Things To Expect During Chinese New Year

1. A Noisy House
With all the in-laws, out-laws, nieces and nephew, our house is alive.

2. A Messy House
With so many children around, it is hard to keep up with cleaning their mess.

3. Clothes and Undies Gone Missing or Misplaced
That is the reason, I only wash my laundry after they have gone home.

4. Indoor slipper became outdoor slipper
As long as they see there is a slipper to use, they just wear it out.

5. Swapped Slippers
This is very common, “Who is wearing my slippers???”

6. Queuing to use the bathrooms
More than 30 of us sharing 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets.

7. My children playing outdoor even at 12noon and 12midnight!
The town children after being trapped indoor most of the time, this house is heaven for them; so who cares about the hot sun. And our compound is lighted up during the nights for everyone to enjoy the cool evening breeze.

On the 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

No visitation.

Hubby starts work.

In the evening, everyone excepts MIL, maid, my son & myself went to into a Palm Oil estate where my eldest brother lives.

Then I sent my son to my mom’s to follow her collect Angpows! :lol:

I am now at hubby’s internet cafe; I work, he naps!

2nd Day of Chinese New Year

We went to 3 houses only; the compulsory ones. The same every year, we had Roti Jala lunch at one of hubby’s relatives house. Then we went to my maternal grandparent’s house. Then head home to nap! Due to the hot and dry weather, we really dread going visiting and it tires us easily.

After the nap, look at what some of them did. I really wish I could join them too. ;)


They played floor ball at our front lawn.

We had Steamboat dinner prepared by our Singh Chef. If he opens a steamboat restaurant here, I am sure, the rest can close shop. :lol:


BBQ on the 1st Night of Chinese New Year

Here’s our simple BBQ dinner spread which we are having tonight. I still have not really eaten because I am still full from Indian food lunch sponsored by eldest BIL contractor; we had Nasi Beriani, Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry, Sambal Prawn, Mix Vege and Acar.

I shall keep the image small this time. ;)

lor han kuo

Home-cooked Lor Han Kuo


Coconut Drink




Garden Salad


Fried Rice


Fried BeeHoon (Rice Vermicelli)


BBQ Chicken. Besides bbq chicken, we also have bbq lamb, pork, sausages, baby stingrays, prawns and corns.


The BBQ Pits


Which are under our faithful durian tree where the swings and the sandpit are.


We enjoyed all those yummilicious food under the moon and the stars.

Gong Xi Fa Cai from The Bong Family


Can you spot me? ;)

On Chinese New Year Eve – Part 3: Reunion Dinner


This is our Renunion Dinner. 3 long tables and one small tables to accommodate the adults only. The children were fed before us.

This year we had our dinner outdoor! At our verandah because our dining hall is not big enough for all of us.

Well, not everyone is in. One family came later and hubby’s 2 sisters’ spouses and children did not join us this year.

If EVERYONE comes home, we might need to shift our dinner table on our lawn! :lol:

The food that we had are all Nyonya food. Chicken Pong Teh, Ayam (Chicken) Masak Buah Keluak, Itik (Duck) Tim, Itik Sek Ark, Pork’s Leg with Peanuts Soup, Acar Chili, Acar Timun (Cucumber), Mix Vege (Not Nyonya) and Fried Wantan (Not Nyonya).

On Chinese New Year Eve – Part 2

New bigger and wider bench, Sandpit and House Washing.


It used to be the above bench under the rambutan tree.


Now it has evolved and grew! Look at the size of our bench now. It is the size of a queen size bed. That’s hubby and his brothers taking a nap and a massage there! After the CNY is over, it will be my children’s “playpen”. ;)


The Making of a Sandpit. It is so blessed to be the children of this family! :D


Sandpit under our durian tree. This Sandpit will not be safe for playing in 4 months time because the durian tree is budding now. :)


Some of the children taking a plunge into the Sandpit. Still not big enough to fit all the children in this family.


While the smaller children plays at the Sandpit, the men and the older children washes the house. We wash our house on every CNY eve. In the picture; that’s half of our dining hall. Big or not???

Wait for my Part 3 ya…the Reunion Dinner. I go eat first ok. :D

On Chinese New Year Eve – Part 1

I have mentioned before that my hubby’s family is a HUGE family. He has 11 siblings; all married except one. So when everyone comes home for CNY, even our 7 rooms kampung house is not big enough to accommodate everyone.

This year they pitched 2 tents; one on the verandah and another beside our durian tree and my children and I sleep over at my parent’s house so that the ladies can use our room; 3 young ladies slept on our king size bed, and 2 of our single bed is occupied by hubby’s eldest and 2nd sister.


The tent on our verandah.


The tent beside our durian tree.

We also make more benches this year so that all of us can hang out outdoor to enjoy the cool breeze at night and also early in the morning.


The nephews painting one of the benches.


Removing the existing bench made of coconut trunk to make way for bigger and wider bench.


The children watching “Chain Saw” show. :lol:

More pictures and updates later today…

Blogs Do Make Money

I have 2 new blogs which I seldom update. One is a recipe blog which I started to keep all the simple recipes that I learned from my mom and those not so simple ones. Most importantly, I have quite a good compilation of all my favorite Nyonya dishes. Before this, all my Nyonya recipes were written in a small notebook until it went missing one day then I got panicked which made me bought a new domain just to make sure that my recipes don’t go missing again as long as I pay the domain fee every year. :P

My other new blog is about traveling and food. Yup! Still about food but not food no recipes; just food review of the restaurant that I dine in. Travel and food is like husband and wife; they must be together for better or for worst. Whether it is good food or bad food, I will post them in that blog.

Read the rest of this entry »

The Traditional Way of Making Dodol

For many years we bought Dodol for Chinese New Year. Those Dodol are machine made. This year, we decided to make our own Dodol; we are going to “kacau dodol” (kacau = stir) as a family.

Below are some pictures of the Making of Dodol.


It started with the grounded wet glutinous rice (we bought a few packets of glutinous rice from the supermarket and sent it to be grinded) and coconut milk.


Then Gula Melaka is added to it. Once all the sugar has melted, durian and pandan leaves (for nice aroma) is being added.


This is how it looks like after 2 hours of “kacauing” stirring, paddling! It gets stickier and stickier, which means it gets harder to stir. That is when the sweats starts dripping. I wonder whether any escapes and drops into the wok. :lol:


This is how their hands look like after 2 hours of “kacau dodol”; full of blister. But the Dodol is not ready yet!

dodol ready

Finally after 3.5 hours, our Dodol is ready. The Quality Controller is MIL. When she said “No” they have to keep on stirring and finally after testing the Dodol for dunno how many times, she said, “Yes”. Phew! It is finally done. :D

If you noticed, we used gas instead of woods; not 100% traditional. During our grandparent’s time, they uses woods and the taste is so much better.

Anyway, our Dodol tasted soooooo much better than the machine made Dodol. Everyone is very satisfied with their “titik peluh” (literally) hard work.

Shall we do this every year? :D

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