Chicken Out from Enrolling into Art Class

I had this crazy idea last night. I wanted to enroll myself in the same art class as my daughters’.

On Thursday, I went to register my eldest in the Great: Art & Drawing Class and they told me that parents can stay around. So I was thinking to myself; why not I too join the class and learn from scratch and later I could use the skill I pick up to teach my other girl and boy. Since I will be there for 2 hours, better not waste my time. Driving home would cost a lot of petrol money.

So today, I went with both my girls because my 2nd girl insisted that she wanted to join the art class too. So, there I sat in a room with 3 to 16 years old kids. I felt so out of place and chicken out. I dare not open my mouth to verbalise my “dream”. So I just sat there and assist my girls with their colouring. Well, in a way, I could learn from observing too and it is FOC. :lol:

Maybe later when they advance to drawing and water colour, I might want to sign up. :D

Export Valuable Products

When you watch action movie or CSI, many times they will have a scene at the port and you will see many huge boxes around. Those boxes are called crates that is being used to contained equipment and products that does not have its own packing for shipment. Normally they are being used to export valuable equipments. In the movie, they even used these to smuggle illegal immigrants! They are very valuable! I doubt portland crating will allow such practice.

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Moving Out

My tenant is moving out by end of this month. I really pray that God will send 3 more of them to take over their place. If not, that would be about RM700 each month for me to pay!

I also hope that the apartment is still is good condition and nothing is broken. The last I went to see, the apartment look clean and tidy. If we are living in NY, I would assist them to look for mover NYC to help them move to Cyberjaya.

Living with Rubbish

Hubby has an apartment that is rented out to the MMU student. His tenants are moving out end of this month. Another 2 students want to see the apartment. So I tag along to see the condition of the apartment.

I was shock to find a bed in the living room! There are 3 rooms in the apartment and 3 tenants. It seems that they converted one of the rooms to TV and Computer room. The floor…I was speechless…Just take a look at the photo below:


Even in the other 2 rooms, rubbish are all over the floor. I think Cockroaches are their best friend. Rubbish in the toilet and balcony too. The toilet/bathroom wall and sink are full of spots.

Only one room and one toilet is clean which is being used by the tenant that liase with hubby.

After they leave this Friday, I think I would go there to do some scrubbing.


Protected: Physically and Emotionally Down

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Aftermath of the Fish Spa

Getting eaten alive by the Garra Rufa fish during the Fish Spa is nice. And now the aftermath of it.

The parts that the fishes nibbled the most are itching like crazy now; my hands and my legs. :( It is not only me; hubby also said his body is itchy.

It is either we are allergic to the fish or the water, or the water is dirty. Whatever it is, we do not plan to return there.

Thank God I did not deep my face inside the water if not; I think more pimples will pop out!

Wearing Bridal Lingerie for Dinner!


During our dinner at Portuguese Settlement last week, all eyes were glued to a Chinese lady that wore a white dress with the length like the above bridal lingerie! All of us were wondering whether she wears any short tights underneath it or just her undies.

She and her partner, walked to the tables by the seaside and my sister was saying that the mosquitoes must be rejoicing! LOL. Unfortunately, they left. The mosquitoes must be very disappointed and the guys too. No more sexy “scenery”. :lol:

Jogging Plan Failed

A month ago, we decided to wake up early for a jog at the beach. We did but only once. After that, we are too lazy and no will power to get up early because most of the time we will be sleeping late; me with my online work and him with his online game. See the difference? One work, the other play. =P

Now I am consider getting on those retractable treadmills. I can run anytime in the day when the children are sleeping or napping, provided I don’t nap with them lar! :lol:

Fish Spa at Dr Fish, Melaka

fish spa

We finally went for our Fish Spa at Dr Fish, Melaka. Brought my girls along but my 2nd girl freaks out even before any fish starts nibbling her tiny feet. She may be the rascal in the family but she chicken out when it comes to “life threatening” event. hehehe

At first hubby and I shared a tank; we went for the smaller fish first. The first 10 minutes, the room was filled with screaming and giggling by yours truly. hehe After that, I went to another tank accompanied by my girl. Had the fishes all to myself. :D

me n belle

I love the nibbling sensation. Hmmm…we wondered whether we are allowed to strip naked to allow the fishes to nibble every part of our body. LOL.

So Many Lawyer Offices

As we were driving at Melaka Raya, I saw so many lawyer offices. So many lawyers around, how to know which one is good in certain area. Not that these lawyers has website like the City of Omaha lawyers. For Personal Injury Attorney Omaha, you are recommended to hire attorney Larry R. Demerath who has spent the last 35 years helping fellow Nebraskans get what they need to support their recovery from serious injuries resulting from negligence. Our state government should follow their footsteps. Get these lawyers to advertise in the state government websites. As always, make money from your website whenever possible. =P

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