Eat First, Suffer Later

I am suffering now!

Kenot tahan the Nasi Lemak temptation, I ate one packet for breakfast.

Kenot tahan the Ikan Haruan Masak Lemak temptation at my mom’s, I ate some for lunch.

Kenot tahan the Daging Masak Lemak Chili Padi, I ate some for dinner.

Shortly after, I felt that I am full of gas and started having terrible nausea. Vomited a lil bit around 10.30pm.

Today, for breakfast; I ate Fried Rice and a slice of bread with Butter and Kaya. An hour after that, I vomited ALL out! Felt so good after that but had headache and all I want to do is sleep.

I slept from 12noon to 1.30pm at my mom’s. Then from 2pm to 6pm at home. I felt all my bones are aching, head aching and seram sejuk (felt cold). If I can sleep that long in a day, obviously I am really sick!

Promised my girls to bring them watch HSM 3 tonight but I don’t want to risk vomiting in the cinema. Praise God that I have understanding children; they did not make a fuss about it. Maybe because I told them that we will go watch the movie tomorrow. :) I hope I will be back to normal by tomorrow noon.

Serilk already now. I MUST abstain from anything that has coconut milk in it!

No matter how cheap I can get life insurance rates, I need to stay alive for my family. :P

SAMB Contractor Demanded RM10 to Fix the Water Meter. Isn’t that Bribery?

My sister bought a new house and recently my dad helped to get the electricity and water meter fixed. My dad went to the Syarikat Air Melaka Berhad (SAMB) formerly known as Perbadanan Air Melaka (PAM) office to pay for the connection fee of RM110 which include the water meter and installation.

A few days after that my dad got a call from the SAMB contractor asking my dad to come to the house. There is no reason for my dad to be there because the water meter is usually fixed outside the house gate. This is what one of the contractors told my dad over the phone, “Faham, faham saja lar Encik.” (this means that they want $$$) At that time, my dad just came back from the house and no way he is going back there. He just told them told to fix the water meter.

In the evening, before going to the house, my dad met with a pensioner from PAM. He told my dad that they will only do it if my dad pays give them some money! True enough; when my dad arrived there, there water meter is not fixed. My dad was mad and he wanted to make a complaint but did not. Lazy to drive all the way to town.

The next day, the contractor called my dad again and asked for RM10. My dad gave! They fixed the water meter.

Haiya!!! Since we are not in a rush to get water into the house, what for pay??? Not that my sister is living there yet. If I were him, I already make the complaint!!!

Business Rant

With the economic instability, anyone dare to venture into any new business or franchise? Sustaining the current business is already a struggle. I am kinda relief that the other internet cafe owner decided not to sell his business. If not hubby would have bought it and will get into more debt. He is a risk taker but not his wife. :P That is why he is businessman now, not his wife!

How Long Does Energizer Rechargeable Battery Last

I bought my Canon A550 in May last year and only buy the Energizer Rechargeable Battery a month later when I went shopping in Penang! I clearly remembered that I bought the batteries from Toy ‘R’ Us. :)

The batteries finally RIP a few days ago after faithfully serving me for more than a year. Time to get a new one.

Why you have to die when I am financially tight??? :P

Spoke Too Soon

Right after I blog about I Feel Good, I starting feeling nauseous again! But it wasn’t as bad as before and I managed to wallop 8 course wedding dinner that night without having to vomit them out after that! That was the first time I ate so much since I got pregnant.

My nose is still sensitive to smell which causes me to feel nausea but I did not gag.

Still feel nausea when I am feeling hungry but I did not gag. And I don’t get hungry so often anymore.

My weight finally sets in. I am at 54kg now; 2kg increased from my pre-pregnancy weight. At least I know that my baby is growing although my hands and legs are still slim. *ahem*

The only setbacks now are…

I get headache very often when the weather is hot (almost everyday is a hot day). :(

I get headache in a stuffy room.

My body always feels hot even at 1am in the morning. I bathe 3 times a day now instead of just 2 times. Right after bathing, I will feel sticky again! In my previous pregnancy, I only experience this in my last stage of pregnancy.

This pregnancy is really different from my other 3. I just hope and pray that everything will be smooth sailing from the moment of labour to raising up my No. 4.

Moments in Life II

I wrote this a few months ago…

What I want to do right now is going away, somewhere, anywhere all by myself. If I am in NYC then I would have gone on the New York Bus Charter, sitting comfortably all by myself just looking past the high rise building in the city.

I still feel the same now but I have to be realistic and admit that we don’t have extra to spend. Really! I kid you not. With the US recession, I don’t get as many assignments that pay me in USD like before. This month income is so far the worst in which it is not enough to pay my bills. I hope it won’t get any lesser next month if not, I don’t know what to do.

Anyway, I praise God that one of our apartment is rented and another one to go. I hope it will be very soon. Once that is rented, our financial burden will be slightly lifted up. Maybe we could bring our children for a 2D1N holiday in Port Dickson or Genting Highland.

You know what? I am so tempted to go back to work. If I am not pregnant, I think I would do so! I am not use to depending on hubby’s income which is very uncertain and sometimes not enough too.

Slow To Become Angry

Sometimes it is good not to get upset over certain issue too fast. I always do actually but recently, I controlled my tempered and the result turns out good.

If you read my children’s blog then you will that my maid lied about giving an unwashed fruit to my 2nd girl which I thought gave her the stomachache and diarrhea. Surprisingly, I did not scold my maid but my eldest did that for me! I wonder if she would hire Waco Personal Injury Attorney to sue the maid if she is much older! :lol:

Anyway, yesterday my 2nd girl asked permission from me whether she can eat the fruit and I got it for her. Picked a perfect one with no insects bite, washed and cut for her. In less than half an hour after eating them, she complaint of stomachache and later she vomited the fruits out and purged too.

Well, it seems that she just can’t eat this fruit, whether washed or not wash.

Apartment in Bukit Beruang, Melaka for Sale

My apartment is rented but the tenant has so much demand. They want TV, water heater and new sink! What is wrong with the sink??? Hubby told me that it is dented. So? It is not leaking. I was kinda frustrated when I came to know that hubby gave in to all their demand.

Anyway, we don’t have much choice coz competition is very high and we don’t have the money to pay for our home loan every month. :( I am thinking, since the apartment has tenant now, I want to sell the apartment. With tenant, I hope there will be interested buyer. I just want to get off this financial burden off my shoulders.

I Feel Good

The day that I have been waiting for!

It’s 1.30pm now and I have not experience any nausea or headache.

Certain smells still irritates my nostril but I did not gag!

Does that means that the morning sickness have left me??? I really hope so.

I called up my MIL and volunteered to attend a wedding dinner on her behalf. I want to really eat tonight! :D

Finally I can be normal again!!!

Please God, don’t let this be a false alarm.

MIL’s Eldest Sister Passed Away

The phone rang this morning, MIL picked up. Overhead her conversation.

Her eldest sister that recently got her arm amputated has passed away last night due to old age.

I heard that she is 91yo already!

I guess the funeral will be this Saturday. They will normally “keep” the old for a minimum of 5 days especially when they die of old age.

She is a very nice lady. One thing I remember about her is during CNY she will give angpow to everyone; not only the children but the adults too. No more angpow from her next year onwards.

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