Decorating Birthday Cake with Buttercream Icing

We celebrated the June babies birthday in our family yesterday. Since I have an oven and we have artiste in the house, we baked and decorated our own birthday cake.


The decorator is one of the birthday babies. Today is her 14th birthday. Happy Birthday Hilda! :D


Hubby cannot stand the slow and steady Hilda. “Aiyo, why so slow one.” He took over spreading the buttercream icing on the cake while being observed by Jeriel, the soon-to-be famous chef. ;)


A birthday cake on a birthday cake.


The birthday cake with all the June babies name on it.


With 3 + 7 + 14 candles on it; Barnabas, Samantha and Hilda. The other 3 was last minute addition. If I know earlier, there will be 40 candles on the cakes. The age of the oldest birthday baby. :lol:


And some simple cupcakes for the children. No time for elaborate design. They have already done that earlier. Check it out here.

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