Apr 30
Post in My Head
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I have a few backdated post in my head.

I wanna write about my lady boss deceased mother who visited them during CNY.

Blog about my Malay neighbour who refused the road in front of his house to be resurfaced to prove his loyalty to PAS.

Blog about the snake (ular hitam dunno what’s the name in English) who came into our kitchen few weeks back and saw another bigger one outside the kitchen area recently.

Blog about the day I started on Usana Essential again in my quest to get rid of my Sinus. Now I can’t remember when I started swallowing the pills.

Blog about my coming holiday trip to Tiara Beach Resort. It is confirmed! :D

How to earn and save RM2000 a month??? I wanna buy my Persona by January 2009!

I am so lazy right now to compose all of the above. Got pill to cure laziness or not? :lol:

Apr 29

Salt Lamp is known to produce negative ions to neutralize the bad ions that are produced by the computers and other office equipment. We have one in our internet café, a gift from my supplier.

Anyhow, after reading about the benefit of water fountain, it is so much better that the salt lamp. It not only produces negative ions which help to improve our mood and increase alertness but also cools down the room with its flowing water.


Hubby is thinking of adding another unit of air-cond but after I told him about the water fountain, he said that it is a good idea. Besides cooling down the internet cafe, it also gives a nice, refreshing ambiance. It looks stunning too.

I hope when our customers feel more alert and relax in our internet cafe, they will play longer hours and we will earn more! Hubby will also feel more alert and not grumpy to his customer when he has to work there the whole day.

Apr 28


After a week of full day at work, we wind up at the cinema watching The Forbidden Kingdom after a quick bite at McD. It took us less than 15 mins to swallow a Big Mac (hubby’s), A Quarter Pounder (mine) and a small French Fries.

If you like Kung Fu, Jet Li and Jackie Chan, this movie is a must to watch. No spoiler here. hehehe.

Let’s rewind and let me share what happened before the movie.

Sunday, no skipping church this week because we managed to wake up early.

I woke up around 7.10am, request the maid to cook rice immediately, chop a carrot and an onion and take out my minced Char Siew to defrost for me to fry rice. Then back to bed! Children still sleeping mah. :P Woke up again an hour later and start frying my rice. Then pack some snacks for my children for church. This time I brought Honeydew, Choc Chip Cookies, Mixture of Coco Crunch, Banana Crunch, and Honey Stars, Kisses Chocolate and 2 packets of Swiss Roll. Don’t worry, they didn’t finish them all. :lol:

After church, I forced my children to nap because they wanted to watch their daddy play football. No playing football with girls this time. :P

After the game we came home and feed and bathe the children. Left them behind to go for dinner. We head to Dataran Pahlawan; unfortunately the Hongkong Restaurant closed down. We decided to go for a movie instead after a quick bite. Our time shows that it is already 8.50pm so we quickly walk over to Mahkota Parade to check out the movie time. It’s 9.15pm. The fastest way to get food in our tummy is of course from fast food restaurant.

That’s my Sunday.

Apr 27


What I am trying to show is that the above durian is BIG. I am no photographer, so that is the best I can do. :P

The biggest durian that we have been always eyeing for and praying that the squirrel won’t get to be before it drops.

This time our durian tree comes in batches. Even though some has started to fall; if I’m not mistaken 3 already, there are many others which are still baby durians.

I hope that more big ones will come from the 2nd batch. :D

Apr 27
Chandeliers Cleaning Tips
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A chandelier is not like those normal lighting fixtures that we can just unscrew, bring it down and wipe them clean. You have to clean it right where it is hanging down. Want to have nice house, got to make extra effort to maintain it. Anyway, those who can afford to have chandeliers in their home, I am sure you will have at least 2 house keepers/maids/servants.

When asking them to clean your chandelier, make sure you tell them to do the following:

1. Make a diagram to guide them to where any removable parts go after cleaning is completed. Better still if you can take photo of it.

2. Switch off the light first! Never clean the chandelier with the lights on.

3. Place a thick comforter or drop cloth on the ground directly below to catch any possible falling pieces.

4. While cleaning the fixture make sure to keep it stationary. Do not turn or twist it.

5. Use a light cleaning mixture (like mild dish soap and water) or special chandelier cleaning solution.

6. Use warm water; the warmer the water the less spots that will be left.

7. Let the chandelier dry overnight to insure it is fully dried before turning its power back on.

Apr 26

Unless you DIY at home.

