Red Watermelon Harvested

Every 4 days I harvested watermelon from my farm in Farmville. :P Today, I see the real watermelon planted in my real farm being harvested. Take a look at God’s blessing.

red watermelons

This time around God really blessed the soil and the fruits. We have many huge watermelon in this harvest. Previously, when they planted the Sunmelon, the crops did not turn out as expected. These watermelons will be gone by tomorrow.

huge watermelon

Here’s a photo of my 11mo baby enjoying the fresh picked red watermelon from the farm. :D

baby eating watermelon

To the in-laws that are coming back this coming weekend, I will save some for you to enjoy ok. ;) But PLEASE don’t eat naked like my baby ok. :lol:

What Do You Do With Your Paypal Balance?

I know that most will just spend it on their online shopping. As for me, I did spent some online buying cloth diapers for my baby, my sister’s baby and my SIL’s baby through eBay. Other than that, I spent it to renew my hosting and domains. The balance I’ll withdraw them to my local bank to pay insurance and also to buy gold coins and top up my gold investment account; make more money! :lol:

The past week, the price of gold has gone down and I am so tempted to withdraw my paypal balance BUT the conversion rate has dropped too. *sigh* So, I’ll just sit and and hope that the conversion rate will increase and at the same time, the price of gold will wait for me. :lol: Those who have extra money to save, please do consider investing in gold. Better returns than bank interest in long run. ;)


When I was small, I was a weakling. My mom told me that I often fall sick and it is so difficult to get me to eat rice. I was a very skinny toddler then. Even though I was a fully breastfed baby for 8 months, I don’t have strong immune system. It could be that my mom was not blessed with good and healthy food like we do now. My mom has to stop breastfeeding me at 8 months because she was getting skinnier each day and often fall sick too. Sign of lack of nutrition eh. But what to do, we were poor then.

As I grow older and my family became more financially blessed. I grew healthier and seldom fall sick until recently, after I got my first period after giving birth to my 4th child. Every 2 months my body gave up on me; I will experience splitting headaches, nauseous and dizziness.

Anyway, I am not supposed to fall sick this month but I did! :( There is no nauseous or dizziness but I have splitting headaches, runny nose, sore throat and now coughing. Looks like I have to pump in more supplements into my system. If not, my hubby and my children would enjoy the benefit from my life insurance sooner. :P

One Word Post


Saturday’s Special

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I either cook something special on Saturday or I don’t cook at all. :P

Today, I cooked Nasi Lemak with Sambal Sotong. Mmmmmm…YUMMY!

nasi lemak

And this is THE perfect dish for the whole day for lazy or shall I rephrase, BUSY mommy like me. :lol: We had Nasi Lemak for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Well, can’t have this every day though; unhealthy! :P

Here’s the close up of the Sambal Sotong.

sambal sotong

Meleleh air liur tak? :lol:

Cinema Tips for Parents with Young Children

Today we went to watch Alice in Wonderland at MBO Cinema with our 3 older children; 7,5.5 and 4yo. Baby, I left with my mom. Thank God for Mom! :D

This is the 2nd time we brought along our children when watching movie in the cinema. And for the 2nd time hubby “swear” not to bring the younger ones to the cinema again until they are much older. :lol:

The first time was 2 years ago and my 2nd girl got “kiap” by the seat and ended up sitting on her daddy’s lap. She can’t sit through the movie too; got restless after half an hour even with food and drink to keep her occupied.

1st tips; do not buy a seat for your child if you think your child is too light or too short.

Today, we did not buy any tidbits because we went for lunch right before the movie starts but it was way too cold in the cinema that I ended up going out to get some popcorns for them. Btw, why they don’t sell hot drink one?

2nd tips; bring a sweater along in case the movie theater is too cold for your kids.

3rd tips; no matter how full they are, must buy tidbits to keep the restless ones quiet.

When choosing the seat, we chose the most back seat and our children got to stand up to be able to see the screen. Thank God the theater was not filled up and we moved right to the front. It may be “neck breaking” for the parents but sacrifice lar since we are doing this for the children.

4th tips; choose the front seat but not way in front. We chose row No.10 from the screen. Just nice for our neck.

5th tips; bring them to the toilet to PU right before the movie starts. I guess this is common even for adult.

6th tips; don’t give them heavy lunch. They would want to pass motion half way through the movie.

If anyone have good tips, please add to my list. ;)

If God Willing

I am very excited that soon we will have financial freedom; if God willing.

If God willing, hubby would be able to settle all his business loan in a few months time. Then we would have extras to set aside for mission; to give to missionaries and to save for our future mission trips.

If God willing we might be able to afford a new car but I don’t think we will buy any coz we are contented with our old faithful junks. :lol:

If God willing, hubby longs to employ a full time staff for his shop.

If God willing, we will be able to bring ALL our children for a short vacation locally.

If God willing, we will live and do this or that. (James 4:15) :D

Real Life Farmville

Here on the internet, we are playing Farmville; planting all kinds of flowers, veggies and fruits and rearing all kinds of animals. Out there we have a real farm in the making.

Here’s a shot of my real life Farmville.

banana n wm

While waiting for the Banana tree to grow, we planted watermelon in between to maximize the usage of the land.


It takes 4 months before we can harvest these watermelons. In Farmville, it takes only 4 days. The longest crop to plant and the one I am planting coz I have no time to harvest everyday. :P No time, still can play Farmville eh? Must take time to relax mah and furthermore, my eldest daughter helps me with my farm when I am super busy. hehehe.After this visit to the farm, I think I might need the eczema cure coz my legs are super sensitive to the leaves and grasses there. Scratching like crazy now! :(

Remove Blackheads with Egg White

This is cheaper and more effective than buying those blackheads strips. All you need is Egg White, Facial Cotton and scissor to cut the cotton in smaller pieces. The Egg white is enough for 3 faces!

egg white

Dip the cotton into the egg white then paste it on your face and wait till it really dries up then peel. You can see many blackheads stuck at the cotton. It will be more effective to steam your face to open up the pores.


After that, wash it clean then enjoy smooth and tighten facial complexion.

I used to do this quite frequent in my uni days coz I have 2 roommates that are crazy about this too. We will take turns buying one egg each week and share the egg white. Since I left uni, have not done it for a loooooooong time until hubby complains about the blackheads on his nose.

He told me to buy the peel off mask, which I did.

peel off mask

I bought the Nivea Visage Skin Refining Peel-Off Mask but it does not work to remove blackheads. Then only I remembered about the egg white treatment for blackheads. Now, hubby wants me to do it for him weekly. Vain hor? :lol:

Tiny Koo Koo Bird

As a mother, do you worry when you see your son have a tiny koo koo bird? I have two sons and honestly, I do worry when I see that their koo koo bird is so tiny at birth. I was thinking, will their future wife complaints. Will they need extenze? Will they blame me for the size of their koo koo bird?

:D Now, I worry no more. They grew! kakakakakakaka.

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