Nov 11
BBQ Pit Made of Drum
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I still have the BBQ pit that is made of drum from my ex-company. I borrowed it last year before the CNY but didn’t have the time to return it. The company’s Bangladesh worker; Osman told me to keep it coz if the boss wants, they can always make some more. It would be good if they have the stainless steel drums then the BBQ pit will surely last longer coz it won’t get rusted. Maybe I’ll borrow it again and claim mine after a year. :lol:

Nov 8

I am busy everyday but yesterday I used my energy more which means I burnt more calories and my body uses more water. So the water that I drank was not sufficient to produce breastmilk. This is what I figured.

After washing and hanging my laundry and sweeping the floor, I was out with hubby, my eldest daughter and baby to run some errands. The moment I step home, I put my baby to sleep (with my breastmilk of course; takan use sleeping pills. hehe) then I started mopping every single part of the house. It was very tiring and I was sweating (I don’t sweat easily you know). I doubt the maid mops the floor like I do coz the amount of dirt on my baby’s socks is the same as when she mops the house every other day. I figured she just wet the floor when she mops. At the end of it, my tummy started to ache and that forced me to stop and rest.

In the evening when baby took his nap around 6pm, I quickly take the broom and started raking/sweeping the leaves that are covering the ground as fast that I could but I did not have enough time to collect them to throw in the rubbish pit coz baby woke up within that half an hour. Will do that right after I am done with this post coz hubby, my eldest and first boy are coughing so we are not going to church; air-cond room will make them cough even more.

Then I realised that my breastmilk is not producing as much as it should. I did drink a lot of water but I guess it was not sufficient coz I did extra work.

Now I know the reason cows can produce a lot of milk. All they do is eat, drink and sleep; eat, drink and sleep. That is IMPOSSIBLE for a SAHM mommy without any helper to follow. So I must drink more water than I usually drank and triple my fenugreek(halba) intake every Saturday.

Nov 5
Pardon Me
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To my dear blogger friends,

Please pardon me for not visiting your blog/s and if I do visit, I do not have much time to leave comment. Forgive me ya.

My time is really limited these days. I should get the hang of running my household but I’m getting busier each day doing extra housework or baking whenever time permits.

Then I see my 6.5mom baby who is growing super fast right in front of my eyes. I want to spend as much time with him as possible coz he won’t stay a baby much longer or else, I have to make more of them. :lol:

I have so much to do everyday and everyday none is completed! When I place my priority attending to my children’s need, clothes left unironed, unfolded; floor left unswept and unmopped (got such a word eh??? hehe). Bedrooms are in a mess. Windows not wipe and leaves not raked. Tops, whatever kind of tops are covered with thick dust etc.

I better get up and going.

Nov 3

I have no intention of stopping breastfeeding my 6.5mo baby. I really enjoy the bonding time and most of all he keeps me slim! :D

Yesterday, I accidentally discovered a way to stop the breastmilk production naturally; for those who wants to wean of their baby off their boobs.

Eat Guava, lots of it to stop breastmilk production. That was what I ate the day before yesterday. I ate almost half of a huge Guava. The next day, my boobs didn’t want to fill up. I thought I did not eat enough, which was partly true coz I ate my lunch at 9.45am and dinner at 4.50pm and no snacks in between coz baby was latching most of the time due to lack of breastmilk. Towards late evening, he got very frustrated. On top of it, I did not have time to cook his solid meal coz I was rushing to send my eldest girl to art class.

Pacing to and fro under the Arc Lamp trying to figure out where it went wrong. Wrote my frustration in FB and I received lots of tips on how to increase breastmilk production and Sasha asked me whether I ate Guava. I almost can’t breathe when I read that coz I want more breastmilk, not stop it.

So, I went to drink lots of water, drank Milo with Oat, ate bread and swallowed 1/2 tsp of Fenugreek. By midnight, the breastmilk started to produce again and this time, my baby pulak cannot breathe while drinking; the flow is too fast coz a lot of breastmilk!

Phew! Guava is banned from my list of fruits.

If any of you know of any fruit or food that can stop breastmilk production, please share with me ok? TQ. :D

Nov 2
Both Cars Broke Down
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A week ago, we spent RM230 to change my car’s disburator so we don’t have to start the car everyday. It is because, I seldom use my car anymore due to the heavy steering; my tummy cannot take the pressure anymore. But after 2 days of not starting the car, on the 3rd day, the car cannot be started. :( So we just left the car unfixed coz I still have hubby’s car which I am driving everyday now. So angry you know; after paying so much, the problem is not fixed and my car gets worst!

Today, hubby’s car decided to “buat hal” and refused to start. So I am stranded at home again. Thank God my youngest sister is still in confinement and I borrowed her car for today and tomorrow. Hopefully the mechanic will keep his word and come tomorrow morning.

*sigh* when oh when will we have enough money to buy a better car.

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