We (my children, my mom and yours truly) went to Muara Sg. Duyong for Ikan Bakar to meet Jess to pass to her the Satay Celup Paste, her daughter’s birthday gift and Chooi Peng storybooks that she bought from Leah.

I forgot that it is Saturday, I took the Coastal Road and it took me 45 minutes to arrive the restaurant which on weekdays, the drive will only take 20 minutes. When we arrived, the place was packed and Jess and her family is almost done eating. We managed to get a table under the stars and the unseen moon.

The service is slow or maybe my girls are too hungry, begging me for food. I got to request them to send the Nasi Lemak fast. The fish was not fresh and someone ate my Sotong Fritters before it reaches my table. :(

I don’t think my memory is that bad. I remembered clearly that the man weigh 4 huge Sotong. But I got 5 Sotong heads instead of 4 and tiny pieces of the Sotong body. I don’t think the Sotong can shrink that much after frying.

Anyway, since there are lots of people and everyone is hungry, we dig in only lar. No time to make a fuss of it. Anyway, I think they won’t entertain me too. They have good crowds daily, who am I compared to the tour buses and big shot that come to dine there.

Apr 25

I was “forced” to sit under the hot scorching sun on Sunday to watch hubby play football with a group of Indonesian girls!!!

I is smart. I brought along an umbrella and all the girls squeeze under it! :lol:


Can spot my hubby and the ball? :lol:

I is jealous so I did not snap any picture of the girls playing ball with my hubby and of course with the rest of the guys. (does this sentence sounded wrong? hahahaha)

Anyway, as expected, there was so much giggling and high pitch screaming and the guys dare not go near them! The girls scored 1 goal!

Did I join them? NO WAY! This sport is too rough for me and too much running for a lazy bum like me. hehehe Furthermore, I don’t like to play a game that there is chances that I would not have the chance to play. If no one kicks the ball to me and I don’t like the idea of snatching other’s belonging, no game for me then.

My game is Softball; my utmost favorite. As I watch them play, I was wishing and hoping that I can afford to buy or someone can sponsor the whole set of Softball equipment. I will then teach and train the girls to play. It would be sooooo much fun that chasing one stupid ball. :P

Apr 24
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When I see the above picture, I regretted not joining them. They really laugh with no cares in the world. If the patients in the drug rehabilitation centre can laugh like them, no need other medication. ;)

I don’t know whether I can really laugh like them. When seeing them laugh, I just smile and snap away. Sad isn’t it. I was thinking, “Oh, they are just kids, they have nothing to worry about, they can behave like that etc.”

Being a mother of 3, I kinda think that I must carry myself well. You cannot open you mouth and laugh loud loud in the public. It is not proper. No more the care free me. But then life would be miserable right? Maybe I would join them this weekend and see whether I can LOL! ;)

Apr 24
The Center Piece in My Bathroom
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If we were to build an attached bathroom in our bedroom, I would want a vessel sink to be the center piece in my bathroom instead of the normal traditional sink. Unlike the conventional sink, vessel sinks adds the touch of luxury even though it look simple. Many are going for vessel sinks nowadays. Almost every newly renovated restaurant and hotels are using the vessel sinks now.


For luxurious unique vessel sinks, you can visit Trade Winds Imports. They have a wide variety of unique vanities including unique sinks are perfect upgrade for your bathroom. They have so many types of material for you to choose from; Granite, Marble, Onyx, Travertine, Glass, Wood and Metal. As for me, I would definitely choose the Marble sink. It shines! :)

Now I got to work harder to save more so that my dream of having our very own bathroom will come true. ;)

Apr 23
Totem Beetle
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In the office just now, one of my colleagues intercom me. “Michelle, did you bring your camera today?” The first thing that came to my mind was , “I wonder what’s the problem now.” Normally they need my camera when they have problem with the packaging materials and ready products.

10 minutes later my colleague handed me a bottle with a beetle in it. “Can you please take photo of it?”


Can you see a face?

I have seen this before; those natives’ mask and on the totem pole. I have seen this kinda beetle too, on National Geographic. So privilege to see one live. :D

So now I know how the natives got the idea to make their mask.

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