Personalize Your Google Homepage

I faced my laptop almost every hour, every day. What to do, I love blogging. I can’t live without the internet. Now I am in KL; supposed to be holidaying but I can’t resist the temptation to check my Gmail. :lol: Thanks to my nephew, he sacrificed his game time to let me use his computer.

So, holiday or no holiday, I will be seeing the Google homepage everyday. After seeing the same homepage every day, do ever get bored of it? I think I see my Google Homepage more than I see my hubby’s face. Aiyo! Suddenly I feel so guilty. What to do, hubby work at odd hours due to the nature of our business.

Thank God that, that there is a way to place my hubby’s handsome face on the Google homepage. Instead of the common standard Google homepage, we can now create our own custom homepage with Groovle; Personalize Google. We just need to simply select the file from my computer, be it JPG, GIF or PNG, upload the image and the custom homepage is created.

If you are not married or don’t like seeing your hubby’s face every hour, you can always browse through Groovle custom homepage with favorite celebrities, sports team, cute animals and beautiful and majestic space photos.

Genting, Here We Come

We are off to Genting Highland this Sunday. Finally, my dream of a “far away” family vacation is coming true. This is so far the furthers and highest place we are going with my 2 girls.

I am so excited about the trip. The last I went was during my honeymoon; that was almost 7 years ago. Now going there with my 2 daughters.

Before planning for this trip, my eldest kept asking me to bring her to any country that has snow. I can’t afford it yet unless I can really get cheap flights to NZ or Australia. As for now Genting Snow World will do for the time being.

Thanks to Fiona, we got our All Park Theme Park ticket for RM38.88 only and some tips about the stay there, the parking and the food.

Disney World in June

These 2 crazy blogger friends of mine always talk about Japan. One of them even managed to persuade the other one to make their talk a reality. I was so surprised that they are actually going to Disney World this June. I thought the earliest would be next year. Too bad, I can’t tag along as I don’t have enough saving and I need to get a new car too. If they would go again in 2-3 years time, I might be able to join them. Hopefully with Discount Walt Disney World Tickets plus other discounts too; we might be able to visit Disney World in Orlando.

Watch Movie on Massage Chair

Do you know that in Genting Highland movie theater, they have special front row seat?

Besides the theme park, my ex-colleague suggested that I go for a movie there. They have special seat on the front row; massage chair. I think, I will fall asleep on the massage chair rather than enjoying the movie. :lol:

massage chair

If you want to fall asleep watching movie in the comfort of your own home theater, why not get a massage chair since you can afford a home theater. :P I would if I have extra income. :D

If you wanna get the Shiatsu Massage Chairs at the lowest prices, personalized customer service throughout your purchase and into the future, No Tax, No added shipping fees and 30 days trial, be sure to get it from They offer the best Shiatsu Massage Chairs from top name brands such as Premier Health Products, Sanyo and Panasonic massage chairs.

Here are better reasons to get a Daily Massage other than sleeping while watching movie!

Reduce your tension
Relieve your back pain
Increase mobility
Increase your circulation and oxygen flow
Improve your alertness
Aid in the removal of impurities from your blood stream
Speed the recovery of your injured joints

So, wanna get one??? :D

Nails File That Last Forever

Do you the correct way to file you nails? I do not know how to file my nails until my pastor’s daughter mentioned that when we file our nail, we should file them one way only. And we should never cut our nails but to just file them to get the desired shape.
The only nail file I have is the one attached to the nail clipper.

Today, I discovered that there is a nails bar file that last forever! The grit lasts so much longer than a normal nail file making the file amazing value as we’ll never need to buy a file again. It is the most hygienic file on the market, just rinse and leave to dry and watch the grit return. Sound interesting ya :=) You can get it from Nails.Inc.

While you are there, you can also get their treatment pack 1 for weak and peeling nails. You really need this is you like using the quick dry nail polish.

If your nails have ridges or furrows in them, and no polish can’t do the magic to cover it, then you would need the treatment pack 2. The kit contains all you need to combat and prevent mature and ridged nails.

Rent A Car

Hubby’s car broke down and until today it is still not fixed. His mechanic is super busy to come to our house; hubby car cannot start you see.

Since Genting trip is nearing we decided to rent a car. After a call to the rent a car company, we decided to rent from hubby’s eldest brother. Since he needed the money, better give it to him rather than to strangers. We got it at a very reasonable price too. :D

So we will be traveling to Genting Highland in a Waja. ;)

‘Cik Kong Came Back

Nya kasi gua tau yang Kor Kor Kim Lee nampak kesan yang ‘Cik Kong balik pada hari ketujuh.

Dia nampak kesan darah dan nana dari tok datuk sampeh bilik Kor Kor Chik.

Sebelum dia mati, kaki dia memang ada nana. Sebab tu Kor Kor Kim Lee tau yang tu ‘Cik Kong punya.

I did ask whether he went to his own room. That is what I heard normally dead people do. So what they will do is make the bed nicely and see whether there is anyone disturb the bed the next day.

My grandaunt told my mom that he did not visit his room because they removed his adjustable beds.

To me, that’s the work of the devil. We, the living wants so much to believe that the dead will come back after certain days. So he makes it that way so that we will continue to believe and worship the ancestor.

Suicide Attempt Failed

A suicide attempt this morning at around 2am at the Pulau Gadong bridge failed due to 2 reasons.

Reason No. 1:
The policemen came in time before she jump down from the bridge.

Reason No. 2:
She is already DEAD!

Have I got your attention now? Is your hair standing now? :lol:

Here’s the story…

At around 2am today, motorists saw a lady standing at the bridge facing the river. They thought that she wanted to commit suicide so they called the police.

The police came and when they were about to grab hold of her, SHE FLEW AWAY!!!

They got the fright of their life and CABUT (flee)!!!

This type of ghost is called the Langsuir or Pontianak. I guess there must be someone living nearby there who died of childbirth. :(

Preserving Friendship


I received the above bouquet of roses a day before my birthday and I was on top of the world because no one has given me any flowers for ages. These flowers are even more precious because they are from friends that never meet me before (one of them only actually).

Flowers will wither but I will not let this one “died” on me. I hang it upside down and let it dry. I must preserve this bouquet as how I will try my very best to preserve this special online friendship.


I am still waiting for hubby to surprise me with a bouquet of flowers. :P The last I received from him was on our Marriage Registration Day; 010301.

Breast Ache

One of the things I did just now at the internet cafe was lifting up and pushing the computer table. Right after we are done with 4 6′ tables, my breast started to ache and it is still aching now.

If you follow my children’s blog then you will know that I have a minor surgery one of my breasts due to breast infection; it was 20 mths ago. Since then, any stress on that part of the body will cause that breast to ache.

I really thank God that I did not have to go through any C-sec for the delivery of my children. If not, I don’t think I can carry my own children without feeling the pain.

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