I Hate Spam Blog

They copied my post on The Fastest Way To Shrink Hemorrhoids and The Fastest Way To Cure Acne. Uurrrgggghhhhh, Arrrrggghhhh, GGGGrrrrrrrrr…Hate them, hate them!!!

The post on The Fastest Way To Shrink Hemorrhoids. She copied my original post before I edited a few words in it!!!


This one pulak, copied my The Fastest Way To Cure Acne changed the title to The Fastest Way To Shrink Hemorrhoids.


What can I do? Report them to Google? There are tonnes of Spam blog on the web. I am sure more will come!

How Does NGV Tank Looks Like

I always wonder how does NGV tank looks like. I always hear people say that it is huge and takes up a lot of space in your car bonnet. Last weekend I got the privilege to see and touch one. My eldest BIL installed it in his Toyota Unser.

He chose the biggest one that cost him RM6k. The tank capacity is 100 liter.

ngv tank

Due to the petrol hike, many will start installing NGV to their car because the price is only RM0.68 per liter compared to RM2.70 per liter for petrol. If you travel a lot, in no time you would have covered the cost of installation of the unit.

Unfortunately, there are not many petrol station that sells NGV gas; only Petronas sells the gas. Last I heard there are 3 Petronas station that sells NGV gas in Melaka. One in Ayer Keroh, one near Jaya Jusco and one at the Petronas in between Pasar Borong and the Futsal court.

I guess as many vehicle fixed NGV tank, there will be more Petronas station selling NGV gas.

I wonder whether there is any side effect to the engine when using NGV gas.

The Fastest Way To Shrink Hemorrhoids

When we suffer pain, we will always hope that is a certain kind of remedy that would take the pain away ASAP. If you are suffering from Hemorrhoids (or piles), and looking for quick Hemorrhoids relief, read on.

I take a tablet called Dioflex which contain Diosmin and Hesperidin.


Diosmin is thought to help reduce inflammation and to increase vein tonicity. Hesperidin helps to protect capillaries, prevent bruising and intensify the effect of vitamin C in the body. It provides natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties.

So basically they are anti-inflammation tablets.


Dioflex works very fast. Yesterday, I took 2 tablets (one each after meal) and today, my piles have shrunk. No more pain but the piles are still out. I shall wait another day until it really shrinks and then I will use the K-Y Gel to push it in. No pain at all once it is not swollen.

Do check with the pharmacist and your doctor before taking this tablet. Dioflex may be the best hemorrhoids remedy for me but am not sure about others.

Bulging Tummy

Hubby complaining that his tummy is bulging. Cycling to work does not help to tone down his tummy. He is thinking to jog to work now! That is a crazy idea I would say. A boss jog to work??? Well, he should just save his energy and time and get one of those weight benches and start his weight lifting again. No one he will get buns on his tummy, he will develop nice biceps and triceps and save time too.

The Fastest Way To Cure Acne

I may know The Fastest Way To Shrink Hemorrhoids but I sure do wish I know the fastest way for acne treatment. Due to my haywire sleeping schedule, lack of water (another cause to my hemorrhoid problem) and stress (how to earn more money), my pimples are popping out like crazy. Let me try a few natural ways to get rid of my pimples/acne then I shall share with you here.

How To Choose Sweet Mangosteen


I love Mangosteen. Durian maybe the King of all fruits, Mangosteen is their Queen. Oh ya, durian maybe classified as “heaty” fruit and mangosteen “cooling” fruit, please don’t assume that mangosteen can replace water after eating a lot of durian. It can’t. You still have to drink lots of water after eating durian.

After eating mangosteen for so many years, I just learned that there is such thing as sweet mangosteen and sweet and sour mangosteen. As I approached the fruit stall at Pandan Malim Foodcourt, the fruit seller asked me whether I want sweet mangosteen or sweet and sour mangosteen. I told him that I wanted sweet mangosteen. Then he told me that I should choose those that is not dark purple instead pick the rusted colour.


I showed my disbelief look. How can that ugly looking and doesn’t look ripe mangosteen be sweet? He picked one, peeled it and let me try. Oh yes! It is very sweet. We truly cannot judge the book by its cover!

So I brought home 4kgs of ugly rusted Mangosteen. :D

Frozen Durians and Refrigerated Durians

more durians

It started with Frozen Durians 2 weeks ago. I got a shock when I saw my un-fried french fries and fish fillet transfered to the bottom compartment. Rosak lar nanti. No choice; quickly fry them to eat before it got spoil.


Then it went down under when the frozen compartment is full. But the durians are kept as it is; still in the skin!

A few days later some even went in the middle compartment (for dry stuff).

All this for her (MIL) children and grandchildren who are not staying with us.

Thank God it was only until last Saturday when 2 families came back for a wedding. Unfortunately, the durians does not taste good anymore and there is still the biggest container untouched.

Maybe that, she will keep for The Chef family that will be coming back in August? Make kuih or pengat durian can lar, if eat like that, eeeeuuuuu….smell also so stinking.

Was I being Sodomised too?

Just because of 2 glasses of Red Wine, history repeats; Pls don’t f8 my ass.

This time, no more doctor and no more poking. I just remembered that I still have left over Dioflex from dunno when; I hope it has not expired.

And due to it, I wasted 2 days of blogging. :(

I shall go drink lotsa of water and rest my butt now.

Gosh, I wish I can just cut if off but I dare not. I’ve seen how my sister and my boss suffered after cutting it off; and it does not make any different; it will still come out!

I totally hate my ***hole now!

Lead by Example: Buy Imported Car

Have you read the latest news?

PM okays Merc for T’ganu govt and Selangor exco may get Toyota Camry

You see, even our own government has no confident in using Proton.

Excerpt from the news:

The state owns 16 of these Proton Perdanas and the servicing cost had hit a whopping RM1.07mil over the last four years.

“I also urge them (the ACA) to probe the high service charges by Spanco,” he said.

Haiya, Spanco know government got lots of money to spend so charge higher lor….see see…now can even afford to buy a Merc that cost RM3.43mil.

Why not spend the money to buy new Perdanas instead of buying only one Merc?

Thank God I didn’t buy Proton Persona. I shall stick to my Toyota Corolla KE30. Imported car you know. :P

Heaven is So Real

I start reading Heaven is So Real sometime in 2005 and I did blog about it in my children’s blog. Until today, I still receive comments on Heaven is So Real in that post. The author of the book is Choo Thomas, a Korean-American lady who is currently living in the States. The book Heaven is So Real is all about her experience being brought to heaven and hell by Jesus, about her preparation and training by Jesus himself for the ministry that God has planned for her. The book is a wake up call to all Christians to prepare them for the second coming of Christ. Not all who call themselves Christian will go to heaven.

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