Challenges in Breastfeeding – Teething

My youngest baby started teething a day after he turns 8 months old. I was so fearful that he will bite me more often coz he loves biting since he was 4 months old. I thank God that he did not bite until yesterday when he has 2 brand new and sharp bottom teeth.

It was so painful that I gave out a loud “Ouch!” I know that this time I must be stern with him. Previous bites, I scolded him but I was not stern enough that he just smile and continue biting!

I raised my voice plus a very angry look and sternly told him that he cannot bite me coz it is painful and to let go. From the way he looked at me, I know he got a shock and confused. I repeated my “Cannot bite mommy!” line a few times and he cried! Then I quickly hug and sayang him. He pushed away and look at my face a few times to be sure that I am no longer angry at him and he smiled.

I hope he is a fast learner and will not repeat his little experiment again.

Life Insurance – Undecided

To get free life insurance quote from various insurance company here is not easy. Firstly, we need to find their agent that we know. I won’t simply buy insurance from any agent worrying that I’ll be conned by them. Unfortunately, the agents that I know usually sells from one or two insurance companies only. I want to compare the insurance quote from a few insurance company to get the best package that fits my budget. Right now, I only know that Allianz can offer family medical insurance around 1k plus. Anymore insurance company that give better offer with almost the same coverage?

Christmas Dinner 2009


We had East meets West dinner spread.

The West:
1. Roast Turkey
2. Smoked Pork Sausage
3. Smoked Ham
4. Smoked Duck Ham
5. Spaghetti
6. Lasagne
7. Pizza
8. BBQ Pork Rib
9. BBQ Chicken Wing
10. BBQ Lamb
11. Fruit Salad
12. Chicken Nuggets
14 Carrot Cake with Cheese Cream & Macadamia Topping
15. Baileys Irish Cream

The East:
1. Pulut Tekan
2. Pineapple Tarts
3. Cendol
4. Sunmelon with Sago
5. Kuih Bakar
6. ABC

Hmmm…looks like the main course are Western food and the desserts are Asian’s. ;)

Here are some close up pictures and behind the scenes. Most of the food were being prepared by our Singh BIL and his 14yo daughter.




Roast Turkey

pulut tekan

MIL preparing the Pulut Tekan for serving.


Me preparing the Cendol.


Joshua, our BBQ Man. ;)


Lasagne. This is the best of all! :D


Bailey’s Irish Cream; a gift from my youngest sister. She bought from Langkawi for RM50 only!

These pictures were taken by hubby’s nephew. I was too busy to snap around. :P

Christmas Tree in The House

xmas tree

This year we have a Christmas Tree at home thanks to our Singh BIL. :D

The first time we had Christmas Tree in this house was 5 years ago (the Tsunami year). That time, my SIL and her family is back from UK for their holiday. But it was not a real Christmas Tree. I think one of my BILs chopped down a big branch of dunno what tree and we decorated it.

Neway, the children are most excited waiting to unwrap their Christmas presents.

I can’t wait to savor BIL’s carrot cake, lasagna, pizza and roast turkey (or maybe just chicken coz my oven is too small to fit in a turkey).

If you don’t know where to go on Christmas night, come over to my place ok? You are always welcome (to help me wash the dishes. hahahahaha. just kidding.)

Wishing All of You a Blessed Christmas!

Family Medical Insurance Under 1k

Is there any insurance company that offers family medical insurance under RM1k? After what happened recently to my 3.5yo son, I really need to consider getting an affordable term life insurance for the whole family. It is so costly if we want to get treatment in private hospital. I don’t mind going to general hospital but not for my kids. Their lives are too previous to be left under the hands of trainee doctors. I am canceling my own medical card so that I can use the money for paying the medical insurance for my kids. So, if anyone know any insurance company that offers family medical insurance under RM1k, please let me know ya. :) TQ.

Bird Eye Chili; More Than We Can Eat


Thanks to the uncles who work on our land, we have ample supply of bird eye chili. The above was picked from 6 trees. I think all together there are 30 trees. When I was picking the chilies, I was wishing that they are Cherries instead of Chilies. ;)

These uncles arh, plant the bird eye chili for fun one. They sold them only once and then lazy to pick them!

