My First Singaporean Customer

I met my first Singaporean Pineapple Tarts customer just now at Melaka Sentral. Sold to her 50 pcs of my Nyonya Pineapple Tarts. Normally, I don’t do delivery but since she travelled all the way to Malacca and Melaka Sentral is just about 2 minutes drive from hubby’s shop and I wanted to buy my girl’s school back at Mydin, we arranged to meet at Melaka Sentral half an hour just before she left home.

You know what, I like her! She is so friendly and chatty; not because she said I am young lar. :lol: I know I look young. :P Many said that to me before; it is in the genes! Hahaha.

Jessica, we should have met earlier eh. :) If ever you were to come to Malacca again, please call me up. I’ll bring you to the best Nyonya restaurant and the best Cendol stall in Malacca.

Car Hire Service

One of my BILs runs a car hire service. Praise God that business for him is doing very well. If you happened to be in Shah Alam and looking for a Kancil to rent, look for him ya. But before that you got to email me to get his contact number. He is only renting it at RM60 a day and RM50 for 2 days and above.

Now another BIL is interested to do the same. He has one car idle and hubby pushed the idea of putting it up for hire. He agrees and we have already put up the ads in Mudah. It is an Iswara Sedan renting at RM80 per day. So, if you are in Malacca and need a cheap car to rent, call 012-2544606 ok. :)

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Baby, Position Yourself Higher Please

Thank God all my children are very obedient especially when they are in my tummy, if not I think I would need to look for the Malay midwife to massage my tummy so that my baby will be positioned higher. You see, he was sitting too low until it hurts when I am sitting down.

Maybe it was due to too much sitting down when making the pineapple tarts that the baby went lower; gravity pull maybe. ;)

For the past few days, I lie down as much as possible when there’s opportunity, sit on the fitball and talk to my baby to go up higher. Today, I no longer need to PU every 2 hours and the kicking is above my navel now. Before this, I felt as though that his tiny feet can come out from my V every time he kicks!

Crazy about…

Baking Pineapple Tarts!

We baked double this time but I took home only 40pcs. :D


Because I shared them with my helpers; my youngest sister and my cousin.


The moment my eldest daughter saw me baking the pineapple tarts, she reminded me not to sell them! :D

Happy Boxing Day

No boxes to throw, just a few gift wrapping paper to throw or maybe I recycle them since hubby opened them so nicely. :)

The best joke this Christmas for me is; hubby received a promotional gift as his Christmas present, sort of! It is a joke because I just wrote about not giving any promotional gift as Christmas prezzie coz it makes the giver looks so cheapskate! And you know what! Hubby received one yesterday! :lol: It’s a Hellboys II sling bag.

Oh well, at least he has a Christmas present this year; I have none. :P

No Christmas Turkey This Year

Oh well, Christmas is over and we did not go to any open house by other Christian friends who celebrated Christmas. We are not invited to any actually! The economy is really that bad and many opted for a quiet Christmas this year. So, this year, I didn’t get to enjoy yummy Christmas turkey like previous years.

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Wishing Everyone A Blessed Christmas

Yay! It is Christmas Day!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

Eat first, suffer later! :lol:

Christmas Present for My Children

I was contemplating whether or not to buy Christmas present for my children since we don’t really celebrate Christmas. No Christmas decor at home, no Christmas tree, and no Christmas party.

A trip to a restaurant to pack their dinner changed my mind about buying Christmas present for them. My 2nd girl saw a Christmas tree with lots of present neatly arranged underneath. While I was engrossed watching a Chinese series on their pop up tv, my girl asked me this question. “Mommy will the auntie give small children the Christmas present?”

Awww…all children longs to receive present. Even adults longs to receive gift from their loved ones. That made me made up my mind to do my last minute Christmas shopping! :D

First Time Baking Nyonya Pineapple Tarts All By Myself

Yesterday was the first time I bake the Nyonya Pineapple Tarts from A to Z all by myself. My mom just supervised.

I kneaded the dough.
I pressed out the tarts’ base.
I filled in the pineapple jam.
I cut the strings.
I applied the egg.
And the oven did the baking.

I started at 8.30am and completed by 2.30pm. 6 hours of hard work that produces 140pcs of beautiful Nyonya Pineapple Tarts (from 1kg of flour). I don’t think my preggy body can do more than 1kg a day.

I experienced backache, neck pain, buttock pain, right pelvic pain and my right tummy hurts even more! I was limping for the rest of the day. :(

Here’re some pictures that my daughter and I took; not so clear though as the kitchen lighting wasn’t that bright.

fill in jam

This is me filling in the jam.


These are my tools.


This is the toughest part and most time consuming. Cutting the very fine string. All of us dread this part. But without the string (some replaces it with sunflower seeds), the originality is gone. The neck pain comes from cutting the strings!


My first tray of unbaked Nyonya Pineapple Tarts.


Finally, my mom helped to apply the egg yolk on the tarts before putting them in the oven. Only one tray; the rest I have to do on my own. :(

My mom gave 2 pcs to my dad to try; no complaint from him. Meaning it is good. :) He is very fussy when it comes to pineapple tarts (and all other food too!).

Well, it is good that my mom “bullied” me. Soon, I can really bake the tarts without having my mom around to supervise. :)

Best Credit Card Ranking

Every wonder where your credit card ranks in the US? Here’s a list I got from jd power best credit cards. All scores are based on a possible score of 1000.

1. American Express – 783
2. Discover – 751
3. Average Score for all Issuers in the Survey – 724
4. National City – 721
5. Chase – 719
6. U.S. Bank – 716
7. Washington Mutual (while it existed!) – 712
8. Wells Fargo – 709
9. Bank of America – 692
10. GE Money – 683
11. Target Visa – 682
12. Capital One – 678
13. HSBC – 667

Oh well, what happened to Citibank? Looks like for us Malaysian, we have to bring along our HSBC credit card when traveling to US. I doubt they will acknowledge Maybank credit or Hong Leong Bank Credit Card even though it has the Visa or Mastercard logo. Some shops are very suspicious.

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