At Tesco last night, hubby was greeted by a Malay couple, his customer. They spoke in Malay of course. Another Chinese couple was there and the husband took a second glance at me. His 2nd glance was not pleasing at all. It has the angry and disgusting (menyampah) look. I almost could read what was on his mind. I hope he did not curse me for going out with a “Malay” man.

That is the “problem” when others see us in the public. This is due to hubby’s Malay look and me with my very Chinese feature.
I wonder how many curses have been spoken unto me since I started going out with hubby. Thank God for the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I am protected from all these curses. :D

MIL is Sick

MIL fall sick again. She said that she is having runny nose. She slept most of the time. We are quite worried lar but in a way, it is good that she rest as much possible. That is what I would do if I have runny nose, sleep, sleep and sleep.

It is just that she is old and has been hospitalised that makes us worry when she sleeps all the time and not wanting to eat food or eat medicine. We are praying that she will stay healthy until the day the Lord took her home without needing any medical equipment to help her continue the remaining of her life on earth.

Nokia 1200

I have been looking around for a cell phone to buy and I saw the Nokia 1200, the cheapest new Nokia available. After asking around, I could get the above for RM125 from a friend’s shop.

My next task is looking for the network. I will go for Maxis but whether 012, 017 or 014, I still have not decided. I wonder whether there will be any difference in the cell phone signal between those 3 numbers. Shouldn’t be right? Since all of them are from Maxis.

Anyway, I felt kinda “sayang” to part from RM125 because I don’t see the urgency to get one cell phone yet. I think I will drag it until I really need one. Just spent RM180 for a spectacles which I regretted buying. :(

Burnt Tandoori


Will you eat these? I did! Just because the shop that sells the Tandoori Chicken is hubby’s neighbour. The shop is just beside our Internet Cafe.

I wanted to return it and ask them to eat it but considering hubby’s relationship with them, I hold back. I tried not eating the burnt area but some are too tough to remove.

I gave up trying and told hubby that I really need to at least get them to scrape off the burnt part and promise hubby that I will SMILE when talking to them. Hubby knows my temper! :lol:

I went to look for the boss even though the employee approached me. Telling him my problem. He scolded the employee who served me the burnt Tandoori and the employee scrape of the burnt part but it was too burnt that after scrapping, it does not look any different.

You know what, hubby left his shop to peep on me. He worried that I create a havoc there! hahahaha. Anyway, he told me that I did not SMILE. Oh well, at least I did not raise my voice or show my angry face or even ask the boss to eat the chicken. :P
Anyway, I just took the chicken and vow that I will NEVER eat their Tandoori again.

Frequent Traveler

One of my dreams is to be able to travel frequently. I always dream of going to new places, meeting people from other culture and eat their authentic food. As it is now, I have not even step foot on my neighbouring countries like Singapore, Indonesia or even Thailand. Well, no money, talk and dream only lar. :(

Well, if you are a frequent traveler I am sure you have gotten yourself the Airline Miles Credit Cards in which you could collect air miles when you spend using the credit card. With the air miles, I am sure you will get good deal for your air fare. In your next trip around the world, can bring me along ah? :lol:

Part Time Working Mom

Today is my last day as a full time staff in the company that I am currently attached too. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be a PTWM, that’s Part Time Working Mom.

My morning will be dedicated to work, helping my boss to expand his business to the China market and search for him potential China Manufacturers that would like to joint venture with him.

Most of my administrative job will be handled by my clerks and also the new lady that is supposed to come to replace me but no sign of her yet.

I will be a PA/Secretary to the Managing Director and Assistant to the Finance Director.

Wondering about my pay? If course it will only be half. The only advantage is, I only work 3.5 hours everyday instead of 4 hours because I have to fetch my girls from school at 12noon. I start work at 8.30am.

The rest of my day will be spent making sure my children do their homework, shower, take their nap and teaching them the SWR program. Looks like my time spent on the internet has to reduce. Like that arh, how to earn the other half of my salary???
Praying hard that God will indeed bless hubby’s business.

Lotion That Absorbs: Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion

Not paid to write this post. So you better read this. Penat gua tulis tau. :P

After giving birth to my 3rd child, there are major changes in my hormones. One of them is my skin tend to get dry easily, especially my hand and my leg. I tried using all kinds of lotion but none can keep my skin moisturize.

Hubby and I use lotion in our massage session. Ooohhh…The next day, the lotion can be rubbed of the skin. It did not absorb into the skin. Hubby kept asking me (because I do the shopping) this question “Isn’t there any lotion that really goes into your skin and makes our skin smooth and silky even after we bathe?”

My answer was, “Sorry dear, never come across that.” Until one fine day, a blogger friend asked me whether I want to review the SkinMD Shielding Lotion. Why not since I will get a bottle of the lotion for free. :)

shielding lotion'

You know what? This is the lotion that we have been looking for. Skin MD Natural™ promptly absorbed, without the slightest hint of any greasy or oily feeling or residue, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield. It makes our skin feel smooth and silky. Oh ya, hubby even asked me to apply on his butt. He wants a baby smooth butt. :P

Our search stops here. Even though it is slightly expensive but it is better than buying one lotion after another and chucking them aside because it does not work as we expected them to be.


If you don’t believe me, email me your address (Malaysian only), I still have a few more 3cc sample to give away. Once you try this Shielding Lotion, I can assure you that you wouldn’t want others. :)

If you still don’t believe me, check this out. Skin MD Natural™ unconditionally guarantee it protects and hydrates your skin and you can get some free sample from them too. You have nothing to loose but a soft, silky skin and moist skin to gain.


When I was introduced to accounts in Form 6, I love it so much that I wanted to become an accountant instead of teacher, doctor or lawyer. Well, that is the standard ambition all of us know when we were at that age. But once I step foot in Form 6, I started to dislike accounts. It is so tough and I do not know what the heck the book is talking about. I guess, partly it was due to the direct translation from English to Malay. If the text book were in English, I think I would be an accountant now and reading accounting jobs blog.

Diamond Water and Recycled Bottle


What is the point of having the Diamond Water System if you store them here.


Must remind my maid not to take the water from there for my children.

Oh ya, don’t drink the water from the bottled water that was left in your car. Read about it here.

Sign of Ovulation

Yesterday morning, my nose was so itchy to the extend that I wish I can open up my nostril to scratch it or plug it out to rinse it from the whatever that cause the itchiness.

Then I remembered that last month I experienced the same and I went to see my doctor. He told me that it is due to hormone. He adviced me to take the EPO. I did and the itchiness disappeared.

During lunch break, I went home to look for my EPO and this morning, the itchiness has reduced.

When I counted, yesterday was my 15th. Normally ovulation starts on the 14th day right. In a way, it is a good sign for me since I don’t plan to have anymore babies in this near future.

Do you know when you ovulate?

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