9 Months Pregnant

This week I am in my 38 weeks of pregnancy which is equivalent to 9 months pregnant. I remembered my mom used to tell me that women gets pregnant for 9 months and 10 days; that is 40 weeks for us now.

I gave birth to my 2nd child exactly at 9 months minus the 10 days which means I can go into labor anytime from today onwards. My hospital bag is already in the car as I do drive to shopping and hubby’s shop when needed.

My feelings right now… more of excited that scared. Which is good right? ;)

How To Reduce Soreness from Exercise

Soreness from exercise normally happens when you have not been exercising for ages or when you overdo the your exercise routine. To me, it is a good pain and it will wear off after a few days.

However with research and development, there is now medication to reduce soreness from exercise. Not only that, this product called Stemulite can dramatically increase strength and reduce soreness from exercise, decrease BMI, increase muscle tone, endurance and overall energy and promotes a deeper and more restful sleep.

If you are really into physical fitness, you might want to check out this product and read the testimonials of others who have tried this product before.

About Our Student Apartment

Let me share something about one of our student apartments here. I blog about it in my other blog. ;)

Our tenants left after only 4 months of staying there. They breached the tenancy agreement of one year. Not only they did not pay for this month’s rental, they left us with 3 months of utility bills that comes up to more than RM1k. Thank God the Streamyx line can be transferred to my home because they took the 1 year package; use or no use still have to pay. So I cancelled my home Streamyx and transferred theirs to mine.

A few days after they left, hubby went to clean the apartment and just realized that 2 of our double decker bed frame are gone! The Queen Size bed frame is also broken!

Yesterday, when we went to thoroughly clean the apartment, I discovered that a set of curtain is gone from one of the rooms. A blogger friend of mine and her friends are staying there today. After they left, I am going to bring home all my curtains.

Arabs student should be rich right? You know what? They even took away the AAA batteries from the air-cond remote control! Besides that the air-cond is not working too and the gas stove is not working as well. Now I am wondering whether the washing machine is working; forgotten to try it out yesterday.

One of the rooms, they painted it red and did not repaint it back to white as agreed. That is expected lar.

The amount of deposit is not enough to cover for all of the above. :(

Lesson learnt:
1. No more allowing them to repaint any rooms.
2. If they want internet, get them to apply for the prepaid ones.
3. No more providing curtains for them.
4. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get. Not going to replace the stolen bed frames.
5. Inform the apartment management to cut the water supply if the tenant did not pay after a month.
6. Request TNB to do the same too. If they can do it in my apartment, why not in this apartment?
7. Increase deposit for utility bills.


I think arh, another reason I am loosing weight is because I am more thirsty than hungry most of the time. All of the sudden, I no longer have appetite for food, any kind of food.

Just now after 2 spoons of rice with roasted pork, I felt so full but I can still gulp 2 big glasses of water. In a way, it is good right? I don’t have to worry about finding the best weight loss pills after I give birth.

But then arh, what about my baby, will he have enough nutrition for his development? How ler???


Suddenly I have this urges to get myself pampered. I want to get my nails done after seeing those beautiful nail polish at nailsinc. I want to get my hair washed at the hair saloon too and enjoy the nice head, shoulder and back massage. I want to go for facial too because I look so haggard in this pregnancy; wanna look good for my coming baby. As though lar baby can see my face clearly during his first month. hehe. Just creating excuses to get myself pampered. :P How I wish I can afford an aromatherapy spa. Enjoy now; suffer in a few weeks time. ;)

Since I will be without internet connection at home from tomorrow morning onwards for at least 2 weeks, I think I’ll just head out to the hair saloon first since the charges are within my means. I went to terminate my Streamyx just now because hubby wanted to transfer the idle Streamyx line from his apartment to our home; can’t afford to spend the extras.

So, if you don’t see me on Gmail chat or MSN starting tomorrow, it does not mean that I have pop. When I do pop, I will get hubby to update this blog from his internet café. Till then see you when I see you. :D

Ultrasound at 37 Weeks

This is my 4th and final ultrasound before I pop. My purpose in this scan is to have a glimpse of baby’s face, to know his weight and to know his gender.

Unfortunately, only one of my questions is answered that is baby’s weight. Baby only weighs at 2.7kg now. That explains why this baby can perform kungfu stunt in my tummy. He has more space compared to his sisters and brother. Thank God baby is not wearing any Walking Boots yet. If not, I am sure my tummy would burst by now! He may be small but he sure is one strong baby.

From previous pregnancies, baby weight doesn’t increase further after 36 weeks. Looks like this baby is gonna be small. I should be happy right? Because small means easier to come out and no tearing. Surprisingly, I am not. I worried that baby is going to come out with skin and bones only because throughout this pregnancy I don’t have much appetite to eat. Now, I only pray that baby is perfect and healthy. Not forgetting adorable and fairer than his other siblings. Someone, please be fairer than Mommy please!!! Hehe.

No face too in this ultrasound coz baby is facing inwards and can’t even see his gender. My doctor didn’t want to predict his gender because there’s umbilical cord there. He even jokingly told me when I asked about baby’s gender that that is the chapter in his medical books that he did not read! Looks like it is going to be a surprise.

Pregnancy Check-up at Week 37: Weight Dropped

I am surprised that I did not gain weight. My weight even dropped by 100g; it is at 59.2kg today. I think it depends on what I wear to the clinic. If you wear the UGG boots, I am sure that would at least adds 500g to your weight. ;) Last week I went with a thick long pants, today in a thin 3/4 tights. I expected to gain a little bit this week because I ate a lot for the past 2 weeks. Somehow, the appetite just came back. My tummy is bigger and tighter. So, logically, I should be gaining weight but I am not.

This is one of the signs that I will pop real soon. Yay!

My baby’s head is very low this time; meaning anytime soon. Yay!

If my weight maintains at 59kg till baby pops, looks like in this pregnancy I only gain 7kg. Looks like I can eat more during confinement (if I have the appetite) since I planned to fully breastfeed this time around. No need to worry about getting fat. :P

Husband in Labor Room

:D Hubby did call his friend who works in the hospital. Unfortunately the hospital no longer conducts the class for husbands who want to assist their wife in the labor room. But according to hubby’s friend, they will give a short briefing to the husband who wants to be with their wife during labor on that day itself.

The thing with government hospital, one officer can say one thing and another officer another thing. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best and for back-up, I am bringing my girls’ pink hospital book because there is attached the green slip which started that hubby attended the class before and assisted me twice. I hope that will be good enough to convince them to let hubby in.

I really, really want hubby to be with me this time. I am terrified.

Pray with me, please. :)

Closely Related??? Pigi Dah!

If any of you received below email, please ignore them. I have no idea who is Olivia Reynolds or whatever name they may use. I am not closely related to any AngMoh except my BIL in UK who does not blog.

They are very creative in spamming and getting free links nowadays eh?


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Frightening Myself with Childbirth Video

Blaming it on her. :P

Out of the blue, she sent me an article about Orgasmic Childbirth with Video on YouTube attached! From there I went to watch other natural and normal childbirth video until I got really scared and abandoned my laptop, trembling. i’m just exaggerating…the trembling part. :P

A woman can experience orgasm during childbirth??? She must be a sadist! Imagine this…The midwife says “The baby is coming!” The woman in labor says, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” hehehe

On a serious note; right now I am trying very hard to get rid of the image of the baby head coming out of the pot pot (crowning). Ouch!

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