing behind my back ah??? hehehe…Leah actually attended our cell group at my brother in law’s house in Alor Gajah before. That’s how we met.


The daddies were great, looking after the children and feeding them ice cream which we mommies won’t, because when they messed up their hands, they come to us to clean them up!

Wait! My girls are with their daddy, where’s my son ah?


Here his is, under the table, playing peek-a-boo me with. :D

I want to meet again!!! Next meet, everyone bring laptop ah. :P

Avoid Bankruptcy with IVA

When it comes to owning money, big some of course which you cannot pay which may bring you to declare bankruptcy, there is a way to avoid this. If you owe more than £15,000, you owe more than 3 creditors, you have still have income to pay for minimal payment and you or your spouse has steady income then you might be eligible to IVA.

However you need to get IVA advice to help determine whether this is the best solution for you. can help you with this. If you need IVA help, they will tell you how to go about it and advice to change your life style so that you can pay your IVA payment every month because failing to do so, and you will go into bankruptcy.

Malacca Bloggers Meet

I can’t wait for tomorrow. After meeting my Lenglui and Cute Lil Jess two weeks ago, I am going to meet more bloggers tomorrow at Burger King, Mahkota Parade.

Actually a few of them, I don’t know they existed. I only know Chinnee, Leah and Yenny.

Must bring along souvenir ah? The first time when I met Jess, I came empty handed and she gave me a bag of clothes for my girls. Malu! Malu!

I am very bad in getting souvenirs. Tahi ayam can ah? mwahahahaha. :P

Siu Jie

I learn something new today.

Miche says: i speak to her on d phone, i know she siu jie one
chooi peng says: aiyoh, miche u know “siu jie” ????
msau says: …attractive ler
Jess says: cannot call siu jie in china
Jess says: later ppl kick u
chooi peng says: siu jie = ayam?
Jess says: siu jie mean prostitute to them
Jess says: yaya
msau says: LOL
msau says: got quality to be siu jie not bad wat
Jess says: yalor

I thought that word means someone who is lady like. Mana tau! Wrong pronounciation can lead to that word pulak.

So you better don’t simply call people in China “Siu Jie” unless you like to be kicked. Oh before that be sure you got your family covered with family insurance, in case your whole family kena kicked by the Siu Jies in China. :lol:

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