Back Soon

MIL and Maid will be home soon. How soon, I have no idea and I don’t care anymore whether they are coming back or not. It is because; MIL has to be in KL for as long as her eyes are not healed. Looking at how things are going, healing for her eyes are very slow. Furthermore, I have already got used to my daily schedule and they keep me slim! Hehehe. I think I do have the stamina to even clean metal buildings. :lol: Well, there are hiccups here and there but nobody is perfect.

Challenges in Breastfeeding – Exposed

I wanted to write this “Exposed” post for quite a while already but couldn’t find a quiet moment to think and write. Previous posts were written without much thought. :P

It started when Baby turns 7 months old. He does not like his face to be covered when breastfeeding. He does not like my hand to be anywhere near my boobs. My boobs are his and his alone. He will push away my hand, he will push the nappy cloth that I used to cover any exposed part, he will push the ring sling which is covering his face, he will even push up my t-shirt if it is anywhere near the areola. He will be very happy when I breastfeed him without wearing anything. :lol:

Due to this, breastfeeding in public is no longer an option for us which is quite difficult sometime when he wants it when we were out from the house. The only place that I can breastfeed him when we go out is in the car. So I will let him whine and be cranky until I’m done shopping. :lol:

Thank God we survived 2 months only without being exposed much in the public; we seldom go out since then. The only place that I am being exposed is during church service in the mother’s room. Nevermind lar, I am not the only breastfeeding mommy in that room; you see mine, I see yours. :lol:

Opps! I did it again.

I brought suffering upon myself again.

My right tummy pain has left me for a few months already but it came back last Saturday. I think I did more than I could last Saturday.

I mopped the floor twice…the whole house; from the living room to the wet kitchen. I washed the toilets and bathrooms too.

Well, I have no choice actually. My 9mo baby is crawling more often now so I have to make sure the floor is cleaner than usual.

And I also thought I am completely healed. Now I know that I HAVE NOT. Must be gentle on that side of the tummy from now on.

At this time, how I wish I am left handed. Then the pressure when doing strenuous work will be on my left side of the body instead of right.

2010 Weekday Routine

530am – Wakey! Wakey! Take a peep at the PC to check whether got urgent emails or assignment to be completed like this project management software. Then iron uniforms if not done during the night. Wash and refill children’s water bottles. Line up their uniforms, stokins, and underwears on the chair. Arrange eldest girl school books according to the timetable.

6.15am – Wake the girls up. While they get ready, I prepare a quick breakfast for them.

6.30am – Prepare a bottle of milk for my 4yo boy. Wake him up then let him drink. Once he is done, help him to brush his teeth and dress up. Then I tie my girls hair.

6.45am-7.15am – They eat their breakfast and play outdoor while I put the laundry in the washing machine.

7.15am – Off to school

7.20am – Reached school, send eldest girl to her class, help her hand up her homeworks and peep others homework too; if they do something wrong or miss out some words, get them to correct it.

7.30am – Leave the school compound and wait for the kindy teachers to arrive. While waiting my 6yo and 4yo will run and play at the school field. I am so tempted to join them running but I worried the principal will come running after me! :lol:

7.45am – The kindy teachers come, send them to their class and I head home.

7.50am-8.30am – Boil water, get all the cooking stuff ready, wash last night dishes and blog if got time.

8.30-9.30am – Cooking time!

9.30am – Hang bajus. By the time I am done, baby will wake up. Feed baby his breakfast and play with him. Get hubby’s lunch and dinner box filled.

10am – Hubby leaves for work. Take a walk outside with Baby.

1030am- Bathe Baby. Then put him to bed again. Sometimes I will doze off together with him.

12noon – Fetch my children from kindy. Send them to my mom’s for lunch. I go back home to feed baby his lunch.

1.35pm – Fetch eldest girl then come home to let her change and I bring in my laundry.

2pm – To my mom’s for lunch and bring the rest back home.

3pm-5pm – Either nap time or homework time.

5pm-7pm – Playtime.

7pm – Dinner.

7.30pm – Bathing.

8.30-9pm – Get all my school going children to bed. If they nap, then this will be homework time and they will go to bed by 10.30pm.

9pm-10.30pm – Baby naps. If not he will accompany me fold bajus.

10.30pm – Bedtime for me and Baby.

12.30am – Hubby comes home and sometimes I will wake up to spend sometime with him.

2.30am – Sleep!

The sweeping will come in between when Baby is not glued to me and willing to sit in his walker. The mopping when I don’t cook or when the children spilled something on the floor. Just let Baby cry in his walker lar if no choice. Or when hubby is around when his part-time staff can come in to work in the morning or evening. This seldom happens though. :(

Raking the leaves outdoor, washing the verandah and car porch; I can’t do it while carrying baby, he is too heavy now. So, close both eyes lar. I can’t leave Baby all alone in the house. When I am outside, my other 3 will surely come along.

Sometimes I nap with them and sometimes I don’t if I have pending housework to be done. When I don’t nap I get stress up over little things due to lack of sleep especially when I sleep at 2.30am!

On days when I am not too tired, I’ll pop in hubby’s shop to relief him for an hour or two while he takes a walk outside and bath.

