Stretching My Limit

Attended my feverish daughter.
I cooked 3 dishes.
I mopped the floor.
I sent hubby to work.
I went shopping with my 2 girls and baby.
I hang the laundry.
I bathe baby.
I baked Choc Chip Cookies again at my mom’s (so that she can mind my baby while I get busy).
I washed the bathroom.
I swept the floor.
I fed baby.
I bathe baby.
We ate dinner together.
I folded 3 days of laundry.
I washed the dishes.
I fed my coughing n stuffy nose son medicines.
Done all of the above with my baby tagging behind me in his walker crying away when I’m not attending to his needs.

Thanking God for all this; if not I’ll surely need the fat burners.

Now, I wanna relax and watch CSI NY which I downloaded a week ago!

Aiya! My son woke up crying and coughing away. :(

Closing the comment coz I know u gonna say that I am a supermom which I AM NOT! :P

How to Get Fat the Unhealthy Way

choc chip cookies

Munch this whole container of yummilicious Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast, tea-time and supper. :lol:

I just baked the above Chocolate Chip Cookies at my mom’s just now. She has bigger oven, she can babysit my baby while I bake and she can clean up for me. :lol: My fingers still not healed yet mah; if I play with lots of water, it will dry up slower mah. :P

I am sure gonna bake the same for CNY. :D So easy peasy to prepare and sedap I tell you. ;)

Come, come I give you the recipe, you go try, then tell me nice or not.

250g Pure Butter
1/3 Cup Castor Sugar
1/3 Cup Brown Sugar
2 Tbsp Vanilla Essense
2 Large Eggs
4 Cups SR Flour
1/2 Cup Hersley’s Chocolate Chips

Beat Butter, Sugar and Vanilla till smooth then add in the eggs, beat till fluffy. Sift in the flour and mix with spoon. Then add in the chocolate chips.

Make them in a small ball and place them on the tray with baking sheets. Then flatten them with your palm. This is fun; let your children help you with this. Make sure they wash their hands clean ok. ;)

Bake at 175C (top n bottom heating) for 10 minutes. Let it cool before you devour them. :D If not sure will kena sore throat one.

For today’s batch, my 5yo girl and 3yo son helped me beat the butter, sugar and eggs. But the rolling into balls and flattening them, I did. Too fun to let them do it. :P Nah…Dibo the Gift Dragon is more fun for them.

Changing Hosting

My blogs were suspended again from last night till this morning. Again, I did not ask what happened this time around. All I know that my friend who is hosting my blogs is going to find another webhost. Don’t ask me who is the current webhoster; I have no idea too. I leave all the Admin Jobs to that friend of mine. All I know is, I have a WordPress blog that is up and live. :P Any problem occurs, I just buzz him. :lol:

Cooking Strike

I am NOT going to cook today except for baby’s food. Baby’s food easy only; just throw in the millets and buckwheat in the slow cooker, add in water and let it boil. Then add apple puree to make his food taste sweeter.

Reason I am on cooking strike; I cut two of my left fingers when cutting carrot last night. The carrot decided to jump from my grip when I was slicing it up and the knife ended up slicing my flesh! The carrot must have a good laugh under the sink, in the drain. Hmph!

It was not that deep cut but not that shallow too. My blood was oozing and I don’t know what to do; I just leave them under running water to wash away the blood. Thank God my mom was around. She told me to pour Minyak Gamat on the cut to stop the blood. It worked! So now, I have 2 bandaged fingers. :(

So, for today’s lunch, everyone is going to have tapau-ed chicken rice. For dinner, my mom’s place lar; mana lagi. :lol:

What would I do without my mom?!

Overdid! I am in Pain Again. :(

Ok! Ok! I admit that I am stubborn. Happy? :P

What did I overdo? I baked 2 days in a row! On Saturday with the help of my kids and on Sunday, all by myself after they have gone to bed. The Chocolate Chip Cookies are so yummy.┬áThe Saturday’s batch gone to my mom’s and my cousins. I can’t resist but to bake more for me to munch when I am hungry and NOT hungry. hehehe.


No more baking until the pain in my right tummy subsides. ;)

But then hor, my mom told me she got ripe Mango. I am so tempted to bake Mango Cake again!

iCook and iBake

Since the chicken and fish has been thawed and my 6yo agreed to help me mop the floor, I decided to cook to save money. Ever since I don’t earn much side income now, I am quite reluctant to spend hubby’s money. I nice wifey eh. :P

This is what iCook:

chicken tempra

Chicken Tempra


Stir Fried Okra

sambal fish

Sambal Fish

And I also experimented making my own Teh C Special but did not manage to get the 3 layer presentation. My mistake was the lower density liquid should be poured first into the glass; I did the opposite! :P

teh c special

After that, while hubby naps with baby, we (my other 3 children and I) baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. Improvised from Karen Cheng’s M&M Cookie Recipe. I don’t really fancy letting my children eat those colourful M&M so I substituted them with Hershey’s Chocolate Chips and some Sunflower seeds.


