Our Last Meal Together

For the Year 2007.


Otak Otak as appetizer


Our main dish, Yong Tau Foo, Malay style with lotsa of cow’s intestine, seaweed and fishballs too. Mmmm…my favorite but unfortunately it was not hubby’s fav. He said, fishball is tasteless. I thought men like fishy stuff. :lol:

While waiting for the food, there was a Malay couple, still very much in love. I can see from how they look at each other with much adoration. The way they chew their food caught my attention. Then I look at other customers. You see, we are the only Chinese there. (half Chinese to be precise…hehe). My question, “Can’t they chew with their mouth close?” Maybe the meat is too tough but even cows chew with their mouth close. :P

I think this is typically Malaysian. Talk with your mouth full, chew your food with mouth open and must have the chap chup chap chup sound. The louder the sound, the tastier the food is.

I tried eating with my mouth open like them. I can’t chew my food properly. I am just cutting it but not chewing it. Wow! Their tummy must really work hard to digest their food.

Anyway, the food is good but a lil too salty. I think it is because they added a lot of MSG too. I am very thirsty now. Maybe I need a colon cleanse to start the New Year.

Enough ranting.

I am here to wish you a Blessed New Year and May God’s Blessing Be Abundant in Your Life.

I am sad to say that I start the New Year with sick children and sick me! :( But things will be much better in days to come. I have more that 300 days to feel good and healthy. :)

I Want My Money Back

Until today I still have not get hold of any cash back credit cards. How come none of the credit card provider calls me offering this kind of card??? Every time when I receive call from them, it will sure be about insurance. I only buy insurance from church members only, okay.

I would prefer cash back than reward points because most of the things in the reward redemption are not to my liking. Well, I think I better start doing my homework and start to Compare Cash Back Credit Cards and get one for myself before I resign. Once resign, no more proof of income.

Trump Jet

I was watching the show “The Apprentice” after midnight a few days back. As usual there were two groups of apprentices that are aiming to be selected as part of Donald Trump managers. I do not really like to watch this show because of the backbiting, gossips and hatreds that normally is shown among the contestants. However, since there are no other interesting shows in other channels, I just stick to the show. I was more interested in the tasks given to these groups and how they proceeded to fulfill those tasks.

As always, Donald Trump will appear in the show with his egoistic personality. He would always meet with the apprentices for just a minute or so and then leave to attend his own “meetings”. In that particular show, he gave the task of promoting and marketing Priceline.com products i.e. deals on flights, hotels, rental cars, vacation packages, cruises, last minute deals, weekend deals, and in particular their sweepstakes. There after Donald Trump board his private plane and whizzed to attend his “meetings”. I wonder whether he has heard about Private Jet Charter Flights and uses the service. Well, maybe not as being rich, he can afford his own jets and aeroplane.

Well, if given the chance I too would want to experience flying in a private chartered jet, and not sit in the economy class seats in the budget flights. Maybe some day that would come true.

Malacca Mining Town?

Mandrake, a blogger friend and also my webmaster was in Malacca on Christmas Day but he was only here for 30 minutes so I was not able to meet him and see how “BIG” he is. :lol:

He was complaining that Malacca is very hot. That surprised me coz it is rainy season now here, a few places in Malacca are flooded. Maybe it was slightly hot on Christmas day but not damn hot (that’s the exact word that he used :P). Hello! Singapore snowing is it? :P

He told me that the tour guide told this group of HOT Singaporean that Malacca is hot due to the metal ore in the ground because Malacca used to be a mining town. Huh???

When I studied history and geography, I don’t remember anything about Malacca being a mining town. Ipoh maybe lar.

Hmmm…maybe ah, these Singaporean complaint so much, the tour guide told them that to keep their mouth shut! :lol:

Option Screener

One of my blogger friends wants to invest in stock options after seeing her hubby earning thousands in a week. She asked me whether I know anything about it. I know a few friends and my boss who is into these. Other that that, the only thing that I know is that with she needs to get the SmartSearchXL® option screener technology to help her Find, Compare, Analyze, and Make Money On Stock Option Trading. I think she can do without a remiser with help from option screener then she can earn more without needing to pay commission to the remiser.

My Own Tailor

I used to have my own tailor but she has retired from sewing and helps her son runs a restaurant. It is not easy to find a tailor that know your style and know how to hide your tummy!

At this time of the year, I really miss having her around. I used to make a lot of dress with her before I got married. I think she can afford a Bose home theater with the amount of money I spent making dress after dress with her. Her price is very cheap too compared to other tailor.

Decent Blouse

Finally after a few shops, I spotted a decent blouse at Hush Puppies. The price is RM69.90 for just a blouse but I have not much choice since most blouses are very expensive these days. I am so happy to know that I still fit in “S” size. But I still need to diet a lil bit to hide the flabby tummy.

Then I saw a white long sleeve blouse that comes with long necklace. It looks so Hongky but not showing off cleavage. :P I bought a black slack to go with it.

That’s all for CNY. I hate buying clothes nowadays. The fashion is mostly from my mom’s era!

Radiator Still Not Fix

On the way to Dataran Pahlawan we were stuck in a very slow moving traffic. I was so worried about my car’s temperature. I kept reminding hubby to keep an eye on the temperature but he kept teasing me that the car is going to explode anytime! You see, I still have not got my car’s radiator fix.

Oh ya, if you are driving a Ford which I am not. :P Radiator.com is the best place to go for radiators. They have stock for thousands of aftermarket Ford radiators and upgrade radiators for Ford models of every year, both new and classic, including Mustang Radiator, aluminum Ford truck radiators and more.

Pregnant Blouse

Beside the cleavage showing blouse, most of the blouse are tight on top and flare at the bottom. I dunno what this type of blouse is called. Only the slim and tall can wear this kinda blouse. I tried one, it not only makes me look pregnant but fat and short too!

I whined about it and hubby commented that maybe it is because too many young people get pregnant before they got married, so they design this kinda of blouse to hide their tummy! :lol:

Showing Off Cleavage

After going into a few outlets like MNG, Elle, Padini etc I almost give up and go home. Since it took us one hour to reach there, hubby will surely show his sulky face if I did not buy anything. I have to buy at least a blouse or two.

Wonder why I wanna give up? Most of the blouse cutting at very low at the front. Not only it will show your cleavage, I think if you bend, your breast also can be seen! I tried one, felt like I am wearing a lingerie!

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