Re-Reading My Firstborn Birth Story

MuShie MoShiu told me that she almost fall of the sofa reading The Birth Story of My First Child.

I wonder what is so funny about it. It was the most painful childbirth. So I went to take a look.

No wonder I cannot remember what I wrote because I did not write the post. It was written by my dear hubby. :)

After reading the cheong-hay (long-winded) and detail re-count of the birth story, without a doubt at all that she almost fall of her sofa because of this part of the childbirth:

The doctor told Michelle to push whenever she feels the contraction pain to hasten the labor. After that, whenever the contraction pain came, Michelle pushed. Every time she pushed, the baby did not come out but shit came out. I had to wipe and clean her. I thanked God that I was there to clean her. If the nurses had to do it, they might have scolded Michelle and that will not be good for Michelle. It was the first time I had to do that job but praise God I did pretty well. It was not the best job though.

As for me…I shed tears reading the post! “Where’s my boy?” I can never forget that part.  :)

Fulfulling My Children’s Dream

As a mother, I give in to my children’s request more than saying “No”. If it is within my means, I will go ahead and make them happy. If not, I told them “One day when Mommy have enough money.”

We are flying to Kuching after all. :D My sister in Kuching managed to find the dates where the air-fare is RM650 for 5 adults and an infant. We will be in Kuching in July during the weekdays but it is okay. Nothing much to see in Kuching unless I don’t mind walking under the hot sun with 2 pre-schoolers, a toddler and an infant! So, we will only visit the shopping complexes there and makan-makan and hope I can meet some of my university mate there.

The Birth Story of Ezra


Mother is always right. My mom told me on the 15th that baby will surely come out on the 16th. True enough, it all started around 2am on the 16th of April.I was watching Smallville with hubby and I started to feel mini cramps on my lower abdomen. Could it be the beginning of contraction pain? I have no idea because this pain is different than the contraction pain that I experienced with my 2nd girl.

Hubby told Baby if he wants to come out, please let him sleep first for at least 8 hours. So we went to bed around 2.30am.

At around 5am, I felt it again but I was in between reality and dreaming. Was I dreaming of having contraction pain? Was it for real? This is because I dreamed of having contraction pain before.

The next thing I know, my alarm triggered; time to wake the girls up to go to school. The pain is more intense and comes every 5 mins. Yay! IT IS contraction. I am going to give birth today! PTL that my pain is just like period cramp, very bearable. :D

I get the maid to help me out getting my girls ready for kindy and hubby to send them to kindy while I get ready to go to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital around 9am and I walked all by myself, holding my tummy to the delivery ward while hubby looks for a parking space.

I checked myself in and the nurse asked me to change into their pink delivery garment. First internal check by the midwife, I am 6cm dilated. Then she called a doctor to do the 2nd internal check (i think this is their procedure before pushing me to the labor room). The doctor press, press my tummy saying that my baby is small. Then she did the internal check and this time she said it is in between 7-8cm dilated. “Push her to the labor room now, she can give birth already.” she told the nurse around.

I was like, “Really, but I am not really in pain. I have no urge to push yet.” So I thought, “Ok, maybe after they rupture my water bag, I will feel the urge to push.” Just like how they did it during the birth of my son.

I was wheeled (i can walk there by myself but the nurse insisted to wheel me there) to labor room 5 but there was another patient there still being stitched so, I waited for about 10 minutes.

At 10am, a Chinese midwife came in and told me to push when I feel pain. Then she waited. I was expecting her to rupture my water bag but she did not do that. Surprisingly, the contraction pain did not come that fast. She raised her voice at me, “No pain arh? You feel pain, Push!” I wonder whether she is against a Chinese who does not speak Chinese. I told her I can’t speak Chinese because she spoke to me in Mandarin the moment she saw me.

Where is my hubby? He is supposed to come in by now.

Right after that, the pain came so I pushed. Then stopped. No more pain mah; no urge to push also. Then the midwife stimulates my cervix and asked me to push when I feel pain again. Even though I feel no pain and no urge to push, I push with all my heart and with all my might just to get this over with and get her out of my face!

During the pushing, I did scream to give more power to the pushing and got scolded by the midwife. It is the rules; you cannot scream or shout when pushing. And each time I push, my right leg tend to close up a lil bit and the midwife scolded me again and kept pushing it apart. After the birth, I find difficultly lifting that right leg without feeling pain.

At 10.10am, I feel baby slide out from my down under. No pain at all because baby is small but surprisingly, he weighs 3.15kg, the heaviest among his siblings. And the happiest moment was to see “balls” instead of “apam”. :lol:

The moment the nurse places baby on my tummy, hubby appeared. I think arh, the midwife purposely did not inform the nurse to call my hubby in earlier. If hubby is around, I don’t think she will raise her voice at me.