Wedding on Sunday

We are attending yet another wedding of a close relative this Sunday. This time, the wedding dinner will be held in Holiday Inn Hotel. I am surely attending it. Never step foot in Holiday Inn before and I heard that their food is nice. Since my Baby can sit now, I hope I can get a baby chair for him and feed him solid throughout the dinner and I can save my boobs from public viewing. :lol:

I also found out that the bride’s MIL has the same surname as me. I wonder whether we are related. There is not many “Soo” around. ;) The bride is hubby’s niece. I wonder whether she is the one that works in Dubai. We will know soon. :) Hmm…I wonder whether she will go for the Cancun Destination Wedding.

6 Rounds of Laundry

Only on the 3rd one now (time check: 1.34am). I need to get at least one more round done before I get some shut eyes. If I don’t, I don’t think I will have time to hang all the washed laundry before my baby wakes up. These are my laundry since Friday and some bedsheets. I was stuck in the hospital for 2 days; that’s why!

My 3.5yo son was hospitalised due to lower abdomen pain; suspected appendix. Thank God it wasn’t; it was just gas! And for that we paid almost RM1k and lost of sales coz hubby got to close his shop for a few hours. Anyway, money can be earned but not life. At least we know that we have a perfectly healthy boy through the blood test, urine test and ultrasound that was done on him. He is still recovering; still not in the pinkiest of health. Need to force him to drink lots of water.

My 5yo girl is still feverish; on and off. I am sniffing away now coz of lack of sleep! But I am glad that all 6 of us is together tonight (i mean last night) and hubby is with us the whole day.

Precious moments:
1. Seeing him exercising and playing with his girls.
2. Me sitting of the grass with my baby beside a puppy.
3. Hubby bathed all his 4 children!

I do not have to rush to sweep, mop and wash! :D

Predicting The Future

No one can predict the future; not even the Fortune Teller coz God is in control of our future. He can change it anytime He wishes.

Yes! I have always wanted 4 children and God blessed us with 2 pairs. That’s truly a blessing.

I am going through challenging time now raising them up without any helper, not even hubby. I guess I have said this many times.

You know what, I did not predict that this will happen to me once I have 4 children. No one tells me that hubby will have to work the whole day at his shop after I have 4 children. No one tells me that MIL will have to stay in KL for her medical check-up. No one tells me that I will no longer have the assistant of the family maid when I have 4 children.

So, don’t go raising your voice at me telling me “Kalu tau tak boleh jaga, siapa suruh beranak 4 orang.” (If you know, you can’t take care of 4, why go give birth to 4.). And a joke does not come with a raised voice.

As though I know the future. You know what, before I have any child, I don’t even know whether I can take care of one. Then two then three and now four. You know very well that you can take care of 3 soon meh? You know that you will have your husband to help you out all the time? You know that your children will grow up to be a responsible man and woman? I tell you, I myself don’t know how will my children turn out to be when they grow up. I don’t know whether my husband will still be alive tomorrow. I don’t know whether I will still be alive tomorrow.

You know why I am VERY sensitive. Of all people, my own family member does not understand what I am going through now. If other people where to say the same, I couldn’t be bothered coz they don’t know unless they follow this blog.

Thank God that my dad understands my situation. He is the only one in the house that understands what I am going through right now.

When Will The Maid Be Back

Many asked me when will the maid be back. Well, I have no idea when she will be back for good because MIL still have not finished her medical check-ups in KL. They will be there as long as MIL’s eyes are not heal. They will only be back if there are wedding invitations from close relatives. Which means they will be back in 2 weeks time; just for the weekend.

Anyway, though life is more challenging now, I am thankful that God has given me the strength to go through this period in my life. At least now I know I can manage this household and my 4 children all by myself with some hiccups though but most importantly my children are happy, healthy and well fed. Hubby has no complaints coz he has his lunch and dinner ready for him almost every weekday and all his work t-shirt are ironed.

Without them leaving us, I am sure I will still think that “Aiyo, this house is so big, how to manage?” “How to take care of 3 young children and a baby all by myself; sure die one.” “My children don’t like my cooking, how?” Psst…they love my cooking now as long as I add a lot of onion in their dishes; they loves onions! :D

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