Beautiful Farms

I like playing Farmville because (like writing an essay during primary school only. hehe) I like the colours of the fruit trees, vegetables and flowers. I also like to admire some farms that are beautifully arranged and decorated especially those with pond fountains. What about my farm? I have not done any decorating because, we (hubby and I) are so business minded that we maximized the space we have with plots to plant fruits, vegetables and flowers to get more and more money! It is so boring right? :lol:

Metal Coins Turned Gold

Has anyone come across man that carries coins in their pocket? Has anyone come across man’s wallet that comes with coins compartment? I have not. And due to this, we have lots of coins collected by my dear hubby. Worrying that it will get misplaced and being kept in the store later, we sorted it out and I sent them to the bank to get it counted and converted them into gold (in the form of gold investment account). The coins was so heavy and its value was only equal to less than 3g of gold! Oh ya, I noticed something, the bank still uses the old type of receipt printer when I requested for the amount I need to top up to get 3g of gold. Whatever it is, the coins are safe. :)

CNY Cookies, BBQ & Carbonated Drinks = I need slimming pills!

*screams* I need slimming pills!!!

I put on 1kg in a month time!!! I am blaming it on the CNY Cookies, BBQ & Carbonated Drinks and also the presence of many helpers. :P

I am not going on diet coz I can’t coz I am still fully breastfeeding my 10mo baby. But I am determined to loose weight by doing more house chores like mopping the floor more often instead of once a week. Btw, I need to coz my baby is crawling most of the time. Once my baby can walk more steadily, I will let him play outdoor with his siblings and I can rake the leaves too.

These are the type of exercises that a SAHM like me can do. No time to jog, no time for aerobic. All these will begin this Monday coz this weekend all my helpers will be away again. This time around, I anticipate it coz I cannot stand the maid’s body smell. It sticks on all our clothings that she handles. Since last Thursday, I forbid her from washing, hanging, bring in and folding my bajus. Besides that, I don’t like the way she hangs my bajus and she does not arrange them properly in the drawers. Pakai sumbat saja (sign of laziness). I am very fussy eh. :P So, that’s why I do it myself lor. :P No heartache.

Super Hot Weather in Malacca

The weather has been super duper hot here in Malacca. It has been this hot since before the Chinese New Year. The grasses are dying and the leaves are withering. Yesterday, there was not a single cloud in the sky around mid day; clear blue sky. It did rain last night but don’t think it is sufficient for the plants.

We have been napping and sleeping with the air-cond on for about 2 hours almost everyday! I am really scared to see my electricity bill this month. I told hubby that since he can’t bring us to Genting or Cameron Highlands for holiday, we spend the holiday budget paying for the air-cond usage bill! :lol:

Is there any online life insurance for death by heat or dehydration? :lol:

I am making sure my children and myself too to drink lots and lots of water. Make sure you do the same too ya. If not, sure fall sick one.

Community Library in New Jusco Shopping Complex

We finally visited the newly opened Jusco. It is situated next to Tesco. Don’t think they will become competitors coz they cater for totally difference type of customers. To me, the best things about the new Jusco is they have varieties of restaurant. I went with my children last Sunday so we just had Burger Kings. Next trip, the children stay home and I want to try their steamboat. ;)

We were surprised to find a community library in the newly opened Jusco. The kids have better place to hang out than the playground now and it is FOC! ;) Unfortunately, they have only a handful of English books. Anyway, better than no library at all. :)

And getting organic vegetables for my baby is nearer now. I don’t have to drive all the way to Bukit Beruang; the old Jusco to buy organic broccoli and spinach for my baby.


This is the first time I have been away from this blog for such a long time. Apart from the Chinese New Year celebration, I was sick and my 10mo baby had fever too. A few days before CNY, I had splitting headache, nausea, fever and sore-throat. After popping some paracetamol, supplements and iron pills, I was healed just on time to celebrate CNY. My baby caught the fever bug from me too! I had no choice but to let him have some formula milk coz my body was not producing enough milk for him.

On the 3rd day of CNY, the headache and fever decided to pay me a visit again! Baby had mild fever again too. The next day, I urinated blood! I had difficulty passing urine too. Kept going to the toilet the whole day. On Friday, I am sure it is UTI and head to the clinic to get some antibiotic. Well, obviously my body was too heaty and dehydrated. Drank too much carbonated drink too and abandoned H2O! Blaming the hot weather too. :P

As of today, I am better but my mom kept bugging me to stop breastfeeding coz I often have dizziness and nauseous right after menses. But I will not! Will visit the Singseh shop soon to get some “Pak Chan”. Is this the one to “poh” your body after menses?

Fireworks To Welcome Chinese New Year






They were right above me and it was awesome! I was so worried that the sparks will drop into my eyes. :lol:

Fat Cousin

Surprise! Surprise! All of us were surprised to see one of my cousins (my mom’s side). We only meet him once a year; during the Chinese New Year. Last year, he was just the average size boy; not too thin and not too fat, just nice. This year he surprised all of us. He is fat! His mom told us that he loves eating rice, lots of them. I remember him as a very skinny boy when he was a toddler. You see, my mom babysat him when he was small. Anyway, he is only 10 years old. This is just another growing up phase. I am sure he will slim down when he is a teenager. If not there is always the quick trim burn and cleanse to help him slim. ;)

Shampooing without Conditioning

To prevent hair loss, I seldom use conditioner after shampooing my hair. My shampoo comes with conditioner but it isn’t enough to make my hair soft and moist. It is because I am using an anti-dandruff shampoo. It really freaks me out with the amount of hair that will drop when I use conditioner. I wonder why conditioner makes the my hair drops/breaks so much. Did you experience the same? Or my hair is just unhealthy.

Upgraded To The Grown Ups Table

This year a few of our nieces and nephews have been upgraded to the grown ups table. The nieces are excited because they are no longer the outcast. We have special table for the children, away from the adults table. :lol: But they get o eat first you know. The nephews are not so excited about this upgrading. I guess boys grow up slower and they want to quickly have their dinner and play rather than enjoy their dinner slowly with the adults and talk. I guess we have to wait till they are really grew up like when they started need the acne treatments, or when their voice “broke” then only we upgrade them to the grown ups table.

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