Today, my apartment is officially tenantless!

Now, we will just have to wait and see what will happen after Hari Raya. A lady called confirming to rent my apartment and wanted to move in after Raya.

No deposit no talk.

What if

I saw an advertisement for a job position in a big company two days ago. The pay is good with lots of remuneration. At that moment, there is a feeling in my heart about being back in the working world. The question “What if?” slipped into my mind quietly, slowly, making its presence known without me inviting it. What if I apply for this job? Would it help lighten my financial burden? After all, all the requirements for that position are fulfilled. I have been working for more than 9 years in Human Resource Department, taking up the portfolio of administrative manager. There are other minor portfolios that were also part of my job responsibilities and all these are part of the requirements of the advertised job vacancy. Quickly, I brushed away that thought. I know that being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mother) is what I want to do and I am glad I am doing it now.

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My Dinner in the Toilet Bowl

I vomited big time again just now! This time, all I ate for dinner went out and it burns my throat coz I ate chili for dinner!

My dinner was Sambal Prawn with Rice, Chicken Soup (Sup Bunjut) and steamed Kuih Bakul with grated Coconut. I think it is the coconut that stirs up my tummy.

Oh ya, I am coughing too. Got it from my children! :( That also triggers the vomiting.

But I feel soooooo good after everything is out but I am hungry now.

To eat or not to eat?

Reverse Phone Lookup

I was just telling hubby yesterday about a blogger friend of mine who received phone call from unknown number harassing her to provide her husband’s cell phone number. They claimed that they are from the police headquarter needing to speak to her husband due to money laundering and his involvement with the loan shark.

If she were to subscribe to the reverse phone directory service, she could easily trace their number and make a police report about it. Nowadays, there are so many scams around.

With this reverse phone lookup service we can also lookup missed calls from unknown phone numbers or an unknown number that appeared in our phone bill.

This post is brought to you by Callerbase.com

Keeping Your Words II: Our Tenant

When they rented our apartment, they are not sure how long they would stay due to their job but they assured us that they would give us one month notice before they leave as stipulated in the tenancy agreement.

Yesterday, I received phone call from the wife informing me that they are leaving end of September (that means they only stayed for a month in our apartment). That is not one month notice. She told me that she informed before signing the tenancy agreement that they will only be staying for a month. That is bullshit! None of them ever mentioned that to us.

When we first met them, the husband told us that they are unsure how long they would be here and they will stay as long as the college employs him (he is a lecturer you see) and giving one month notice would not be a problem because in the first place we requested for a minimum of one year tenancy.

Last Sunday, we went to the apartment to fix the water tap, I came to know from the wife that the husband is only being paid RM450 a month and they are looking for other job, probably in KL. I guess now, he secured a job in KL that requires him start after the Raya holiday which made her twisted her story. Anyway, I refused to talk to her further and requested to talk to her husband. Unfortunately he was not around at that time. I told her to get her husband to call my husband when he is back. Let the men of the house settle this matter.

The husband was quite rational by offering to pay extra rental for this month to compensate for the one month notice that he can’t give. But hubby told him to help find another tenant to replace him first, if cannot, then only we will discuss again.

No matter how much we needed the cash, we don’t feel good taking money from them because we know that they are tight financially too.

I really hope things will work out well to the benefit of both parties.

Keeping Your Words

I am upset with a few bloggers who do not keep their words.

I am amazed with some bloggers who are so generous but I will never take advantage of that.

This is business. If you don’t keep your words, this will be the last time you hear from me.

Tell me that I am not being fair.

More Credit Card Reviews

I have been getting offer to write review about credit card website also every week. I really praise God for that since other network are so so quiet this month. On top of that I have not been hoarding my laptop all the time except when I sleep since I found out that I am pregnant. I wonder how many opp have I missed out since then. :(

Anyway, time for me to check out online auto insurance quote. This is part of my review work too. :)

Sunday at Holiday Apartment

We were not holidaying but preparing our apartment for the coming Hari Raya holiday. We have confirmed booking for 2 nights during the Raya weekend. :)

So we were there on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon till night getting things fix and fixing things. Hubby fixed a water heater all by himself and that saved us RM180 if we were to hire the professional to do it.

The apartment now looks more homely rather than student apartment with empty beds (no pillow, no bedsheet) and study tables only.

We brought our children along on Sunday, they were so excited and my girls claimed their room! They thought we are staying over night. Maybe one of these days we will and we can have a dip in the swimming pool.

If anyone visiting Melaka and need a place to stay, gimme a buzz. We are renting at only RM100 a day; 3 rooms apartment with only one room with air-cond. If God bless us with extra income, we will fix air-cond in the other 2 rooms then the rent would be higher. :P

First Vomiting During Pregnancy

I NEVER vomit in my previous pregnancies. I gag often but no food came out. Yesterday, I gag, out came some food. Just now on the way home from hubby’s shop, I gag, some food came out and I swallowed it! Euuuu…I am gross, I know. :P

While blog hopping just now, suddenly I really felt nauseous and felt like vomiting. I stopped reading and go brush teeth. I gag but no food came out but the feeling of puking is strong so I quickly walk to the toilet and I vomited big time. No food but just slimes and some blood came out too!!! I panicked! Then I figure that the vomiting might injured my throat coz it feels real sore now.

I wonder why I have bad morning sickness in this pregnancy. Could be my body is filled with too much toxin. Must do away with unclean and fast food.

McDonald Delivery

I made my first McDelivery order today. Called from home and get them to send to hubby’s shop coz they will never send to my kampung house; not in their delivery map. :(

The number to call is 1300 13 1300. Be sure to get your delivery address ready. I did not. They don’t accept location address like “My shop is right opposite Giant.” :P So I got to end my call and call hubby to get his shop address. After placing the order, they will tell you your order number and price to pay. Delivery charges is RM3. Delivery time is within 45 minutes.

Hubby was telling me that I ordered at the wrong time because they are going to break fast soon and I will only get my burgers after they break fast. You see, I ordered at 6.10pm. Praise God the delivery boy can 40 mins later and apologize for being late because he had a lot of orders in the evening. Fair enough, he is not late. :D

We had Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Apple Pie and French Fries. ;)

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