Kuih Belanda aka Love Letter


Recognise this? We, the Baba Nyonya call it Kuih Belanda. You people call it Love Letter. So far I only see shapes of flower, no alphabets. :P

Those in the left container is for us to eat. Dah habis pun by today. Those are the rejected ones. You can figure out why from the color. And the right container can only be eaten on CNY day.

MIL made them 2 days ago with the help of the maid and SIL. I help to eat only :P only today coz if you eat them on the same day, sure will kena sore-throat one.

With this cookie, it marks the coming of CNY. :)

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7 Responses

  1. Jesslyn Says:

    so black u still eat ar? not bitter?

  2. jacss Says:

    ooh…we don’t call this kuih belanda/love letter but we called it “kui ta pet” or “kuih kapet” which is differently shaped in triangle ….

    sin lien lai loh…new year coming !!

  3. miche Says:

    jess, not bitter coz this one terlebih gula!

    jacss, oh ya..kuih kapit, those that my MIL tak sempat roll, she will fold it into triangle shape. :)

  4. The Cooking Ninja Says:

    My grandmother used to make this every CNY and she does it the traditional way – a lot of work and have to have quick fingers and work really fast. These days they have a machine to make this but I feel it doesn’t taste as good as it is done traditionally. :)

  5. miche Says:

    yaya, my MIL also makes them the traditional way..back breaking man!

  6. exceldream50 Says:

    Love letter / Kuih ka pet my favorite… I only get to eat during Chinese New Year festival.

  7. Simplyperanakan Says:

    I simply love the taste of the kuih Belanda however, not the ‘chao tah’ ones :) The word Belanda means “Dutch” which shows the past colonial rule of the Dutch.