My 3 Lovers


Wow! I am going to have more than 3some tonight! LOL… Wanna know the secret on how to find 3 lovers? Come visit this blog more often (trick to get more traffic…hehehe).

I did not go work in the morning due to some personal problem and I taught of not going the whole day until Jess informed me that there is a cake from Msau on the way to my office. Oh well, have to go to work then. And this sexy lady pretended not knowing about it when I buzz her own the MSN.


They not only send me the able Marble Cheese Cake but red roses too.


They sure love me very much. None of my offline friends ever do this to me except my juniors when I was in campus. I am truly touched.

Hmm…maybe I will get them something for Christmas eh. :D Wait I see my money left in PayPal first ok…No promises. :P

Pastor Buying A Laptop

I just received a call from Pastor Joseph. He is planning to buy a laptop. Since I know only a little about computer specifications, I told him to contact my husband. After their conversation, my husband told me that Pastor Joseph want to buy a laptop with Intel Pentium processor.

Hubby recommended him to buy at the computer shop where I bought my laptop. There he can pay it by way of installment. Hubby also advised Pastor Joseph to ensure that all the necessary security program including a popup blocker program are installed in the new laptop. I do hope that Pastor Joseph will be more effective in his ministry with the new laptop.

1.5 months old Spaghetti


The above is supposed to me Msau‘s spaghetti during her trip to Malacca during Hari Raya last month. Unfortunately she did not get to taste it because she rush back to KL a day after she came here due to health problem.

So I freeze the gravy, waiting for her next visit here but after a month, there is no news that she will return. Too busy making money and making baby I guess. :P

So I decided to help her eat them. Even after one and a half month, it still taste good. Mmmm…yummy.

Some of you must be asking, “So long already, can still eat meh?” Can…we did not have diarrhea. :lol:


Patients of the sacred heart disease every well know the side effects of their obesity and the good way to recover this is sacred heart diet. This is why the physicians all over the world stress so much on weight loss. Supplements including xenadrine are known to help in suppressing appetite.

Outer Beauty

Whether we like it or not, we are always conscious with our appearance. We want to look pretty and beautiful. For the guys, they would want to look handsome and masculine. This is quite a natural desire as we want to be or at least look the best as we can be. I too wished that if it is possible I want to stay slim and be beautiful all the days of my life. Hahaha…young and youthful forever. That however, is not natural.

I do not encourage people to go for surgery just because they do not like one minor feature of their body. I do encourage people to do exercises and build up their body. It amazes me to see those who do bodybuilding are much more confident than others. The condition of our bodies does have direct effect on how we see ourselves or how we feel about ourselves while in public.

As for me now, I know that I need to find that dance aerobic VCD and start exercising again. Alternatively, I can encourage my husband to continue doing bodybuilding and I can join him too. No, I am not talking about developing big muscles for myself but just to keep fit. Oh ya, check out if you are thinking about exercising again. They have lots of nutrition that your body needs to be healthy. They also do have lots of gadgets to help with your exercise program.

Now, I need to flatten my abdominal area as it looks flabby. But first, I need to stop typing, get up from this nice chair and go for a short walk.

A Home To Call Our Own

Yesterday, hubby’s brother that used to stay here that moved out from this house to stay in his wife’s family house decided to move back in here. The wife has sold the house. According to them, the house is haunted. I hope the spirit won’t haunt the new owner and the evil spirit won’t follow them here. He asked permission from hubby whether he can bring his altar here but hubby said no. We are a Christian family, as much as possible, we do not want any alter to rest in this house. The Christians would understand why I said this.

We are quite “disappointed” that he returned because we have already set our mind that this house will be ours. On well, it is still the family house, we just “tumpang” here. If we really need to have a home to call our own, maybe we will look for Real Estate company like CityCribs. They provide quick and easy tools to finding the best available homes and services. I am sure in no time we will be able to find a house to call our own. If we used their services, it also means that we will be shifting to New York. Hehe.

Our Very Own LCD Monitor

Something happened in the office just now and I decided to take half day leave to cool down and followed hubby to the computer shop to fix our 19″ CRT monitor. We bought it secondhand and only used it for 5 months then it decided to make us spend more! To fix it, it cost more than a hundred ringgit and no warranty how long it can last. We bought it for only RM240.


So we decided to get the LCD monitor since our children uses our PC quite frequent. The price is RM610 after discount. We also bought the LCD protector for RM20. All this are paid by credit card, of course because we don’t have so much cash in our wallet/purse or in the bank. So many cheap credit card nowadays so we take advantage of it for emergency spending like this one.

