Buah Salak from Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Before my maid left for her one month holiday back to her hometown, she asked me what do I want from there. Without much thought, I told her to buy some Buah Salak for us because it is very cheap over there; only RM3 a kilo. She bought 3 kilos of Buah Salak.

buah salak

The first time I saw and ate Buah Salak when my boss’ maid brought some to the office after she returned from her holiday too. Seeing it for the first time with the snake like skin, I thought it was a dead animal! The maid has to peel for me and forced me to eat the Buah Salak before I started to like the taste of this crunchy and sweet fruit. :D


Since then, every time she goes back for her holiday, I will remind her to buy some Buah Salak for me. And I was so happy to know that at my BIL’s house in Kelantan has a few Buah Salak trees! More free Buah Salak for me to enjoy. :)


Challenges in Breastfeeding – Acidic Breastmilk

Remember about the post I wrote that I found Blood Drop of Baby’s Wet Nappy? After knowing the reason; baby’s urine is acidic, I let baby drink some water everyday. The red crystal (not blood) did not appear anymore. On days when baby is not drinking water, the crystal did not appear either. But on one particular day, I was so stressed up over a few things; I felt some gastric juice was being let out and my body started to get very warm; you know like smoke gonna come out from your ears like that. On that day, I found the red drop on baby’s wet nappy a few times! So I figured, I must be the one producing acidic milk to my baby! Not because baby isn’t drinking enough water. So I told myself, I shall monitor this.

The maid is back and I am more relaxed with a helper around, no sign of red drop since when she’s around until yesterday. I got VERY upset with hubby’s insensitivity and I got stress up again. Even though I don’t feel any gastric juice being discharged, I know I was burning inside. The red drop that appeared on baby’s wet nappy confirms it.

Stress produces more gastric juice and it makes the breastmilk acidic. Logical or not?

Fishing with Baby


I may be a Kampong Girl but I never catch any fish with a fishing rod till last Sunday! The reason is, I am very impatience when it comes to fishing. And most fish does not bite the bait within 5 minutes unlike the Tilapia in our ponds. This is because we seldom fish there so they are easily fooled. :lol:

Seeing my 6yo girl fishing and caught a few fishes, tempted me to give it a try last Sunday. If my 6yo daughter can catch fish, I’m sure I can do it too. :D

I am so happy that in less than 5 minutes standing with my 5mo baby in the sling, I caught a fish!!!

Wanna see my catch? Hop over to my kid’s blog. ;)

Baby Ezra Went Fishing.

Slinging Comfortably

Now that my baby can be carried upright, I started slinging him more often; mostly, tummy to tummy position. Of late, he loves looking down at the floor, the tiles at my mom’s, the stones and the grasses when I took him out for an evening walk.

looking down

Look at him trying to look down. This position hurts my shoulder a lot. I need to try other position that would be more comfortable for me, him and he can look infront too.


So I tried the Kangaroo position with his legs securely tug in the sling. He can look around and my shoulder did not hurt a bit. He even fell asleep in this position while shopping just now.

I don’t even have to support his neck and I can go fishing! That I will story in the next post. :)

Check Your Bill When Shopping in Giant

The price stated the price tag is not the same as the price scanned by their barcode scanners. This has happened many times; not only to me but to others too. For example, the price tag shows the price at RM2.69 and when paying the actual price on the bill will be RM2.99. And this item is not under the member price. This is one of the reasons why many did not shop in Giant. It happened to me a few days ago too. But I was in a hurry and my baby sitting in my ring sling is grumpy already so I just let it go. If not, I will sure claim my money back.

Chicken Pong Teh, Cauliflower, Carrot & Sambal Belacan

Chicken Pong Teh, Fried Cauliflower with Carrot and Sambal Belacan will be our lunch and dinner today; prepared by my maid and I. I am so used to cooking and when baby is still sleeping I felt restless with nothing to do so I helped her and making sure she prepares the food the way I want it to be. Yup! I am fussy when I want to. :P

pong teh

I added some hard boiled eggs into the Chicken Pong Teh for my children coz 2 of them don’t like eating meat.


Hubby just told me that he does not really like cauliflower because it is not green veggie. Haiya, tell lar earlier. I cooked so much already.

sambal belacan

This is a MUST to eat together with the Chicken Pong Teh; Sambal Belacan. Unfortunately, I still can’t touch this because it has shrimp paste. No unclean food for me yet coz my right tummy still hurts.

You can get the recipe by clicking below links:
Chicken Pong Teh
Sambal Belacan

My Maid is Back

I can rest now, spend more time with my children especially teaching them and give them a good bath/scrub (they have been bathing by themselves and I don’t think it is clean enuf :P ) and Baby can cry less now. :D

The maid came back right on time when my right tummy started to feel pain again! I think I overdid pushing a heavy and unaligned shopping cart when I went groceries shopping on Wednesday.

I got the help of my BIL that came back from Kuching for the Raya holiday to drive us (Baby and myself) to the airport to fetch the maid because the taxi does not want to bring us there unless we allow him to use a normal car (not taxi). There is this kinda rules that a taxi can either drop or pick up passenger and not do both. If they are caught by JPJ, they will be summoned. Anyone heard of this ruling?

We left the house at 12.35noon; that is the time her flight landed at LCCT. It is because I was told that checking out for international flight takes a minimum of one hour. True enough, she called us around 1.30pm to inform that she will be waiting at the International Arrival area. She has to wait for us for about 45 mins. That is better than us waiting for her coz we don’t have to park. :P Moreover, she got company from other maids that came back in the same flight as hers.

Anyway, she brought back only one bag filled with fruits, sweets and peanuts for my children and chewing gum for BIL’s children, no clothes at all except the one she is wearing! I will blog about the fruits she brought back from Indonesia for us. :D

My Blogs are Back

I have no idea what went wrong and couldn’t bother to ask. As long as I got my blogs are back again, I am happy. It was suspended since Saturday.

Anyway, I hardly have time to blog except to steal sometime to do my 60 words assignments when baby naps.

Baby is not giving me much time to do things around the house. For the past few days he napped less than an hour and wants to be carried when he is awake. So he is left crying on the bed or in the walker most of the time. He really bullied me; on the day I am supposed to cook for Chinnee and family, he woke up at 7.30am only go back to sleep at 10.30am and his daddy woke up at 9.30am, just in time to get ready for work! Thank God my mom came to the rescue. :D

I just weighed myself again out of curiosity; I lost weight further! Now I am only at 100 pounds.

Anyway, the maid will be back this Thursday (I hope). I hope I can de-stress, rest more and gain some healthy weight again.

Washing Soiled Nappy


This is my new hobby; washing soiled nappy. Surprisingly, I enjoyed doing the above. :lol: Using the shower head to spray on the nappy till the poo-poo are all washed away then soaking it. The next day, the nappy is all white and clean again. What a satisfaction.

I will not let the maid take over my new found hobby when she returns. :P Partly because when she washes, my nappies get torn faster because she scrubs it hard to remove the stain even though I told her to just soak it overnight.

My Pimple is Back

After a few months of pimple free, 2 of them decided to came for a visit during the weekend. I guess my hormone is slowly waking up and started to terrorize my acne prone face. I regretted not going for acne treatment then. Due to it, my face is like the surface of the moon. :( But what to do, then, my parents could not afford to send me for any acne treatment or buy those expensive acne cream. And I got itchy hands; can resist not to press pimples. Thank God Hubby, then boyfriend did not look on the outward beauty. :D

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