Stress Weight

You eat a lot and yet you are loosing weight. I experienced it in the relationship with my ex-boyfriend when I was in campus. Throughout that 4 years in campus and one year of working, I weigh at 45kg only even though I ate a lot, and ate supper almost every night. I was stress up. Not because of my studies but because of the relationship. How I wish, I never met him. Anyway, a few months after we broke off, finally (ya, I wanted the relationship to end since I was in 1st year), my weight shot up to 48kg and that is my stress-free weight until I got pregnant with my first child and after I gave birth, my weight was at 52kg. That has been my post-pregnancy weight until I gave birth to my youngest 4 months ago.

For the past few days, I have been going out, buying food from my favourite stalls. They have not seen me for more than a month. The first thing they commented when they saw me was “You are very thin now.” That got me curious coz I don’t feel thin except my bra is loosen a lil bit. :P So I weighed myself a few days ago and I cannot believe what I saw! I weigh at 46.5kg only!!!

I should be happy right? I am thin and slim now. Unfortunately I am not because I didn’t get this weight through a “healthy” way. I was sick, I have to mind 2 preschooler, a toddler and a baby all by myself, clean the house and at the same time think about how to earn extra income. I am fully breastfeeding too and have no time to nap except for a few minutes while baby is latching. Sometimes, baby latches for a whole hour. You know, I felt that he is sucking my blood out!

All this is stressing me up. That is the reason I call this weight Stress Weight.

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Pesticides Causes Mastitis?

1st day without a helper, I was down already! It is not because that I work extra hard. I didn’t cook or do any mopping. Just light sweeping and by noon, my son told me that he felt pain inside his head. I wonder what causes his headache. Minutes after that, I too started to have a headache and feeling chill at the same time.

Since it is lunch time already, we headed to my parents’ house. My mom told me that the headaches could be due to the pesticides; asking me whether anyone sprays the pesticides in the morning. You see, my mom’s dad was a farmer. I think she experienced this before.

Anyway, besides the headache, chill and fever (3 rounds of fever!), there’s a hard lump in my breast too. Plugged ducts again??? My baby latches very often. Why this happen again? This makes me wonder whether the pesticides causes mastitis. Then the worst scenario haunted my mind; breast cancer! Just the thought of the cancer treatment and the $$$ scares the shit out of me!

I can’t tell them to stop spraying pesticides and go for organic farming (it will be too costly for them) and I can’t move back to my parents’ house. Why can I do?

Certified Diamonds

I read in the newspaper recently of a husband who cheated on his wife. Each time he cheated on her he will buy her a diamond as a form of apology but he kept on cheating on his wife and his wife kept receiving diamond after diamond. I can’t remember the rest of the story. I think she asked for a divorce and attempted to sell all her diamonds. I hope they are certified diamonds and not fake ones. ;)

Helperless Again

By 3.30am tomorrow, my helpers (Maid and MIL) will leave me again. This time for a whole month. They have been around for the past 1 week and I took this opportunity to rest as much as possible. Praise God that the wound is almost healed. I only feel the pain when I drive my old junk (heavy steering wheel).

Just received chat message from hubby that his part-time worker is not able to work for the whole of next week. A big and hard blow to me to know about this because it is a school holiday week and my children will be with me 24 hours a day without their daddy around to help.

I CANNOT fall sick! Then I can manage being a “single mom”. :D

Oh ya! Must have a serious talk with my children; BEHAVE and BE OBEDIENT. That should do it. ;)

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Mastitis


I was down with fever on Saturday night and Sunday morning and there are plugged ducts on my right breast. And that made me very worried. I can’t imagine letting my breast go under the knife again and the grueling dressing. So I quickly made appointment with the doctor; thank God he is open on Sunday evening.

At the clinic, the doctor got his clinic assistant to do warm compress and try to press the milk out from the swollen part. Thank God it can came out and he advised me to do the same when breastfeeding. He also subscribed me with antibiotic coz I was feverish.

As I am typing this, the lumps are gone because I really pressed them hard during breastfeeding but the pain is still there. I think it is due to the pressing. hehe. Unfortunately, my baby does not really like to latch on this part of my breast. I read that due to Mastitis, milk will be saltier taste due to the increased sodium and chloride content. But I still forced him to latch as not to let this breast become engorge.

I also understand that Plugged Ducts and Mastitis is common in breastfeeding moms. One of the blogger mommies told me she got it a few times and her daughter is already 1yo. This really scares me. I hope, I won’t get it again! Oh ya, she advised me to take garlic pills that has leichitin and echinacea. That is how she self treat herself whenever she has mastitis. I think, I must get those 2 pills ready in hand; just in case this problem comes back again.

Internet Marketing

I told hubby that I might want to go back to work next year since my place is still vacant in the company that I left. They can’t find an English educated candidate to take over my place. *ahem* I am so irreplaceable. :lol: If they still want me, I might go back for half a day since my 3 older children will be in school next year and I can leave my baby with my mom till 12.30pm. I could use this income to buy a MPV since our family is bigger now.

Anyway, my hubby wants me to try internet marketing. Hearing the word “marketing”, I lost interest already. My own blog also I cannot market, you want me to market product like horse supplies, car accessories and what not. I better stick to what I know best, writing and bossing people around. :P

Strawberry Farm?


How I wish under those green leaves are BIG, SWEET & JUICY STRAWBERRIES! If only I can bring my farm to Cameron Highland, then it will be possible to have my own strawberry farm.


As it is, I have to be contented with this fruit under the leaves. I think in a month time or less, I can enjoy these first fruits.

Anyone can guess what fruit is this? :D

Nasib Gua

Apasal nasib gua macam ni?

My one and only helper is helpless now. All of a sudden, she felt pain on her right foot then it started to get swollen. My dear daughter tried to help her by massaging her foot, my mom cried in pain! The touch of a 6yo caused my superwoman mom to cry. Her foot must be very painful but she refuses to go to the doctor coz she said doctor only give painkiller. My dad bought dunno what kind of pills from a Singseh recommended by his friends for the pain; expensive mak datuk! RM80 for one small bottle. I hope it works if not, we will force her to go for x-tray. Is too late to get the senior life insurance for my mom?

God, please heal my mommy fast fast and heal my tummy right NOW! hehehehehe If not, let Andy work for hubby until 6pm till this Saturday. Then hubby can be at home to help me out. ;)

This is life. :(

Ramly Burger for Supper

Yippie! I got what I craved for yesterday; Ramly Burger.

ramly burger

I think hubby thought that I am VERY hungry; he bought Ramly Burger Double Special that comes with 2 beef patties and 1 egg with lots of veggies. It was too huge for my mouth that I ate it part by part omitting the egg coz I still can’t eat egg and chicken due to the surgery.

And it is very cheap; only RM3.

Thanks to breastfeeding, I can indulge in this from time to time and not grow an inch. :D

Time check: 1.08am. Time to stand up and start ironing before my baby wakes up.

I Am Not A Superwoman

I am running back to my mommy for another week. My tummy still can’t take it. :(

Staying in the house that I have already called home, I can’t help it but to make sure it is clean and tidy. For the past 3 days, I think I done too much all at one time. It may seems light work to some but to someone who is not in the pinkiest of health, it is quite tough.

I am NOT a Superwoman. :P

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