Teh C Special

teh c

From what I read, Teh C or Teh Si is originated from Kuching but I first tasted it a few months ago in a Peranakan Cafe, here in Melaka. It is tea mix with evaporated milk and the Special is the Gula Melaka. The C stands for Carnation coz those days Carnation was a well known brand for evaporated milk. The normal Teh (Teh Tarik) is a mixture of tea and condensed milk.

I fell in love with this drink the moment it touches my tongue. Love at first sip. ;)

So I tried making my own Teh Si Special. I bought Carnation Evaporated Creamer, I melted Gula Melaka and I soaked 2 sachets of Lipton Tea. After a few experiments, I managed to get that 3 layers. The lower density liquid must go in first followed by the higher density. So, the tea must go into the glass first followed by the milk and Gula Melaka. If I do otherwise, I won’t get the 3 layers (just plain old Teh Tarik colour, no layer) but according to my friend who works at the Peranakan Cafe, she pours in the Gula Melaka first and she still can get the 3 layers. *me scratch head*

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2 Responses

  1. claire Says:

    miche, u should do like those teh tarik sellers.. from one glass at a height pour to another glasss…. wah.. then u get the frothy cream.. on top!

  2. michelle Says:

    I always tot Teh C is teh with coffee.