Jul 28

I am so tempted to post the picture of my laparoscopy wound that I just took with my Canon camera yesterday. Anyone wants to see it? :lol:

I have 3 holes but only 2 holes are obvious. The other hole is situated right below my belly button but I myself can’t see it and dare not touch it.

Before the surgery, the surgeon told me there will be two 0.5cm cut and one 1cm cut but from the picture that I took, it looks longer that 1cm. :(

As of today, it is not as painful anymore but I can’t walk as fast as before. My pace is like someone who has just given birth. If I walk faster and carry my baby more than 10 minutes, pain-pain leh. :(

p/s: I curi balik today coz hubby starts work at 2pm today. :D

Jul 26

I was discharged yesterday and back home today for a few hours before I head back to my mom’s house. Can’t stay at home because no one is here to help me with my kids except on Sundays when hubby is not working.

I had laparoscopy done and I walk with 3 holes in my tummy now. It hurts especially when I need to walk a lot and carrying my baby. If I just lie on the bed, can’t feel much pain.

Anyway, I thank God that my uterus has no hole now. And I hope that I will never feel pain in my right tummy again, ever.

Till then, will write again next Sunday.

Jul 26
2nd Experience in OT
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I was terrified the moment they pushed me in the operation theatre. I was expecting to see all sorts of medical equipment but all I see was the big spotlight on top of me and men and women in their green scrub uniform. I guess nowadays they don’t push in all their operation tools until the patient knock out. I was relieved that they did this because if I were to see all those sharps objects, my heart will beat so fast that my blood pressure might arise and they have to cancel the operation and I might faint before the gas makes me knock out!

Jul 22

This time to the hospital.

After 4 days of rest in Kuching, looks like there will be another 3-4 days of rest in the hospital!

I will be admitted today. Need to undergo an operation tomorrow morning. Argh! How I wish I can turn back time.

Right now I hate that friend doctor of mine. :(

Jul 21

I broke down.

See, see, I am not a supermom. So please don’t salute me. :P

I broke down because…

- I am sad seeing my 3yo son slept without having his bath. Then he started coughing in his sleep. He vomited but he swallowed his vomit because he knows I will be very angry if he vomits on the bed.

- I am hungry because I have no time to eat. By now, I only managed to eat 1 slice of plain white bread while my 3mo baby cried in his bouncing net and when I was about to eat another 2 slices with peanut butter, baby woke up. Got to swallow fast, fast lar.

- I am tired because I have been awake since 4.30am with no nap at all.

- I can’t call my hubby to come home now because he has to work from 10am till 12mn almost every day.

- My chores are not completed yet.

Tomorrow will be another challenging day; hubby wants me to cook for him to save money.

Don’t worry about me. I don’t give up easily. I will whine and I will cry but I will survive. :D

Jul 21
Diploma in Education
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I met an old school friend in Giant the other day. We graduated from the same university too. Now she is a teacher in a primary school. I was surprised because she was not taking education degree in the university. She told me, due to the good pay, she took Diploma in Education 2 years ago and now earning a degree holder pay even though she is teaching in a primary school.

If I have known earlier, I would have done the same too. She studied fulltime in KL for a year. Well, I know it was impossible for me to leave my children behind but there is always online degree right? Unfortunately, I am too late due to the age limit to join the government service.

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit Blogitive.com.”

Jul 20
I Love Multitasking
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This is so ME! Ya, I love multitasking. Lots of things can be done and lots of time can be saved. I wish my maid can do the same but jangan harap lar. :lol:

While fish is frying in the wok, I go cook rice or do some washing. By the time, I am done cooking, washing also done. :)
Sometimes, I cook with 2 woks at the same time! One side veggie and another side fish/chicken dish.
I boil water then I go take a quick bath.
While the laundry is in the washing machine, I sweep and mop the floor.

These are a few things that I multitask.

Oh ya, while blogging I breastfeed. hahahaha.  And when baby is not sleeping and I have chores to do, I’ll have baby in one hand. In a month time it will be easier when baby have stronger neck then he can sit in the ring sling while I work. :)

Day 2 without maid and MIL at home and I am coping well. :)

Jul 18
Home Sweet Home but…
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I am back from my holiday in Kuching but I have so much to do at home from today onwards. :( Came home to a dusty floor, clothes still intact to the cloth hanger on the table which need to be folded, hubby’s working clothes and children kindy uniform to iron, dirty cloths to wash and a cranky lil baby to attend to coz he has runny nose; souvenir from his 2yo cousin. No time for any televisions show.

How I wish the maid is here with me now! She has gone to be with my MIL in KL for 2 weeks provided there is no further delay to the arrival of the BIL’s new maid. Well, if I can survive this 2 weeks, no problem when she goes home for a month. My challenge begins today.

So far, as at 11.38pm, first batch of laundry already being washed and hubby’s working shirt has been ironed and I managed to finally get my cranky baby to sleep in the Sarong while typing this post. :) Now I need to go soak my 2nd batch of laundry.

How’s my Kuching trip? Well, I shall blog about it soon when I can find the time. Sure can one coz I have 13 assignments to complete! :P

Jul 15
Options on Stock Options
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When it comes to investment, some will depend on word of mouth, some will just let their remiser decides which stocks to buy and some will go all the way to analyze the stocks and the market trend. Do you know that there is a tool to analyze stock options online? It is called PowerOptions. With PowerOptions you can automatically sort, filter, and analyze all 3,000+ optionable stocks and 195,000+ options online to find investments to meet your profit goals. Now they are giving a 14-day free trial, an easy online User Guide, toll-free support, and their PowerOptions Performance Guarantee.

Jul 15
Bunds and Seedlings
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Before I leave, here is a picture of how our farm look like now.


The bunds are ready.


The seedlings are growing.

Can anyone guess what are we planting?

Initially, it was supposed to be corn but since the fasting month is coming, they changed their plan/plant :lol: to meet the demand.

In 60 days time, we will see the fruits (literally) of their labor. :D

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