Oh ya…This is really emergency spending. If we don’t buy the monitor, I won’t have my laptop to blog. I guess some of you know the reason. :P

Weird Dream on Loosing Fats

I really had a very weird dream a few nights ago, a day after I realized that I have put on inches.

In my dream my lady boss showed me how to get rid of the stubborn fats on our tummy and thigh without any lipo or even using diet patch. She took a few worms; those white, small worm where we can find in the garbage bin and place it on her tummy. The worms “dive” into the tummy through her skin. It is either her pores are big or the worms can just squeeze themselves through. Euuuuu…Gross! Geli!

The worm eats all the fat in her tummy. After a while I can see, her tummy shrinks, like kedut-kedut (wrinkled) like that proving that the fat is gone.

I asked, what will happen to the worms, will it get out. She told me that the worm will just die under her skin when there is no more fat to eat!

Anyone want to try this type of liposuction???

Create Your Own Quizzes

Whenever I am free in the office and no mood to blog, I will blog hop besides that if I see any interesting quizzes, I will spend some time on it. It is very interesting to know what kind of person you are, whether you are addicted to blogging, or how fierce you are or what kind of lover you are etc. Even if it is not 100% accurate, it is fun to wonder how these people behind the quiz generator can predict your personality.

And sometimes when we really can’t find anything to blog about and really need interim, more of us will go for quizzes. It’s fun and it’s personal.

Have you ever generate your own set of quiz? It is fun to find out how well your readers know you through quizzes. Want to give it a try? I found a website Quiz My Mates that lets you create quizzes! If you have MySpace, Xanga, Hi5 and Friendster profile, you can pimp them by adding hot quizzes and Myspace Surveys. Find out how well you friends know you.

I am thinking to create one too. I wanna know how well my chat buddies know me since we have been chatting the first moment we open our eyes and before we close our eyes for the day.

Temporary Maid

The temporary maid is here. Because after one and a half month of waiting, the one that we applied went MIA. So, we were given a temporary while we apply for another new ones.

Actually we didn’t want a temporary. We are not in a rush and we can wait but the maid agent told us to take and try the maid out. I hope she is not from any alcohol rehab centre coz we was not given any of her biodata. :P If we like her, we can take her as permanent if not we can pick another temporary and try her out. If we still not satisfied, then we wait for the one we applied. Since there is nothing to loose we took one.

Since MIL is away, the maid will be at my mom’s until I come back from work. In a way, it is quite a good arrangement coz I requested my mom to teach her to cook my children’s favorite food. If MIL is around, I just can’t take her away and put her at my mom’s. It won’t be appropriate right? :)

Actually a doctor applied for her but he returned her just because she couldn’t cook or to be more precise don’t how to cook Chinese dishes. We have no problem with that because we can teach her. Doctor where got time to teach.

Unfortunately, my son don’t want her which makes life tougher for my mom coz he is more sticky to her. He don’t allow the maid to touch him. Feed him rice he also don’t want. Well, this takes time.

So far, she is good. Every though she is not the good looking type, she is quite hardworking and smart (not bodoh bodoh type). So far, I just tell her what to do and she did it well without needing much instruction how to go about it.

If she is good, we will just take her, instead of a new one.

Hideaway Computer Workstation

Just imagine this. You are typing away on your computer. Writing your masterpiece for your blog. Your little ones are playing around you. “Mommy, look at this” “Mommy she bite me!” “Mommy I am hungry” Turn around to give them some of my attention. “Please don’t disturb Mommy. Mommy is VERY busy.” As usual, they won’t listen, one. Turn back to continue typing. “Eh, why Mommy’s, monitor is black now??? “Oh No! Where is your brother?” “Under the chair Mommy” the girls replied.

He must be the culprit, pressing the power button and shut down my computer. “Oh No!!! Mommy has not save Mommy’s work! Arrgghhhh!!!” “Barnabas, can Mommy squeeze you?” hehe…don’t get me wrong, I am not a child abuser. :P


At that moment of time, I wish I have the hideaway computer workstation like the above. As for me I will keep it close when the children are around. It not only prevents my CPU and printer from collecting dust. It also prevents little rascal that is obsess with pressing buttons.

So far I have not seen this kind of Office Furniture in the furniture shop here. I found the above from Saxen Business Solution. It is only available in UK plus free shipping to UK Mainland. Hmm…maybe Malaysian kids are not as rascal as theirs eh. Hehe.

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