Babysitting is Not an Option to Earn Extra Income

I have to shove aside the thought of babysitting my brother’s baby or anyone’s baby to maintain the harmony in this family. I do not want to be accused of taking advantage of the presence of a maid and MIL.

Besides that, I don’t think I can start my day at 7am! My SIL starts work at 8am. It will be a 12 hours work for me; 7am to 7pm! And I don’t think I can commit myself 6 days a week, 12 hours a day and getting paid only RM250 a month. Even though at present I am starting my day earlier than that, I am taking it slow and steady and I only start to get busy at 10am when my baby finally wakes up to play.

Maybe when I am living in my own home, I can consider babysitting again. Till then, make do with whatever income we have. ;)

Full Time Babysitter

I am thinking of becoming a full time babysitter. I wonder whether I can or not! hehe

My SIL is giving birth this August and my mom does not want to babysit her baby anymore. My mom had enough of babysitting and she wants to be free to go anywhere she likes and at anytime.

Since I am confined at home most of the time, I am thinking of offering my time to babysit her baby. When her baby is 2 months old and she needs to go back to work, my baby would be 6 months old already; big boy already. :)

If I succeed with hers, maybe I will take one or two more! But it will be until 5.30pm only. :P

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Hormone Gone Haywire

This is woman stuff. Male readers please leave. :P

A few days ago, I have more discharge (clear) since I gave birth. Then I noticed that my breastmilk is reducing. My breast did not become engorge like other days. I became worried because I want to fully breastfeed my baby as long as possible.

Then I found my answer yesterday. I saw blood stain on my pants and on my underwear. I think I have my menses again! I just so called had it 2 weeks ago. Remember than I blog about it in Challenges in Breastfeeding – Is this Menses?.

This morning, I woke up with some blood stain on my pantyliner but no flow of blood like a normal menses. I also had a “nightmare”. Sorry, I can’t share about it here; it is way too personal. :P I am blaming my hormones for the dream.

What is happening to me? Why is my hormones gone haywire?

Expensive Ears

I have a pair of expensive ears. Yes! That is what I call my ears. They are expensive not because I went for plastic surgery to make it perfect but my ears can only accept gold earrings or earrings made from dried garlic stems; just a stick to poke through the hole. I use this as earrings when I was in school because we are not allowed to wear fancy designer jewelry in school.

If I tried using earrings that is not made of gold or plants, my ears will swell. Just the other day, my girl asked me to try on my sister’s silver coated earrings. A few minutes after taking it out, the hole started to feel pain and watery. Due to this sensitiveness, I ended up not wearing any earrings at all.

Is Durian Fattening

This year’s durian season, I am been feasting on durian like never before especially at my mom’s house. Even though we do not have any durian tree at home, a lot of my dad’s friends and relatives gave us durians.

Miraculously, I can eat durian without gagging or vomiting anymore. And I can eat more than just 2 pieces at one time. That day, I ate 9 pieces of thick, creamy durian and I wanted more but I refrained myself from eating more coz I know that durian is fattening and is high in cholesterol.

If you are not breastfeeding like me, you will surely need to find the best diet pill to burn all the fats accumulated in your body during this durian season.

Video Card is Graphic Card

I was wondering what is a video card until I Google it and found out another name for it is Graphic Card. Graphic Card I know lar. :lol: Often hear hubby mentioned that he needs to change the graphic card in most of the computers in his shop coz gamers are making noise that the display is not so good. Today I learned a new term. :lol:

Family Vacation without Hubby

This year we are going for family vacation with hubby. Due to his work commitment, we have to go without him this time. So I planned a trip to Kuching with my mom to visit my 2nd sister and her family who is teaching there. This will be my first time visiting her in Kuching and first time flying for my 3 younger children. Actually the main purpose of this trip is just to let my children experience flying in an airplane. :D I hope one day soon, we would be able to have our family vacation to places like Riviera Maya.

Chicken Dung

The air around and in my house is sticky! Each time I inhale, chicken dung smell contaminates my nostril. We have 2 lorries load of chicken dung outside my house now. Thank God I only have to bear the smell for today only; provided the workers do their job speedily. “They are mixing it with the soil to make the soil healthy so that the vegetable can have more vitamins to grow.” That is how I explain to my girls. And they went “eeeeeuuuu, I don’t want to eat that vegetables.” :lol:

Anyway, I hope that this project will work out and we can gain lots of profit from it and maybe hubby could finally buy the LCD TV that he is eyeing for. ;)

Driving without License

I have been driving around Malacca for about 2 months with an expired driving license!

We were at the TM Point yesterday to cancel my apartment’s telephone line and they required my IC. Since my driving license is just behind my IC, I took a peep at the expiry date. If not because it, I will still be driving without valid driving license! :lol:

It expired on the 26 of March and I just renewed it yesterday. :lol: I renewed for another 5 years. :D Now I can let it sit in my purse, untouch and forget about it. Thank God no Traffic Police wants to stop an auntie driving an old junk. :P

What To Buy for Her Newborn?

Even though I am a mother of four, I still scratch my head when someone I know just gave birth. What to buy for the baby? Which Baby Gifts would be the most perfect for him/her? How much will a Baby Gifts cost? Can find Cheap Baby Gifts ones arh? What is the most Practical Baby Gifts? Etc etc etc…

So, I leave the job to buy baby gifts to other mommies and I just chip in my share. Easy right and it is cheaper too and we can get bigger gifts for that particular friend. If they tell us they have everything, we will just send them Angpow through Paypal! :lol:

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