Quite a fruitful Saturday for us. :D

Declaring Saturdays as Mopping Day

I have been cooking without fail from Monday to Friday and I decided that I wanna rest from cooking every Saturday and Sunday. I cook 5 days a week only. :P

When I cook, I have no time to mop the floor coz by the time I am done cooking, washing and hanging the laundry, my baby will wake up and I have to stop to attend to my baby. When he naps, I will take the opportunity to eat, bathe, sweep the floor and do some blogging.

Since I have free time from not cooking, I will use this opportunity to mop the floor. Then maybe head to the supermarket to admire their barcode scanner; who has the time! Go supermarket buy groceries lar. :P

But why am I here blogging away arh? I got backache lar. So rest a while and blog away. hehe.


Yup! I smoke a cigarette butt before! And did not like it at all. Here how it happened…

During the olden days, it is so common to see old ladies smoke (these days, I hardly see old ladies smoke but the young ones!). My grandmother was one of them. She often asked me to buy cigarettes for her; Dunhill. I guess in the 80′s there was no ruling about no selling cigarettes to under 18 years old. Do they have this kinda ruling now? I have no idea. :lol:

Once she is done smoking, she will just throw the cigarettes butt out the window and my brother will be hidding somewhere and waiting for it! He will pick it up and tried to smoke. Thank God he is not a smoker now.

One day, I managed to get hold of him when he was puffing away. Instead of bringing him to my dad, he persuaded me to try it. So I tried! Who can smoke like a pro on their first try? Not me definitely. I inhaled too much, almost choke to death. That was the first and last time I smoke. Even if you offer me the discount cigar or those expensive “people smell first before smoking cigar” I will never do it again.

Stupid isn’t it? Non living things like car, motorbike, machineries and chimney “exhale” smoke but those that creates them inhale smoke.

Challenges in Breastfeeding – How To Produce More Breastmilk Effectively

My baby is growing and his needs for breastmilk has increased. Earlier I was kind of frustrated when I cannot produce enough breastmilk for him. Everyone advised to feed him more often and the milk will naturally come to cater for his needs. At times, he latches every hour but the milk didn’t seem to multiply.

Then I remembered that Chinnee from ate a certain kind of pills to help boost her milk production. She has twins you know; so I am sure the pill works. Send her a buzz and she told me to buy Halba / Fenugreek to eat. Fenugreek is an Indian spice which is commonly use in their curry.


So, I am supposed to swallow half teaspoon of this sand-like grain 3 times a day! My mom said that Halba / Fenugreek is heaty so I have to monitor how this will affect my body; I have hemorrhoids and I can’t take too much heaty stuff. So I started with only half teaspoon a day.

It WORKS! I have constant supply of breastmilk since taking it. My breast hardly go empty. I even have enough breastmilk to breastfeed my newborn niece.

At first my mom bought the Halba from the supermarket at 50 cents for 10g! That is way too expensive. Later I went to an Indian shop and bought it at RM5 for 1kg! Then I send it to the mill for grinding that cost me RM3. I wanted the powdered Fenugreek coz when I eat the grain, the grain came out unscratched. :lol: But then hor, it is way too difficult to swallow the powdered form. :(


But I still swallow it with a cup of warm Milo to wash it down. In less than 2 months time, I would be needing to swallow Fenugreek 3 times a day coz I volunteered to babysit my sister’s firstborn so that I can breastfeed her till she is 6 months old.

I am so nice hor? No lar! :P I just wanna stay slim as long as possible coz by then my baby would be 8 months old and he will take more solid than breastmilk. Ada udang di sebalik mee. :lol:

Still Unemployed Because He Has No Degree

One of my uncles has been retrenched from a multinational company a few months ago. Until today, he is still jobless. His wife told me that some of his colleague either got a new job already or being absorbed back into the company but all of them holds a degree. My uncle didn’t even pass his SPM. He started from being a clerk in the company and climbed the ladder until he was earning more than RM3k a month. He is very experienced but due to the company’s policy; degree comes first then experiences, he is still unemployed.

He should consider taking an online degree since he has plenty of time now. I read that the Western Governors University (WGU) is a fully accredited online university offering online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. They offer Bachelor’s and Master’s program in Business, IT, Teaching, and Health Professions. If ever I want to take another degree, it would be either teaching or in which they are very practical in the mission field.

WGU is a non-profit online university. So their tuition fee is affordable and lower than other online universities. Oh! How I wish we have the same university here. They are cheap to those who are earning USD not RM. :lol:

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