How to Kill Live Crabs


For the first time in my life, I saw so many live crabs in my kitchen sink, thanks to The Chef. Not only I had crabs for lunch, dinner and breakfast, I learned a new skill on how to take the life of a crab! I killed so many crabs on that day!


To kill a crab, turn the crab over, place the knife right in the middle of the body, I think the heart is there then stab it hard. The crab will die within seconds. Then only you start taking off the shell and clean the crabs over your Danze faucets or whatever faucets that is in your kitchen. :D

I felt like a murderer that day! Never take so many lives at one time; ants excluded. :lol:

Study or Make Money

Before I resigned, I was thinking that I might have free time at home to continue my studies. As I was going through the online college courses, I was thinking whether to pursue a master degree, another 2nd degree or just get a TESL diploma.

Now that I am at home, jobless without any fixed income, I am thinking more about getting money. The US economy is bad and I just hope I don’t loose my online job come next week. I am very worried now. I am thinking about starting a few more niche blog and earn from adsense. Then when I see the income coming again, I might consider studying again.

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A New Chapter Starts Today

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am officially a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM). Well, not just stay, I work at home too as long as there is opportunity to do so.

Well, I am feeling a lil bit scare and worried actually seeing this month’s income (online) which is only half of last month! But I am trusting that God will continue to provide which He never fail too. As a prove; hubby was without income for a whole year when he just started his business. We survived. :D

I started my day as a SAHM by waking up early to do marketing; bought fish, chicken, fishball and frozen Dim Sum for my children’s breakfast. Oh ya…I did not serve them frozen…I steamed it first. =P

Since my children are occupied with Kung Fu Panda while enjoying their hot steamy Dim Sum, I helped the maid clean the chicken. I can just leave it to her but I just wanna make sure that the skin and the fats are really removed!

Then did assist my children with some colouring in the afternoon. This is a tough one. I have 3 different type of artist. One will follow my instruction; that’s my eldest. My 2nd will colour as she wishes. My 3rd; one time scribble, one colour!

By 5pm, they started to scream, “Mommy!!! I am hungry! I want Fried Rice.” While cooking, “Faster! I am sooooo hungry.” While they are filling their tummy, I decided to cook something special for myself to celebrate this special day. Would love if I could go for Disney cruises but now is not the time to spend on vacation.

Black Pepper Beef Steak with Steam Baby Carrot.


How does it taste like? Ok lar…I prefer the one made by The Chef. Oh ya, have not blog about it also!

Gonna make a proper daily schedule now!

Breaking the Silence

Have been silence from this blog for 3 days again. Sign that I am upset again!

Nothing to do with family issue. I can’t wash dirty linen in the public. =P

It has something to do with my previous post. Have you heard of internet bully? We all know about road bully right. Well, I came to know that there are many internet bullies too!

No matter how honest you are, they are still suspicious about you. Bukan tu saja, dia orang blog pasal lu dan kutuk lu habis habis. Bila ada orang tinggalkan komen yang mengatakan yang baik baik pasal orang itu, dia orang cakap kita tipu and kita berpura-pura. Not only that, they refused to see the good in you but only highlights the negative things which are trivial.

My Name is Michelle

Not ‘Michelle’.

Someone didn’t believe that my name is Michelle!

Pressure & Counselling

I can feel the pressures in the office just now. The ISO auditor gave the final warning to my boss about the various non-conforming factors that the company has failed to rectify especially in the area of QC and Production. Well, that is expected because they are so used to doing things the old way. And these are not just for last year but for many years. And because of that final warning, the boss put extra pressures on the employees to ensure that the company conforms to the standards required or else we would lose our ISO accreditation.

I thank God that I would not be long there in the company. Yup, leaving in 2 days time. From the beginning, ISO audit also caused me unnecessary stress and pressure. I am sure that with pressures coming up in the office, I might have to go for values based counseling just to ensure that I do not meltdown. Okay, the work is not as bad as you might think. I had fun working there all these time. But we are human beings and we do feel the pressures at work. Pressures accumulated and unattended to can bring great harm to you.

Lonely Durian

Even though we have a few durian trees, only one bears fruit. The rest are still younglings. That is why we try to save as many durian possible from being attack by the squirrel.

After witnessing the killings of pest. I noticed one of the durian tree has only ONE durian.


The durian tree is very tall and old if I am not mistaken. I thought it has stopped bearing fruits.


So few leaves!

Get Quote, Compare, Save and Learn about Car Insurance

All this while I thought the cost of car insurance is fixed like road tax. Last month I tagged along hubby when he went to renew his road tax and car insurance. I was surprised to know that some insurance company offers a cheaper rate. So, of course we pick the cheap car insurance since it is only a third party insurance.

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Biawak Komodo

Here is another pest that lives with us and eat our chicken and fishes in the pond.


The same BIL that shot the squirrel caught him near the pond. When I took the picture, he has not died yet. Just in fainted.


Wondering who is The Chef? The biawak is longer than him!

And NO, we don’t eat Biawak. We used to, long time ago but now, it is too gross for food.

Setinggi Mana Tupai Melompat, Akhirnya Jatuh Ke Tanah Juga


Dead, beheaded and slaughtered.

Eldest BIL came with the shotgun and managed to shoot one squirrel down. I hope the rest of his gang will be terrified and not touch our durians anymore. We only have one tree that bears fruit.


We had Biology class too. BIL took out all the inner parts and telling his nieces which part is which. That’s the beauty of living in a kampung. No need to go to school also can learn Biology. :D

Oh ya, this poor fellow is going into the frying pan soon.

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