Shakey’s Pizza Bluff People One


This is my order of Beef Salami Pizza. I chose this because according to the menu it has a lot of beef; Beef salami, beef pepperoni, ground beef, onion, red & green pepper and double cheese.

But all I got was 2 slices of Beef Pepperoni, onion, red & green pepper, pineapple and cheese (no double). Maybe the Beef Salami and ground beef is out of stock. At least tell lar right? Anyway, I was not in the mood of complaining and just eat lar.

And they don’t have Tabasco sauce. It is a must when eating pizza for me. It gives the kick to the crust.

Well, I shall just opt for Pizza Hut if I crave for pizza again even though I don’t like their thick and chewing gum crust. At least they don’t cheat me of the ingredients and I can eat as much Tabasco as I like and I can request for Parmesan cheese sprinkles for free.

TV in Internet Cafe

Next month, a few more days to go, hubby will have to work full day in his shop because his staff resigned. There is a guy who is have been asking him whether he has any vacancy but hubby is not keen to employ his customer as his employee. He is a gamer and high chances that he would play more than work.

So, hubby is willing to work full day rather than going through headaches monitoring him. In order to keep himself awake, he wants to put a TV in his shop for some entertainment. Wah…no money want to spend some more. Not only we need to get a TV but one of those tv stands too! I think I’ll just download more movies for him! Save money. :P

Jog to Work

Hubby has been cycling to work for more than a month now. He started with 45 minutes and now he has improved that to 35 minutes of cycling. Next he planned to jog to work; an 11km jog to his shop! He plans to start in October. He is really motivated to keep fit now. I should buy him a pulse oximeter for his to track his pulse when running.

No Appetite To Eat

Of late, I do not have much appetite to eat. That is good news because I don’t have to think so much on how to lose weight. Even though The Chef was around 2 weeks ago, I did not take the opportunity to get him to cook any special dish for us. Unlike his last trip here, we had crab feast and I asked him to teach me how to cook beef steak. Hope I could loose some weight soon.

Cinema at Home

We have not been going to the cinema for quite a while already. I kinda miss the popcorn! We still watch movies but not from the cinema anymore. A friend introduces me to a few websites where we can download movies for free and I got hooked to it. Our bedroom is our cinema now. That is where our computers are situated. Maybe I should get one of the popcorn machines and make my own caramel popcorn.

Haunted House Turned Farm

Remember I wrote before that I used to stay in an haunted house? Well, since we left a few families stayed there but not for long. The longest was a year and one of theirs son’s died of motorcycle accident. The last family stayed there, their son had broken legs due to motorcycle accident too just a few months of staying there. They left a few weeks after that incident.

Since then no one live there anymore except livestock and the cattle supplies. The owner has turned the place to a farm because it has a huge compound. They rare cattle, goat and goose. They built another small hut 50m away from the haunted house for their Indonesian worker to stay. I wonder whether he has any encounter before.

Blog Break


Moments in Life

What I want to do right now is going away, somewhere, anywhere all by myself. If I am in NYC then I would have gone on the New York Bus Charter, sitting comfortably all by myself just looking past the high rise building in the city.

I do not have any feelings in me right now. Am I happy or am I sad? Neither! I am numb. Some people will declare this feeling as PMS but I am not the PMSy type of person and I can assure you that I am not PMSing right now.

At first I was telling hubby that we are definitely not going for a holiday this year due to the circumstances that we have to live with but I changed my mind now. I want to go somewhere, anywhere with my family before next year or maybe in January. For I know after that, I will be stuck at home, working my butt up raising the kids and helping hubby earning some good money. I have to compensate what I have let go when I resigned. It was my decision and not his. I can’t put the burden on him. Have never been when it comes to money.

God never promises a bed of roses.

Free Legal Consultation

With our financial situation now, sometimes I wish hubby will go back to practicing law. He has lawyer friends who are just waiting for him to say “Yes” and he will be a lawyer again and earn some good income for the family. Unfortunately, he has lost his passion in practicing or should I say, he has no passion in law from the very beginning. It was just to satisfy the curiosity of what it felt like to be an elite. However, law never leaves him. He is still able to give some good advice on certain cases but if it concerns personal injury or auto accident cases, please consult Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer. They are more experience in this area and they do offer free consultation at your convenient.

Double Rainbows

Rainbow has always been associated with God’s blessing.

In Genesis 9:11-17, after the Big Flood, God promised Noah that He will never again send flood to destroy the earth. As a sign of His promise, God has set rainbow in the cloud as the sign of the covenant between Him and the earth and never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

Since then, it is a blessing that it does not flood (big time) when it rains.

Since then, people of the earth associate the appearance of rainbow as God’s blessing.

Last month a few times I saw 2 rainbows at the same time, one on top of the other. Does that means that I will receive double blessings soon?

Unfortunately, since then I lost my major online “income”. We are left with double home loan to pay from our own pocket money. Next month hubby will have to work double shift because his employee resigned.

Where is my double blessing then?

Maybe He will surprise me with it soon. :D

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