Nov 30
On My 35th Birthday
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Many ladies will not disclose their age but no me. :lol: Kalu dah tua tu, admit saja lar. Kan, Kan, Kan?

With 4 young children and a busy husband, birthday is just like any other days. No special birthday dinner or special birthday cake.

My birthday dinner is catered to what my children will eat without much fuss and food that I can swallow FAST! :lol:

Here’s what we had yesterday:

wantan hor

Hubby was craving for Wan Tan Hor.

Singapore Beehoon

My girls’ wanted Fried Bee Hoon.

yam ring

And this one is for hubby and I. My 3.5yo son taught that it was my birthday cake! :D

What I had in mind for my birthday dinner was a slice of thick and juicy Beef Steak. But then, it will be too costly to bring everyone to eat there. So I kept my mouth shut. :P


For the children’s sake, we bought a small cake that cost us RM10. They sang for me and we ate the cake for breakfast just before hubby left for work.

In the afternoon, I went to my mom’s to watch a TV show then came home an hour after that without my 3 older ones. I managed to nap with my baby latching on my boob for about one hour. Then we went to spend sometime with hubby at the shop.

Came back home with everyone around 9pm, put them to bed by 10pm and here I am, spending the last few minutes of my birthday updating all my blogs. :D

Nov 28

This morning pulak, I received an email from London!

Hi Michelle,

I live in London, UK and would like to know where I can purchase pineapple tarts?

Aiyoyo! You live in London and you ask me where to buy pineapple tarts? I have never been to UK and never will be unless I strike lottery. :lol:

And that is no way I can export my Nyonya Pineapple Tarts to UK unless she doesn’t mind eating Nyonya Pineapple Crumbs. :lol:

Hey, you Nyonyas who live in UK, go learn how to make Nyonya Pineapple Tarts and start a home business there. :P Dunno how? Search in this blog, I got the recipe and even step by step on how to make the pastry in Youtube!

Nov 28

I am so happy to know that our Nyonya Pineapple Tarts are traveling to US soon. :D

We just sold 150 pcs today to a customer from KL. She told me that 50 pcs will be going to US; hand carry of course. She asked me to help me wrap the 50 pcs in foil paper but I have no idea how to go about it!

I hope they will enjoy the Pineapple Tarts and order more from us. :)

You know, we don’t make pineapple tarts everyday. We make them upon orders so you can be sure they are as fresh as it can be. We will bake a day before collection. :)

Nov 25
Teh C Special
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teh c

From what I read, Teh C or Teh Si is originated from Kuching but I first tasted it a few months ago in a Peranakan Cafe, here in Melaka. It is tea mix with evaporated milk and the Special is the Gula Melaka. The C stands for Carnation coz those days Carnation was a well known brand for evaporated milk. The normal Teh (Teh Tarik) is a mixture of tea and condensed milk.

I fell in love with this drink the moment it touches my tongue. Love at first sip. ;)

So I tried making my own Teh Si Special. I bought Carnation Evaporated Creamer, I melted Gula Melaka and I soaked 2 sachets of Lipton Tea. After a few experiments, I managed to get that 3 layers. The lower density liquid must go in first followed by the higher density. So, the tea must go into the glass first followed by the milk and Gula Melaka. If I do otherwise, I won’t get the 3 layers (just plain old Teh Tarik colour, no layer) but according to my friend who works at the Peranakan Cafe, she pours in the Gula Melaka first and she still can get the 3 layers. *me scratch head*

Nov 23
Quick Update
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Maid was around today till after lunch. That means, another day of rest for me which I really needed. I can consider myself 90% recovered and will be up and running by tomorrow morning.

Nov 19

I better write something here before you peeps thought I have been “grounded” (you know, dimasukkan ke dalam tanah – grounded. hahaha) I am still at home, resting as much as I could.

I do not know what is wrong me. 2 mornings ago, I woke up feeling dizzy and vomited 4 times throughout the day. Food and drink just refused to stay in my tummy. Yesterday’s evening, I was much better. Today, I thought I am well again, I started doing some house chores; washing, sweeping, mopping and cooking. By noon, I started to feel dizzy and weak again. So, I quickly head to my mom’s to rest.

I need to “poh” my body lar; 2 menses in a month, fully breastfeeding my baby, helping hubby at his shop when he is not well and the house and the children has really affected my health. I have asked my mom to catch her kampung chicken and cook something “poh” for me tomorrow. I really hate drinking Chinese Herbs Soup; can’t stand the smell and the taste but this time I have no choice but to pinch my nose and swallow!

