Still on Earth but Floating Around!

I better write something here before you peeps thought I have been “grounded” (you know, dimasukkan ke dalam tanah – grounded. hahaha) I am still at home, resting as much as I could.

I do not know what is wrong me. 2 mornings ago, I woke up feeling dizzy and vomited 4 times throughout the day. Food and drink just refused to stay in my tummy. Yesterday’s evening, I was much better. Today, I thought I am well again, I started doing some house chores; washing, sweeping, mopping and cooking. By noon, I started to feel dizzy and weak again. So, I quickly head to my mom’s to rest.

I need to “poh” my body lar; 2 menses in a month, fully breastfeeding my baby, helping hubby at his shop when he is not well and the house and the children has really affected my health. I have asked my mom to catch her kampung chicken and cook something “poh” for me tomorrow. I really hate drinking Chinese Herbs Soup; can’t stand the smell and the taste but this time I have no choice but to pinch my nose and swallow!

The family is coming back this weekend for a wedding. If you are reading this, so sorry! I have no energy to sweep and mop your rooms and keep the house swept and mopped this time around.

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