The stitching was done very rough too but I dare not say a word because I scared that she will pull harder! With my other 3 children, I got a very caring, gentle and friendly Malay midwife. What an experience! Now I understand why many refused to give birth in government hospital.

Whatever it is, everything is over and I am blessed with a healthy and perfect baby boy. And I even thank the midwife for helping me to deliver Baby Ezra. :D

For the birth story of my other 3 children, click here.


My mood to blog has not come back yet because there are 2 things that still worries me.

My newborn has jaundice. I know jaundice is common in newborn but I worry that his TSB level will go higher and he needs to be admitted to the hospital to be placed under the UV light. I have been through this with my 2nd girl and I really pity her. Going for another blood test today and hope that the TSB will drop further.

My hemorrhoid is not shrinking yet even after swallowing more than 10 tablets of Dioflex (anti-inflammatory pill). It used to be one tablet cures it all. I guess, with the confinement food and not being able to bathe makes my body still heated up. I really hope that it will shrink and go back in after my confinement is over if not I worry that it needs to be cut out! Ouch!!!

Not Flying Yet

Haiya! I am too late. :(

Remember that I mentioned that I will be bring my kids to fly to Kuching this coming July because AirAsia has good bargain? Only RM650 for 5 adults and an infant. Then, I could not make the booking because my baby is still not out yet and he does not has any birth certificate number and a name yet for the booking.

The day, hubby brought back baby’s birth cert. I went online to make my booking but lo and behold, the promotion is no longer available. :( So, no flying to Kuching this July.

Maybe we will just go for a Family Vacation either in a resort in PD or to Genting Highland.

Thank You!

Thank You all for all your well wishes!

I know that most of you are waiting to read about my birth story.

Well, I am pretty busy with baby and catching up with my assignments that I hardly find time to write in detail about my birth story.

At the same time, I am enduring a few type of pain! Talk about enjoying confinement. What is there to enjoy except watching baby sleep; he smiles a lot in his sleep.

My hemorrhoid swells big time this time around. Due to it, sitting down and getting up is really a pain in the butt (literally)! So, no typical confinement food for me; too heaty and no herbal drinks too; only plain water.

Apart from that, the backache from pregnancy still did not go away after baby is out, my nipple cracks and tummy cramps.

So, I will only write seriously after all the above is gone…hopefully in less than 2 weeks time.

More Blessings

I really Praise God for His blessings. Not only He blesses me with a beautiful baby; exactly like what I prayed for but a speedy and almost painless child birth. He also blessed me financially. For the first time, I received so many assignments from of one the networks that I can even afford to buy a new patio furniture for my home. But I am not going to do that first; I want to buy an electric oven and fly my children to Kuching to visit their cousins before they come back here for good.

No Wedding Anniversary Again?

I just realised that this year we won’t be celebrating our wedding anniversary again. We missed our wedding anniversary when I gave birth to my firstborn and now again with my last born. On May 12, I will still be in confinement. It means no going out and no eating outside food. We could go celebrate the occasion after my confinement but it won’t be as meaningful as celebrating on the day itself. I hope hubby will pick a very nice jewelry from holsted to compensate this or maybe fly me to Penang to enjoy Penang food that I really missed.

I am Back!



But I am really sleepy because there were renovation going on at the 3rd class ward. Was supposed to be staying in the 2nd class ward but it was full. Anyway, Praise God for that because we only pay RM40 all in instead of RM350 if I were to stay in the 2nd class ward.

Baby Ezra and myself are doing fine. He is catching up with his sleep right now and I will join him soon after I finished writing this post.

In short, it was a super speedy delivery because I was forced to push even though I don’t have the urge to push yet; my contraction pain was very mild like period cramps only. I got a super cranky Chinese midwife this time around. And she wants everything to be done fast. I think her shift was going to be over soon that is why she is rushing everything.

Leg wide open at 10am, baby came out at 10.10am. You say fast or not??? :D

Will blog in detail once I have catch up on my sleep and figure out what is a rock tumbler for. Assignment lar. . ;)

We welcome you Ezra Bong

Well, praise the Lord. Baby Ezra Bong has emerged from his comfort zone, finally. Weighed at 3.15kg, borne on 16 April 2009 at 10.10am. Healthy baby with thick hair. Quite a fast delivery for Miche. We reached there at about 9 am and by then the cervic is 6cm dilated. I was supposed to go into the labor room to accompany Miche but then no chance. When the nurse informed the nurse on the counter, and before I could wear my gown, I was told that Ezra come out de. Haiya… cannot wait kah? We waited for you so long…but in labor room, you don’t wait for daddy. Must smack your butt (hehe…follow mommy’s byline).

Anyway, daddy and mommy is very happy to see you lah. We pray that God’s blessings will be upon you all the days of your life. Checheh Annabelle and Clarissa and Korkor Barnabas very happy to see you also.

*Written by Daddy Bong

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