Reality Strikes

Hubby was at home till evening today before he head for work. So I took this opportunity to drag him shopping for our soon new addition with the kids.

I bought S size diapers, cloth napkin, baby bottle (for water only), baby soap, some socks, baby towel and ABC soap. I am almost prepared after a visit to the Chinese Medicine shop for the herbs soon.

While sitting at the playground watching my children playing after we have done our shopping, suddenly it strikes my mind that “Hey, it is very soon already.” I started to have flashback of the pain that I had gone through in the labour room in my previous 3 deliveries. The most painful one (physically and emotionally) was when I gave birth to my son which I was there without hubby and this time around, it will be the same too. I have to enter the battle zone all by myself. Fear came knocking at the door but I refused to open the door. I brushed the thought away.

I redirected my mind to my 3 children who are playing happily at the playground. I told myself and hubby that I/we must bring them out as often as I/we could before I pop. Once I pop, I am sure they will be confined at home with me because I doubt their daddy will bring them out shopping or to the playground. :P


My Body Rejects Sugar Now!

Last week during my weekly pregnancy check-up at the government clinic, there was traces of sugar in my urine and also in my blood. I was told to come again to run the test again a week later. So during that one week time, I didn’t eat nor drink anything sweet. I even reduced my carbo intake.

During my recent check-up, there is no sign of sugar in my urine. I was so relieved that I am not diabetic.

That evening, I drank a can of Soy Bean drink at hubby’s shop and my son’s Mint flavoured sweets. I then started feeling nauseous and gag. It must be the sugar. My tummy felt discomfort too. So I drank lots and lots of water to flush the sugar out and I felt much better after that.

Yesterday afternoon, I ate Ice Lemon Tea sweets (my son’s doesn’t want it because it was a lil bit minty), some puddings and a small piece of cake. I started feeling nauseous again!

The body knows what is good for you and what is not. Looks like I have to refrain from sugar until I give birth. :(

Get Married Locally

This year is the Golden Ox year. Many planned to get married and have children this year. I am one of them too; the having children part, not getting married. :P But then I really do not know what is the significant of the Golden Ox year. All my pregnancies are not planned; God plans for us. :D

When it comes to wedding, many of us hope for the ideal; like getting married in a beautiful island but the ideal may not be convenient for others if you plan to have the whole village attending your wedding. So looking for Local Wedding Venues is the best option as not to trouble others on your wedding day. You do not want to hear them grumbling about it on your wedding day right? It will surely spoil the occasion. ;)

Medical Insurance

Some of us are blessed working in a company that is generous who pays for their medical expenses. I was not one of them though. I have to pay for my own medical insurance, so I bought the cheapest medical insurance that I can get hold in the market.

Nowadays, medical insurance is a must if you want to get treatment in a private hospital unless you are rich enough to pay for their medical bill that will easily goes more than a thousand dollar for just a night stay in the hospital.

I still remember a month after I bought my medical insurance I was admitted to a private hospital due to dengue fever. I stayed there for 3 nights and all I was given was paracetamol and dextrose drips to keep me hydrated. The nurse came every morning to take my blood for testing to check on my platelet level. And the bills come to nearly 2k. Thank God I only have to pay for the registration fee that was only $50; the rest, covered by my medical insurance.

See the important of having a medical insurance. If not, I will have to pay the credit card company interest for a few months.

Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson: A Review

Glory Beach Resort; that was where we went for our family getaway last weekend. We wanted to go to Tiara Beach Resort but I was a day late in making the booking through Mari Mari, they need full 3 workings days before the check-in date. Cuti Cuti only requires 1 working day for the reservation but unfortunately, the room rate offered is RM190 instead of RM155. So I went to look for other resorts in PD that offers the same rate since that was our budget.

I picked Glory Beach Resort because it has bigger children swimming pool than Bayu Beach Resort and they have a private beach too. But I regretted not reading the review posted in Cuti Cuti before I made my reservation!

Read further to find out about my discovery.

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Hair Stylist

I always wanted to learn about hair styling. But then during my time hair stylist jobs are only for those who can’t pursue into higher education. Since my STPM result entitle me a place in the local university, and I got government loan to study there whereby my dad does not have to support me much except for my food expenses, I went for it. If I wanted to study about hair styling, all expenses will be from my dad’s pocket money because our local universities do not offer this kinda course! Oh well, I can still learn now if I make good friend with the hairstylist besides hubby’s shop. :lol:

Jr. Has Passed Away

Our only pet dog named Jr. has passed away due to old age. He is actually my youngest sister’s dog. He has been with us for at least 10 years.

He was one fierce dog. He has beaten my dad and a few other people! We can’t chain him up so my dad made a huge cage to keep him in. The cage is as huge as a car garage (for one car).

Now the “garage” will be occupied by a new puppy (cross breed between a Rottweiler and dunno what breed) that my dad got from his cousin yesterday. We have not named him yet but he will surely be a fierce dog too because his snout is black in colour. They say that dogs with black snout are fierce dogs!

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Pregnancy Check-up at Week 33

Praise the Lord that I AM NOT DIABETIC! :D

For the past one week, I refrained from anything that is sweet, ate more bread, eat less rice and drank lots and lots of water.

Due to it, my weight dropped to 58.4kg today! That is 700g lesser than last week. That is how much sugar can affect someone’s weight. How wonderful if our weight can reduce this much and this fast when we are not pregnant eh; surely we will look sexy in any babydoll nightie. Btw, there was no comment from the nurse because my tummy is growing bigger even though my weight reduces.

However, my blood pressure is lower today. I jokingly told the nurse that my blood pressure should be higher because I came right after assisting my 2nd girl with her homework. :lol:

She smiled and told me that maybe I did not have enough rest. Ya! That’s right! I slept at 3am today and woke up at 7.30am on the same day; 4.5 hours of sleep. I watched a movie, Swing Voter with hubby! :P

Crazy about Gold Investment

Seeing the gold price has always been on the increase, we opened a Gold Savings Account sometime last year. Since then, whatever extras that we have we buy gold; not in physical form but in paper. :lol:

Hubby even wanted to buy some gold coins from coin dealer but I am not too keen about it. Maybe I am not that exposed to the value to gold coins.

Anyway, for the past few days, the gold price is dropping! I kinda regretted buying so much at the higher price. I kept telling myself that I should have waited but what if the price goes up when I wait??? So I keep consoling myself that this is for long term investment. Praying that the gold price will doubled in 10 years time. :)

Some People Just Don’t Understand English!

I wrote a post about renting out my apartment sometime last year before it is being rented by MMU student.

After it has been rented I updated that post. The first line of the post goes in Italic and Bold, like this:

Update on 21.11.2008 -The Apartment has been rented to MMU student for a year. It will only be available again in DECEMBER 2009 if they did not continue the tenancy.

I even replied to their comments saying that the apartment is no longer available.

Till today, there are still people leaving comment asking whether it is still available!

Most of the time I felt like replying them sarcastically; “Don’t You Understand English?” or “Did you read my post before leaving comment?”

I didn’t want to remove the post because it has already being indexed by Google. I might need the post by end of this year if the student moves out.

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