Student Apartment for Rent near MMU

One of our apartments has been vacant since beginning this month. We are praying that it will be occupied again soon. If not, we have to fork out our own pocket money to pay for the home loan. :(

So, for the time being, anyone needs a place to stay when you come to Melaka, give us a ring at 012-2544606 (David Bong). We are charging only RM120/day for 3 rooms apartment fully furnished with bed and mattresses, study table, cupboard, air-cond, water heater, washing machine, TV, sofa, dining table and a brand new fridge.

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2 Responses

  1. claire Says:

    My son enrolled in MMU Melaka beginning of this year, we took him there and registered, eventually he didnt like the place and we came back.. i rugi around 700rm just like that..
    Ok, will keep in view .. cos now end of the year, there might be students enrolling for january semester..

  2. michelle Says:

    Wow tat’s cheap. Maybe you can advertise in