When Hubby is Sick, The Wife Gets More Busy

I have a few interesting post to write but I just don’t have the time to sit here to blog about it. Got to wait till hubby is at home during the day or baby decides to give me a break and nap for more than 1 hour.

The day before yesterday, I was at hubby’s shop helping him out while he took about 2 hours nap because he was sick. And this hubby of mine, NEVER visits the doctor when he fall sick. He will just take his USANA supplements, drinks a lot of water and rest as much as he could. He will be fine in a week or so.

On that day, I was up at 7am as usual to cook, wash, and then send my girls to kindy then continue cooking. Around 12noon, hubby called for S.O.S. coz his body cannot take it anymore and he needs his rest. I just came back from fetching my girls from kindy, so I quickly get my girls to eat their lunch and I SWALLOWED mine too. :) Send my 2nd girl to her grandma’s house coz she loves hanging around with my sister and her newborn. Brought with me, my eldest, 3yo son and baby to the shop.

At the shop, my eldest girl glued herself infront of the PC. MY 3yo son helped me look after his baby brother who is in the walker while hubby took his nap. At one time, baby latched to sleep and I carried baby who was still latching while photostating for a customer! Thanks to the ring sling, we are covered. :) Then baby naps on the sofa for about an hour.

At 5pm, we left the shop to bank in cheque and to send my eldest girl to her art class then back to the shop. My 3yo son started to get restless, so I brought him over to Giant’s playground. While he plays, baby latches!

To cut the story short, we left the shop at around 7.15pm to fetch my girl from art class then to my mom’s to fetch my 2nd girl home and by 9.30pm, everyone was down! We were truly exhausted.

I was at hubby’s shop again yesterday for about 1.5 hours and he wants me to go there again to let him take a nap for a lil while. If I do that, my laundry is piling up, the house is in a mess and baby is under fed coz he can’t latch as often as he does when he is at the shop. Who is going to help me then? Reward me with a Gold Initial Pendant? I’d rather have a helper than gifts.

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