Blur Day

At first I thought my 6yo art class starts at 5pm. Only realised that it only starts at 5.30pm when we were about to leave the house. After sending her to art class, my 5yo n I went to Tesco for a free photo shoot. You can get a free 4R photo for every purchase of RM50 above in a single receipt. We found a RM50++ receipt in the shopping cart that we took! PTL! So instead of shopping to get the RM50 receipt, we went to the photo shoot first. Then a lady cut queue during out turn to choose for the photo to print and she took such a long time to choose her baby’s photo so we went shopping first thinking that I need to leave Tesco by 6.50pm and I only have 30 mins to shop for rice and veggie. Yup! I thought my 6yo art class ends at 7pm instead of 7.30pm. I was so blur!

In the midst of shopping, I lost my 5yo girl because this girl of mine kept lagging behind instead of following me closely. She often does that we go shopping! This is the 2nd time I lost her in the supermarket. I told myself, no more bringing her shopping all alone with me anymore. Thank God the Tesco staff found her crying looking for me. Met her near the check out counter when I was going to the information counter to ask for help. I was so worried that she goes out all by herself to the car park. She did that the last time I lost her; she went to look for me at the car.

Once I found her, I went to pay for my shopping items and rush to fetch my 6yo and my 7mo baby started to whine coz he is hungry and sleepy. On the way to fetch my 6yo then only I realised that her class ends at 7.30pm. I used the time to breastfeeding my baby at the car park.

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