On Wednesday and Friday, I will leave my other 3 with my mom while I send my eldest girl for her dance and arts class.

When I need to run errand for hubby, I’ll do it after all of them come home from school and leave them at my mom’s.

Thank God that that my mom lives nearby me.

Insurance Quotes

My BIL informed me that Allianz no longer have the family insurance package. He recommended another insurance agent to me from UniAsia I think. My youngest sister bought from my mom which cost her around RM100 plus a month which includes life and medical. I think the insurance agent is going to recommend the same to me. Like that arh, I surely can’t afford coz it will be RM100x6 = RM600/month! My online income also can’t pay for it. Well, I’ll just get the insurance quotes from her and compare with others.

About Astro and Free Reconnection Fee

A few years back, we subscribed to Astro. Due to busyness, we hardly have time to sit in front of the idiot box so we unsubscribed Astro.

Last month we received a postcard from Astro offering free reconnection fee. The offer valid until 13th January 2010. We have no plan to subscribe to Astro again so I just chuck the postcard somewhere. A week after that my mom asked me to apply Astro for her coz the one she is having is being paid by someone else; she does not feel comfortable about it coz that someone else does not want to accept the monthly subscription fee from her.

That’s where the offer postcard comes in handy. I will reconnect mine and give the Astro card to my mom. Here is where the problem comes…

Call the number on the postcard (they are Astro’s agent).
Told me to call Astro to get new Astro card.
New Astro card received.
Call to activate the card BUT they know nothing about the offer I received. Told me they will call me back. After a few days, no call received.
Call the Astro agent again. They said kenot be, they must know. Told me they will send report and Astro will call me.
After a few days, no one call. Call again the agent, send report again. Told them that Astro will surely call me back after the offer expires. Mark my word!
A day before the offer expires, I called the agent again. They called me back informing my account will be activated in 3 days time.
A day after the offer expired, I called Astro asking whether they receive any report from their agent. They have no idea and told me they will call me back.
3 days later, Astro finally called me telling me that the offer has expired and they can’t waive the reconnection fee. Told me that they actually called me on the same day I called them.
Apalagi, I scolded her cow-cow. If they call, sure have miss call mah. Ini satu pun tarak. That was on the 2nd of January. It took them 14 days to call me again! After the offer expired as expected. After kena scolded cow-cow from me, then only she told me that they can waive the reconnection fee coz I unsubscribed a few years ago.
I asked, “Why do I have to scold you then only you said you can waive?” She kept quiet.

This people arh…cannot be soft with them. If not, you surely have to pay the reconnection fee.

And then hor, Astro called my sister informing her that she did not pay her latest bill. Padahal I paid for her already and Citibank confirmed having made the payment to Astro. Even threatened my sister that she will disconnected my sister’s Astro. I told my sister that if she calls her back, just tell her to disconnect. You think, we cannot live without Astro meh.

End of my ranting after a few days of silence. Very busy lar. :P

S Size

I am so happy that I am able to fit into S size again. :D I can actually go into XS but must leave some space in case I put on weight again. ;)

Just bought a jeans and a sleeveless blouse for CNY. Going simple this year coz I have a fully breastfeeding baby who is still feeding on demand.

Since these clothings are for CNY; must leave some space for expansion. :D

Now my tummy is growling thinking of all the yummy food served during the CNY.

Organic Food for Baby

I wonder how long I’ll feed my baby organic food. He is eating organic green veggies and beetroot. The non-organic is the potatoes and carrots. His porridge consists of organic buckwheat, organic brown rice, organic millets and organic pearl barley. During pregnancy, I don’t even take any organic prenatal vitamin; the non organic ones also don’t have!

Well, as long as we can afford to buy the organic multigrains for him, he will enjoy them. Slowly but surely he is being contaminated with adult food especially at my mom’s place. I got shocked when she fed him french fries that day! As long as baby can chew and swallow, she will give. :lol:

After that, I quickly breastfeed him. Hoping that breastmilk can act like colon cleanser. hahahahaha.

New HP Compaq Computer

Right now, I am blogging on our new HP Compaq desktop which we got when we signed up for the HP-Streamyx promotion package. Pay RM99/month for 2 years to get free PC. But arh, I don’t like Windows lar. It is much better than Vista but not so user friendly compared to XP.

Now, I can still have a computer to blog and read diet pill reviews when my 2 girls are playing games on Facebook. But then, how often can I sit here to blog right?

Anyway, we won’t have 2 PCs at home for long coz hubby plans to bring one to his shop soon. :(

30 days to Feasting

In 30 days time we will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Another round of feasting. Must standby natural colon cleansers after that. ;)

As little children, I look forward to Chinese New Year for the Angpows. As a mother, I look forward to count my children’s Angpows to see whether got pulak modal or not. :lol: Sure can pulang modal one lar; I got 4 this year. Mwahahahaha.

Actually what I really look forward to during the Chinese New Year is the BBQ night; the grilled lamb and chicken wings by our favorite Singh chef. ;)

This time I must eat more so that I have weight to loose after they left when the holiday is over. ;)

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