The family is coming back this weekend for a wedding. If you are reading this, so sorry! I have no energy to sweep and mop your rooms and keep the house swept and mopped this time around.

Nov 17

One of our apartments has been vacant since beginning this month. We are praying that it will be occupied again soon. If not, we have to fork out our own pocket money to pay for the home loan. :(

So, for the time being, anyone needs a place to stay when you come to Melaka, give us a ring at 012-2544606 (David Bong). We are charging only RM120/day for 3 rooms apartment fully furnished with bed and mattresses, study table, cupboard, air-cond, water heater, washing machine, TV, sofa, dining table and a brand new fridge.

Nov 16
Blur Day
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At first I thought my 6yo art class starts at 5pm. Only realised that it only starts at 5.30pm when we were about to leave the house. After sending her to art class, my 5yo n I went to Tesco for a free photo shoot. You can get a free 4R photo for every purchase of RM50 above in a single receipt. We found a RM50++ receipt in the shopping cart that we took! PTL! So instead of shopping to get the RM50 receipt, we went to the photo shoot first. Then a lady cut queue during out turn to choose for the photo to print and she took such a long time to choose her baby’s photo so we went shopping first thinking that I need to leave Tesco by 6.50pm and I only have 30 mins to shop for rice and veggie. Yup! I thought my 6yo art class ends at 7pm instead of 7.30pm. I was so blur!

In the midst of shopping, I lost my 5yo girl because this girl of mine kept lagging behind instead of following me closely. She often does that we go shopping! This is the 2nd time I lost her in the supermarket. I told myself, no more bringing her shopping all alone with me anymore. Thank God the Tesco staff found her crying looking for me. Met her near the check out counter when I was going to the information counter to ask for help. I was so worried that she goes out all by herself to the car park. She did that the last time I lost her; she went to look for me at the car.

Once I found her, I went to pay for my shopping items and rush to fetch my 6yo and my 7mo baby started to whine coz he is hungry and sleepy. On the way to fetch my 6yo then only I realised that her class ends at 7.30pm. I used the time to breastfeeding my baby at the car park.

Nov 14
Win Huggies Diapers
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Help me win some Huggies Diapers for my baby will you? :D

baby ezra

He is currently using his brother’s left over Huggies Dry Diaper. Soon, I will need to start buying for him coz I still let him wear disposable diaper when we go out and on rainy days. Easy when he does his poo poo business; just remove and throw.

If he wins this contest; he will get 6 months supply of Huggies Diapers. I think this would last till he is potty trained.

Please help him win and help me save. Vote for him HERE.

Thank you so much in advance ya. :D

Nov 11

I have a few interesting post to write but I just don’t have the time to sit here to blog about it. Got to wait till hubby is at home during the day or baby decides to give me a break and nap for more than 1 hour.

The day before yesterday, I was at hubby’s shop helping him out while he took about 2 hours nap because he was sick. And this hubby of mine, NEVER visits the doctor when he fall sick. He will just take his USANA supplements, drinks a lot of water and rest as much as he could. He will be fine in a week or so.

On that day, I was up at 7am as usual to cook, wash, and then send my girls to kindy then continue cooking. Around 12noon, hubby called for S.O.S. coz his body cannot take it anymore and he needs his rest. I just came back from fetching my girls from kindy, so I quickly get my girls to eat their lunch and I SWALLOWED mine too. :) Send my 2nd girl to her grandma’s house coz she loves hanging around with my sister and her newborn. Brought with me, my eldest, 3yo son and baby to the shop.

At the shop, my eldest girl glued herself infront of the PC. MY 3yo son helped me look after his baby brother who is in the walker while hubby took his nap. At one time, baby latched to sleep and I carried baby who was still latching while photostating for a customer! Thanks to the ring sling, we are covered. :) Then baby naps on the sofa for about an hour.

At 5pm, we left the shop to bank in cheque and to send my eldest girl to her art class then back to the shop. My 3yo son started to get restless, so I brought him over to Giant’s playground. While he plays, baby latches!

To cut the story short, we left the shop at around 7.15pm to fetch my girl from art class then to my mom’s to fetch my 2nd girl home and by 9.30pm, everyone was down! We were truly exhausted.

I was at hubby’s shop again yesterday for about 1.5 hours and he wants me to go there again to let him take a nap for a lil while. If I do that, my laundry is piling up, the house is in a mess and baby is under fed coz he can’t latch as often as he does when he is at the shop. Who is going to help me then? Reward me with a Gold Initial Pendant? I’d rather have a helper than gifts.

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