Homemade Nyonya Pineapple Tarts for Sale

pineapple tarts

After many years selling only to relatives and close friends, we are giving the public a chance to try our Homemade Nyonya Pineapple Tarts.

We are selling these Nyonya Pineapple Tarts in a container of: 50s at RM0.70 a piece. That’s our minimum order.

If you know where I live then you can collect these yummy Pineapple Tarts from me personally. If not, you can collect them at my hubby’s internet cafe at Tmn Bachang Utama, Melaka. (opposite Giant Hypermarket).

For further inquiry and to place order, you can either call me at 017-6995750 or David Bong at 012-2544606 or email me at cencalukbelacan@gmail.com.

Sunday Soccer

The weekend is here again meaning hubby will have 2 hours of soccer game on Sunday. When we were attending our previous church, I will be eager to know whether he wins the game each time he comes home. Now I couldn’t be bothered asking whether his team wins because they lost almost every week. They do not have good players like the previous church. Every Sunday I just hope he comes home without any injury. You see, this time they play not only with the church members but also with the Malays and foreigner; they are quite rough players.

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Curly Me

me n maymay

I got my hair curled for the 2nd time for my youngest sister’s wedding dinner (bride side dinner). My first time was during for own wedding album shots.

Honestly, I don’t like my look with curls! Maybe if it were tied up, it will look nicer. I really look like the “older” sister.

And after I washed the curls away, my hair is so so dry! No more hot rod for my hair!

Btw, I am taller than my sisters; she was wearing dunno how many inches heels, me in my flat leather shoe. :P

Jacket for Riding Motorbike

In order to save on petrol, hubby prefers to ride bike to work. He cycles too when the weather and working hour permits but that is not for saving on petrol. He cycles to build up his muscle and tuck in his bulging tummy!

He goes to work in the morning and comes home early the next morning so a jacket is a must when he rides bike. He owns one leather jacket which he bought from a used clothing shop years ago. He likes the jacket very much but due to two accidents, the jacket was ripped off. Thanks to the jacket, his injury was minimized.

He wanted to get the same but until today, he can’t find one. He talked about it so much that I even dreamt about buying one for him. I used to own a black leather jacket too way back when I was still in school. I bought it when I was working part-time in one of the shopping centre in town at a very good price; staff price. I wonder whether they are still selling the same jackets now.

Hmmm…this gave me an idea on what to buy for him for his birthday! I might just buy one of the Berghaus Jackets for him. I wonder whether they deliver here. Anyway, it does not matter because I heard that my SIL, hubby’s sister who is living in UK is coming back this January for Chinese New Year. I will ask for her favor to buy the jacket for me.

This Time of The Year

Every year, I always look forward to the November and December; birthday months. My favorite cousin’s birthday, my birthday, my girl’s birthday and hubby’s birthday. Unfortunately, I suck at buying birthday presents especially for those above 12 years old. It is easy to buy presents for little girls and boys; just get them toys or stationary, they will be very happy. For adult, birthday gifts are very limited because they have almost everything unless you have bigger budget like buying them a Gameboy, PS3, iPod, Wii, Laptop, cellphone etc.

My girl birthday is less than 2 weeks time and I have a few birthday presents line up for her; in my head only, still have not find the time to shop for them. Hubby’s birthday is exactly a week after hers and I do not have the faintest idea on what to buy. I can’t really remember what I bought for him for his previous birthdays; I can only remember the recent ones which was a study bible and a watch. It is so difficult to buy present for him because he will always say that he has everything that he wanted.

Maybe I’ll just get him a pair for NFL Jerseys, dinner at his favorite restaurant and watch movie after that.

Giant’s Cashier Too Free?

I was a cashier before and when customer buys more than one item of the same, I will key-in the quantity of the same item and then scan using the barcode scanners. It saves a lot of time than scanning each item one by one like what Giant Hypermarket cashiers are practicing. Maybe they are too free since there isn’t much customer buying from Giant. So they kill time by taking their time scanning on each and every item.

Nyonya Melaka


On the left is my 2nd sister who is teaching in Kuching, Sarawak. She is carrying her 1.5yo daughter. The bride is my youngest sister.

If we don’t introduce ourselves, no one knows that we are sisters! We look so different from each other!

Some say, my 2nd sister looks Eurasian/Philipino! And my youngest sister looks Malay.

Btw, both of them can speak Mandarin but not this Jie-Jie! :P

Weddind Dinner; No Cameraman!

Last Saturday was my youngest sister’s wedding dinner; the bride side. I was surprised that there was no cameraman around. She said all their friend’s with DSLR are busy. Her husband is a photographer too but the bridegroom can’t be snapping away on his wedding dinner right? Since I was the only one in the family with camera because my other sister forgot to bring her SD card, I was requested to snap whatever picture I could. How could I; with 3 kids to handle because hubby was busy helping to pour out brandy to the guess. Thank God BIL brought his DSLR and his only brother helped out with the shooting. What a relief!

Movies During The Weekends

Hubby downloaded a few movies to my laptop recently. Unfortunately, my laptop speaker is not loud enough for certain movies and the screen is not big enough too. I suggested that hubby tried to connect my laptop to his 19″ LCD monitor and to his desktop speakers. It works!

So now, during the weekends after the children are asleep and we can’t do “other things”, we spend out time together watching movies. :P

No More Morning Sickness

Yes! Finally I can declare that the morning sickness has left me. I have half more way to go before I can carry my No.4 in my arms and I hope that no more problem will crop up. However I am still very picky of what I eat and use; scare already! :lol:

I still refrain from eating anything cooked in coconut milk and seafood except fish. I still dare not use Dettol soap because I used to gag at the smell.

And I still forget to take the supplements pills from time to time!

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