The Secret To Making Pineapple Tart Pastry The Nyonya’s Way

And it is no longer a secret now. :P This is for you, Chinnee. :)


8 eggs to 1kg of Flour. The egg white, take half of it only, ok.


Then just pour them in and mix.


After that she added margarine; must use Planta and not Daisy spoon by spoon. She did not even measure them!

Here’s the video on how to knead them…

She did not immediately start making the tarts. She let the dough to sit for about half an hour, so that it won’t stick to the mould when she try to press them out.


Do you notice that she place a plastic over the dough before she roll them? Prevent it from sticking to the roller.


Empty pastry.

This what my mom’s Pineapple Tart looks like.


Update: Good news. We are now selling these Nyonya Pineapple Tarts to the public. To order, click here.

Making Love


:lol: I got you to visit my blog ya??? :P

I just make love the cookies today, right after work. This is the simplest cookie that I even done before.

Unfortunately, not all turns out good. I got a burnt batch too. Here they are…


Since this is my first try, I didn’t make that much. Only 2 and 3/4 small container. The 1/4 went to my tummy and my children’s. :D


Oh ya, these are called the Nestum Cookies. Click the link for the recipe. :)

Sister Act in Vegas

I love Sister Act; both I & II. For me, the part that I laughed the most is when they perform on the stage in one of the Las Vegas Night Clubs. Nuns in night club; performing. That’s hilarious.

If I were to go to one of the Las Vegas Shows, I would love to watch Whoopi Goldberg perform on stage with her nun costume!

I am sure the show won’t be cheap but I know where to find cheap tickets. Best of Vegas got me covered on this if ever I step my feet in Vegas or someone sponsor me there.

The Making Of Pineapple Tarts

Actually I planned to make Nestum Cookies today but MIL told me that SIL insisted to make pineapple tarts today coz next Sunday it will be too late. We try not to make it so early because pineapple tarts develop molds easily when kept too long. But MIL has no choice because then oven belongs to her.

At first MIL wanted to do only 2kg but SIL told her to make more in case we need to give some to relatives. So, she made 3kg all together. Least that I know that this is the first time for both of them! The dough turns out dry, my mom’s pineapple tarts’ mould got stuck, their pineapple tarts mould is too huge, and another one needs to kepit.

Dry Dough! You kneed with your fingers not palm.

So I brought my mom to the rescue! She added more butter.

These are the unbaked tarts. At first we used the plain mould but I have to kepit the side. They do not know how. The maid tried; her looks like the tarts has been stung by a bee! My MIL tried, hers is “terkangkang”. She even laughed at her artwork! So I told them to leave the “kepiting” to me. But I get sleepy after a few tray so I quickly hopped over to my mom’s and borrowed her mould, the smaller ones with ready made design. It is also due to the filling. The filling is extra sweet. Small mould, less filling. So the taste is just right.


The people behind the making plus myself too. :P My MIL, maid, SIL’s niece and SIL.

The oven that we used. Looks like robot to me. The temperature that we used is 160′C. The big tarts we baked for 15mins. The smaller ones, 10 mins.

Baked Pineapple tarts. The unbaked ones look better ya. :)

We started around 11.30am and finished at 7.30pm. It’s an 8 hours job!

Buy Tickets Online

I love sports but I don’t love queuing up for the tickets; especially under the hot sun hear. But then ah, even though the ticket booth is in an air-cond place, I will still not queue for them. I can’t stand that long due to my heath condition and I can’t squat too or else I will have more hemorrhoid! Hehehe. Sitting down? Urgh…puhlease! :P

Well, with Premium Seats USA, I don’t have to do all the above to watch my favorite games. Consider the Miami Heat Tickets yours, the moment to click their website. I can get them from the comfort of my home and they have huge huge selection of first-class tickets to all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide. Their tickets never run outs too.

Radio Clock

More parcel for me. :)

I arrived home to find an open parcel on the computer table. I think hubby thought I bought a “rabbit”. hahahaha.

It’s a radio clock for the credit card points that I redeemed a month ago before it expires.


Well, I am only entitled for a hair dryer or a radio clock. This proves that I dont’ swipe much. No money mah. :P

So I chose radio clock coz I need an alarm clock and we do not have a radio at home!

Buying For Myself

I think all mommies couldn’t resist not visiting any baby stores that they come across. Even mommy-to-be will be gleeing happy with all those cute lil toys, clothes, toiletries etc. Sometimes when I am there, I wonder whether I am buying them for my children or for myself.

Hubby always commented that I buy because I didn’t get to have them when I was their age. Partly true also. My dad income does not permit him to spend on luxury item. So we have the minimal in life. Clothes and toys are from the night market. Made in China cheap and low quality product. Si I tend to pamper my children now. In a way, I am pampering myself. Hehe.


I guess if you are working with the government, they will never let you stay put at one location. Once you get comfortable at where you are and good at your work, they will surely transfer you elsewhere then you will have to start all over again. If you want promotion, you have to relocate to where the higher position is available.

If you are in the military, military relocation is inevitable. I read that in US, every 3 years they will be relocated. I pity their children. Every 3 years they have to bid farewell to their good friends and school and begin again in a new environment. I would dread that especially if you are the introvert type of person. But what to do, that is the source of their bread and butter.

Living in Luxury Villa

In my hometown, we have a few luxury villas. Everyday when I come back from school, I will admire them and started dreaming living in one of those villas. Maybe one day, the couple that owns the villa would bump into me and claim that I look exactly like their deceased daughter and would want me to be their adopted child. Then I would be able to live in their luxury villa. Till today, my dream has not come true. :P

But then one fine day my own dad saw a girl playing golf at the golf club that he was working. He told me that that girl look exactly like me. Oh well, maybe that is my rich twin.


This is what my luxury villa would have; a swimming pool. Maybe one day if I won a $1 million dollar lottery ticket, I could afford a 7 days stay in this Tuscany Luxury Villa. Buying one would cost more than a million. Can get to enjoy it for one week would be a dream come true. But then ah, I don’t buy lottery ticket. How to win? Maybe one day, I would pick up a lottery ticket by the road side and that is a winning ticket. Dreaming again!!! Someone, sponsor me there lar. hehehe

I Just Call To Say I am Having Fever

The maid told me that her husband called just now to inform her that he is sick. “What sickness?” I asked. He is having fever. Alamak! Only fever need to call her. It was a big mistake that BIL had done by giving her the house phone number. Not that they have Call Center VoIP Phone Systems. If yes, that would save them a lot. Wife works so hard here to earn money, hubby spends it by calling just to tell that he is having fever!

When I asked her why the need to call just for that, she twist the story by telling me that her hubby actually wanted to ask whether to continue sending their daughter to school or not. Hello, you told me earlier that you came here to earn money to be able to support your daughter’s higher education. Sure have to continue send her to school what??? I won’t trust what comes out from her mouth from today onwards.

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